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  • [Weekly Insight] Tennis Stars of Korea 2016. 07. week 3
    [Weekly Insight] Tennis Stars of Korea
    Tennis is one of the oldest modern sports in history which traces back to the late 19th century in Great Britain.It is a special sport that signifi...
  • Graduate School of Counseling Psychology 2016. 07. week 3
    Graduate School of Counseling Psychology
    Things like depression, stress and headaches are not an unusual thing to hear of in the modern society. With rapid development of technolog...
  • Iridescence of Tradition 2016. 07. week 3
    Iridescence of Tradition
    The culture of a country defines the people within- and music undoubtedly plays a part in it. Sun Joong-kyu (Korean Traditional Music Composition, M.A...
  • Grabbing First Place at I·Hackerthon·U 2016. 07. week 3
    Grabbing First Place at I·Hackerthon·U
    Cities are complex. Concentrated development in limited space where dense population inhabits results in people facing many challenges in managing its...
  • [Weekly Insight] Korean Cinema 101 2016. 07. week 2
    [Weekly Insight] Korean Cinema 101
    Lee Yeong-ae is one of the representative Korean actresses. Lee was born on Jan.13th, 1971. In her 40s, she still boasts flawless and beautiful appear...

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  • World Literature 101
    Every country produced their own unique sense of literature as they went through different historica...
  • The No. 1 Sound Supervisor
    What constitutes a movie? Actors, background, lighting, the plot and so much more are parts tha...
  • Reframing & Creating
    The aesthetic beauty of architectural work draws people in. Behind that beauty lies months of inv...
  • [Weekly Insight] Summery Fests
    School’s over- summer is here. With the first semester of the year over, there are plenty of events ...
  • HYU ERICA Crowdfunding
    Hanyang University (HYU) is one Korean university that actively supports students who are ambitious ...
  • Urban Culture of Seoul
    City of Seoul has been one of the renowned capital cites of the world to many travelers. With countl...

The Hanyang Journal

  • Requirements for Cooperation 2016. 07. week 3
    Requirements for Cooperation
    Professor Ryu Ho-kyoung of the Department of Arts and Technology is a professor who has been working on technology with the help of art and humanity. ...
  • Are You a Critical Thinker? 2016. 07. week 2
    Are You a Critical Thinker?
    Professor John McGuire of the Division of International Studies is a professor of philosophy with research interests in a variety of areas of philosop...
  • Controllable and Preferable Configurations of Impurities 2016. 07. week 1
    Controllable and Preferable Configurations of Impurities
    Professor Bukhvalov Danil of the Department of Chemistry is a researcher whose interests lie in graphene, toxicology, surface chemistry and computer c...

Pobic Movie

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