As the season changes from fall to winter, the temperature seems to be fluctuating night and day. Not surprising, more people are becoming increasingly susceptible to colds these days. Thaido (Business, 3rd yr), an exchange student from Germany caught a bad cold last month. Not knowing anything about the Korean medical system, he said he could not get any medical treatment.

To prevent such situations from happening in the future, in this edition Internet Hanyang News will provide information about the medical system in Korea and how Hanyang University (HYU) provides medical benefits for its students.

Korea¡¯s medical centers

Would you visit the University Hospital if you were suffering from a cold? Chances are, you probably would not, or if you did, you might be turned away, unless your condition was deemed serious. This is because medical centers in Korea are divided into three types according to the size of the facility and treatment: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.

Primary medical centers in Korea are local clinics with one or two departments, including internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, and so forth. So if pay a visit for a minor eye problem, you could simply visit an ophthalmic clinic. If a medical center contains four departments or more, it is classified as a secondary center. When a patient has a serious or chronic health condition, a secondary center is better equipped to handle the patient¡¯s needs.

Lastly, a university hospital is categorized as the tertiary medical center. This kind of medical center includes all kind of departments. As there is a higher number of doctors and medical equipment available, a university hospital is in the highest demand among the three types of centers. However, the services at a tertiary medical center can only be sought after a patient receives a referral from a primary or the secondary center.

Medical Insurance Service

One of the hottest issues in 2012 Presidential Election in the U.S. was ¡®Obama Care¡¯. The present medical insurance system in the U.S. is managed by private companies and as a result, only those who sign up for a company¡¯s medical insurance are able to benefit from it. The newly reelected president of the U.S., Barack Obama, is trying to reform the current system by focusing more on a national insurance system by which everyone could be medically covered.

As for Korea, anyone can be covered by health insurance as it is managed by the nation. Therefore, the average person saves almost 50 percent on his or her medical expenses. The insurance not only covers hospital expenses for local but also for foreigners who following the legal procedures. The legal process by which foreigners can gain medical insurance benefits is not complicated. By submitting several required documents and by paying the medical insurance premiums for just three months, a foreign applicant can expect to be approved for national medical insurance.

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HYU Health Care Center

The HYU Health Care Center is located on the 4th floor of the Student Council Building, and offers basic treatment for sick or injured students. The Center is equipped with medicine supplies, sterilizers, three beds for rest, and other medical necessities. So, in case a student is slightly injured while on campus, he or she can stop by the center for initial treatment. However, if the injuries or the condition seem quite severe, the student can be admitted to the hospital right away. It opens from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

Medical benefits for HYU students

From this year, the Hanyang University Medical Center is providing all HYU students with a medical examination whenever they want. The examination includes lungs, chest, cholesterol, urine, and blood testing. Students can get 30% discounts on the examination (KRW 39,520) if they issue a certification of registration at eZHub ( With the certification, interested patrons should visit the 3rd floor of the Hanyang University Hospital, the East Building.

Moreover, the HYU Medical Center will cover a substantial part of the medical expenses for treatment for injuries from accidents that occur in formal campus events. For financial assistance in this type of case, the Office of Student Affairs should be contacted at 02-2220-0085. It is located on the 3rd floor of Student Council Building where staffs are available to provide assistance and more detailed information.

Finally, HYU students and even their family members can enjoy discounts at Hanyang University Hospital. From medical examinations to hospitalization, the Hospital provides discounts that range from 10 to 30 percent.

Haerim Kang

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