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  • [Weekly insight] Delaying Graduation 2014. 08. week 2
    [Weekly insight] Delaying Graduation
    For those who are familiar with the current Korean university setting, recognizable is the trend for an increasing number of Korean university stud...
  • Books Bringing Cultures Together 2014. 08. week 2
    Books Bringing Cultures Together
    Without doubt, reading is considered by many to be important for one’s intellectual growth and knowledge accumulation. Reading is fundamental and is ...
  • For the Heart-Touching Finale 2014. 08. week 2
    For the Heart-Touching Finale
    Ki-Seok Kwon (Piano, '14) is a proud pianist that has taken Hanyang University's College of Music to a higher level. He was Hanyang's first and only...
  • A Society without Academic Ranks 2014. 08. week 2
    A Society without Academic Ranks
    "It was a time of two sets of different values coexisting," was Chang's answer to the question about how she could describe her university years. Acc...
  • [Weekly Insight] Reproducing the Past 2014. 08. week 1
    [Weekly Insight] Reproducing the Past
    Korea's lengthy history is filled with historical figures, events, and painful memories. The first settlement was founded about five-thousand years ag...

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