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  • Happiness Blooms in Spring 2015. 04. week 3
    Happiness Blooms in Spring
    The time of spring has fully returned after the cold times of winter. The flowers are in full bloom and arguably one of the prettiest types of flower ...
  • Knock Knock, HYU 2015. 04. week 3
    Knock Knock, HYU
    Senior year in high school may be an exciting, yet stressful year. For the students, it may be the most challenging time of a student’s life as crucia...
  • The Future Master of the Acting Industry 2015. 04. week 3
    The Future Master of the Acting Industry
    Undeniably, it is difficult for one to master a skill completely and succeed in the field. Even with the talent, it takes more than natural talent to ...
  • A Scent of Creativity On-Air 2015. 04. week 3
    A Scent of Creativity On-Air
    A girl that can actually see smells, and a detective who cannot sense anything who together, set out to pursue and catch a serial killer. This is inde...
  • Korean Dialect Lessons with IHN 2015. 04. week 2
    Korean Dialect Lessons with IHN
    There are hundreds of different languages that are being spoken in the world on a regular basis. Although some languages are spoken more widely than o...

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  • Collaboration for the Better 2015. 04. week 3
     Collaboration for the Better
    Professor Eunok Paek is a professor in the Department of Computer Engineering whose research interests lie in the fields of Bioinformatics and Artif...
  • Opening New Frontiers in Cell Delivery 2015. 04. week 2
    Opening New Frontiers in Cell Delivery
    Professor Sang-Kyung Lee of the Department of Bioengineering is a researcher whose main interest lies in Ribonucleic acid (RNA). As a researcher, he ...
  • Tackling Rheumatoid Arthritis 2015. 04. week 1
    Tackling Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Professor Sang Cheol Bae of the School of Medicine is a professor and researcher whose main research interests lie in clinical epidemiology and tr...
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