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  • [Weekly Insight] Hoeshik: Team-builder or Burden? 2014. 09. week 1
    [Weekly Insight] Hoeshik: Team-builder or Burden?
    For anyone who has worked in a Korean company or organization most likely is familiar with the phrase Hoeshik. It is from the Chinese characters refer...
  • HYTC (Hanyang Tennis Club) Champions 2014. 09. week 1
    HYTC (Hanyang Tennis Club) Champions
    “Be awed at the sight of my prowess.” It is a famous quote in a famed Japanese animation Prince of Tennis spoken by the arrogant yet talented tennis ...
  • A Heart-warming Artist 2014. 09. week 1
    A Heart-warming  Artist
    “Better late than never” is an English idiom that encouragingly describes the situation of university students who may hesitate to enter into anoth...
  • “Mobile Applications Bring Convenience” 2014. 09. week 1
    “Mobile Applications Bring Convenience”
    Na YunHwan (Computer Engineering, 1st yr) first started to learn about computer processing through private classes when he was eight years old. Throug...
  • Bringing Out Beauty in Photographs 2014. 08. week 4
    Bringing Out Beauty in Photographs
    Starting a career path after graduation from university can be a hard decision for anyone to make. Photographer Hwang Jinsoo (Electronic Engineering,...

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  • The Morality Meme 2014. 09. week 1
    The Morality Meme
    Professor Peter Mathews of the Department of English Language and Literature is a researcher whose interests lie mainly in British and Australian fict...
  • Optimizing Gold Nanoparticle Color Switches 2014. 08. week 3
     Optimizing Gold Nanoparticle Color Switches
    Professor Eun Chul Choof the Department of Chemical Engineering is a professor and researcher whoseresearch areas include synthesis of organic/inorga...
  • A New Version of Lithium Ion Batteries 2014. 08. week 2
    A New Version of Lithium Ion Batteries
    Ungyu Paik of the Deaprtment of Energy Engineering is the director of the Hanyang University nano device process laboratory. He is also a professor an...
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