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  • [Weekly insight] The Scientific Marvels of Korea 2015. 11. week 3
    [Weekly insight] The Scientific Marvels of Korea
    The progress of society cannot come without the presence of science. Today, much of the modern conveniences we enjoy are the result of breakthroughs i...
  • Up Against Programming 2015. 11. week 3
    Up Against Programming
    The 2nd Hanyang Programming Contest held in the Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT) took place on Wednesday 11th November. The format and procedures...
  • Exhibiting Passion through Design 2015. 11. week 3
    Exhibiting Passion through Design
    These days, it is easy to see so many university students applying for exhibition contests. Based on their majors, students apply to different contest...
  • A Small Start is All You Need 2015. 11. week 3
    A Small Start is All You Need
    Many people have brilliant ideas which have the potential to become something big. These ideas may come to mind then disappear, or be things that one ...
  • [Weekly insight] Entertainment by Trend 2015. 11. week 2
    [Weekly insight] Entertainment by Trend
    At the end of a tiring day from work or school, and during lethargic weekends, Koreans rest in front of the television to laugh out loud and enjoy th...

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  • Creating a Human-like Sensor 2015. 11. week 3
    Creating a Human-like Sensor
    Professor Wanjun Park of the Department of Electronic Engineering is an expert in the field of semiconductor devices, spin electronics and sensors. Pa...
  • Functionality in Cosmetics 2015. 11. week 2
    Functionality in Cosmetics
    Professor Eun-chul Cho from the Department of Chemical Engineering is a researcher who has been inventing new ways to improve materials that we use in...
  • Technology Changes on Price and Trade 2015. 11. week 1
    Technology Changes on Price and Trade
    Economics is a practical discipline that mirrors reality and directly affects the lives of every individual in society. Professor Deokwoo Nam of the D...
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