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  • [Weekly insight] Watch, Meet and Experience 2014. 10. week 4
    [Weekly insight] Watch, Meet and Experience
    The curtain finally came down on the 19th Busan International Film festival in Korea. Thanks to the film festival, Korean films are being reviewed w...
  • Bringing Culture to Hanyang 2014. 10. week 4
    Bringing Culture to Hanyang
    Seven Thursdays is a culture program at Hanyang University (HYU), which hosts weekly performances on Thursdays, a total of seven times in the second s...
  • All That Cinema 2014. 10. week 4
    All That Cinema
    "In Turin on the 3rd of January, 1889, Friedrich Nietzsche stepped out of the doorway of number six, Via Carlo Alberto. Not far from him, the driver...
  • Autumn's Beautiful Harmony: Ajaeng 2014. 10. week 4
    Autumn's Beautiful Harmony: Ajaeng
    From time to time, we encounter the question "do you play any musical instruments?" Some say they had learned piano for a year, others say they can p...
  • Celebrating Love in Deed 2014. 10. week 4
    Celebrating Love in Deed
    As all Hanyang University (HYU) students should know, the university’s founding philosophy is “Love in truth and in deed.” This motto has attached t...

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  • Revealing Asian Linguistic Connections 2014. 10. week 4
    Revealing Asian Linguistic Connections
    Professor Ik-Sang Eom of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature is both researcher and professor whose research interest lies in studying t...
  • Between Society, Culture, and Technology 2014. 10. week 3
    Between Society, Culture, and Technology
    Professor Sang-Hyun Kim of Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture is a historian and sociologist of science and technology. He was ori...
  • Doping through Crack-welding 2014. 10. week 2
    Doping through Crack-welding
    Professor YoungJong Kang of the Hanyang University Chemical department is a renowned professor who studies and explores the area of photonic crystals....
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