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  • [Weekly insight] Living with Beasts from Legends 2015. 06. week 4
    [Weekly insight] Living with Beasts from Legends
    There are many mysteries in the world and legends are often created to explain them. Stories are passed down across generations and they are an integr...
  • The Effects of Our Clicks 2015. 06. week 4
    The Effects of Our Clicks
    The semester has ended, and many students have rejoiced and welcomed the summer holiday, while others may have had a rather gloomy start over their gr...
  • Dream on T-shirts (D.O.T) 2015. 06. week 4
    Dream on T-shirts (D.O.T)
    Officially established in January 2015, Dream on T-shirts (DOT) is a business started up by Hanyang University (HYU) students, Baran Shin (Art Educati...
  • Walk on Roads Unventured 2015. 06. week 4
    Walk on Roads Unventured
    From being a producer for a broadcasting company, bartender, composer, professor, and finally the president of the Seoul Arts Center, the most famed a...
  • [Weekly insight]Korea’s own hip-hop 2015. 06. week 3
    [Weekly insight]Korea’s own hip-hop
    It seems that today, the most popular music trend in Korea is hip-hop. From Show Me the Money to Unpretty Rapstars, which were two hugely popular hip-...

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  • Freedom is the Key 2015. 06. week 4
    Freedom is the Key
    Professor Yuhyung Shin of the Department of Business Administration is a professor who constantly analyzes the future of Korean corporations in order ...
  • Regenerating Bone in a New Way 2015. 06. week 3
    Regenerating Bone in a New Way
    Professor Heung-soo Shin of Bioengineering is an expert in the field of biomaterials, tissue engineering, cell-ECM interaction, and drug delivery, amo...
  • For the Fight against Cardiovascular Diseases 2015. 06. week 2
    For the Fight against Cardiovascular Diseases
    Professor Seon Young Hwang of the Department of Nursing is a professor whose main research interests lie in the population based prevention of cardiov...
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