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  • [Weekly insight] The Jindo Dog 2016. 05. week 3
    [Weekly insight] The Jindo Dog
    Pets have continuously been a source of joy in the lives of many. They are surely more than mere possessions and are considered as faithful companions...
  • Traditional Timbre in the Breeze 2016. 05. week 3
    Traditional Timbre in the Breeze
    Korean traditional music seems to most as a genre too far off to enjoy live. At Hanyang University (HYU), the occasion to see such a performance arose...
  • Study Less, Study Smart 2016. 05. week 3
    Study Less, Study Smart
    Job crisis continues in South Korea. Competition is getting harsher in which there are more people who want a job while there is only a limited number...
  • Road to Baseball Star 2016. 05. week 3
    Road to Baseball Star
    Korean high schools are well-known for their sophisticated baseball system that sends a lot of players into the professional Korean Baseball Organizat...
  • [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101 2016. 05. week 2
    [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    Korean movie industry has been on a rollercoaster of having ups and downs in its reputation. However, there are several directors who create movies th...

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  • Patterning the Circuit 2016. 05. week 3
    Patterning the Circuit
    Professor Jang Jae-young of the Department of Energy Engineering is a researcher whose interests lie in electronic and energy devices. These include s...
  • Globalizing the Industry 2016. 05. week 2
    Globalizing the Industry
    Professor Lee Joon-koo of the Department of Business Administration published a paper titled “Globalization and Divergent Paths of Industrial Developm...
  • Inhibition of Cancer Proliferation 2016. 05. week 1
    Inhibition of Cancer Proliferation
    Professor Lee Su-jae of the Department of Chemistry is an expert in the field of molecular biochemistry and cancer biology. His latest research pa...
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