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  • [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101 2016. 04. week 4
    [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    If you are a big fan of the two ‘box-office hit’ movie series, Terminator and G.I. Joe, you will definitely recognize the talented actor who has ...
  • ERICA in ERICA Campus 2016. 04. week 4
    ERICA in ERICA Campus
    On Hanyang University ERICA Campus, there is another ERICA that lies around the campus. Education Research Industry Cluster in Ansan (ERICA), is a t...
  • House for All 2016. 04. week 4
    House for All
    Entering a university is like starting a new page of life. It can be full of excitements and expectations, but most students usually are faced with ha...
  • Feeling the Soul of Gayageum 2016. 04. week 4
    Feeling the Soul of Gayageum
    Gayageum is a renowned instrument in Korean traditional music for its delicate and soulful tune. Players pluck the 12 strings, finding each note withi...
  • [Weekly insight] Road to Professional Gaming 2016. 04. week 3
    [Weekly insight] Road to Professional Gaming
    The word professional gaming, or pro gaming, ignites the hearts of countless gamers around the world. In Korea which is considered as a nation with th...

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The Hanyang Journal

  • Working Atom by Atom 2016. 04. week 4
    Working Atom by Atom
    Professor Sung Myung-mo of the Department of Chemistry is a researcher whose main field of interest can be represented by physical chemistry and n...
  • Pursuit for High-Performing Batteries 2016. 04. week 3
    Pursuit for High-Performing Batteries
    Professor Yang-kook Sun of the Department of Energy Engineering seeks to improve battery capacity for convenience in everyday lives. Lengthening the b...
  • Reducing Noise from a Motor 2016. 04. week 2
    Reducing Noise from a Motor
    Professor Chung Chung-choo of the Department of Electrical Engineering recently published a paper titled “Proximate In-Phase Current Estimator to Redu...
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