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  • [Weekly Insight] Girl Groups of K-Pop 2016. 06. week 4
    [Weekly Insight] Girl Groups of K-Pop
    In Korean culture, music is a mesmerizing factor that holds popularity beyond just beats and rhythm. Furthermore, the globalizing world is atten...
  • Virtual Visit to CERN 2016. 06. week 4
    Virtual Visit to CERN
    The grandeur of the Universe is unfathomable in human understanding. Yet, humans have continued to make astonishing discoveries. At CERN, the Europea...
  • Owner of the Restaurant, ‘Coexistence’ 2016. 06. week 4
    Owner of the Restaurant, ‘Coexistence’
    Near the Baek-un subway station exit number three, there is a common western food restaurant called ‘Coexistence’ running under an uncommon vision. It...
  • Designing Urban 2016. 06. week 4
    Designing Urban
    Through industrial revolutions and constant development of the quality of our daily lives, urbanization took place rapidly. Urban quickly became part ...
  • Korean Spirit in the MLB 2016. 06. week 3
    Korean Spirit in the MLB
    The “golden era” of the Korean leaguers in the MLB brightly opened as Ryu Hyun-jin became the first KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) player to be po...

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  • Blood, Cells and Disease 2016. 06. week 4
    Blood, Cells and Disease
    Professor Choi Jae-hoon of the Department of Life Science is a researcher whose interest mainly lies in the functions of dendritic cells in meta...
  • Obtaining Solar Energy 2016. 06. week 3
    Obtaining Solar Energy
    Professor Han Sung-hwan of the Department of Chemistry published a paper titled “Interfacial Engineering for Enhanced Light Absorption and Charge Tran...
  • Gasoline-Diesel Blended Fuel 2016. 06. week 2
    Gasoline-Diesel Blended Fuel
    Professor Park Sung-wook of the Department of Mechanical Engineering specialises in the study of automotive engines and energy conversion systems. He ...

Pobic Movie

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