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  • [Weekly Insight] Masters of Art, Different and Alike 2014. 12. week 2
    [Weekly Insight] Masters of Art, Different and Alike
    In the mid-19th century, after the Second World War, New York became the center of art. Many artists moved to New York with the American dream to gai...
  • Practicing Love in Deed 2014. 12. week 2
    Practicing Love in Deed
    “Don’t university students usually spend a leftover budget on drinks or short trips? I was very touched and impressed when university students reache...
  • Innovating the Lives of Businessmen 2014. 12. week 2
    Innovating the Lives of Businessmen
    Businessmen spend most of their time in companies, as their lives are situated around the workplace. Even though it would be most ideal for businessm...
  • Applying ‘Solutions’ and Curing with ‘V3’ 2014. 12. week 2
    Applying ‘Solutions’ and Curing with ‘V3’
    “All young people need a high quality of education and to get one, students must be behind it. Youth involvement is the missing element in education ...
  • [weekly insight] Happy Winter! 2014. 12. week 1
    [weekly insight] Happy Winter!
    One of the benefits of living in a country with four seasons is that you can immerse yourself into different seasonal activities. And when the leave...

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