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  • [Weekly insight] Behind the Stories of Patriotic Martyrs 2014. 10. week 3
    [Weekly insight] Behind the Stories of Patriotic Martyrs
    Sept. 10 was the 82nd anniversary of the death of patriotic martyr Bong-chang Lee, who stood up for Korea’s independence during Japanese occupation (...
  • Driving for the Future 2014. 10. week 3
    Driving for the Future
    June 2011 marks a special time in the history of the automobile industry. In that year, the U.S. state of Nevada passed a law on permitting the opera...
  • Live Music for Charity 2014. 10. week 3
    Live Music for Charity
    On Sep 29th, 2014, Hanyang University(HYU) Department of Music and Hanyang University’s volunteer corps Hamggaehandae held the third music concert for...
  • Excavating Underground Minerals 2014. 10. week 3
    Excavating Underground Minerals
    Underground minerals and energy resources are always a hot topic among many nations, particularly as there are growing concerns over mineral depletio...
  • Art is a Universal Human Right 2014. 10. week 3
    Art is a Universal Human Right
    In the field of directing plays, there exists a diverse variety of colors and philosophies of each director, each with its own meaning and value. Som...

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  • Between Society, Culture, and Technology 2014. 10. week 3
    Between Society, Culture, and Technology
    Professor Sang-Hyun Kim of Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture is a historian and sociologist of science and technology. He was ori...
  • Doping through Crack-welding 2014. 10. week 2
    Doping through Crack-welding
    Professor YoungJong Kang of the Hanyang University Chemical department is a renowned professor who studies and explores the area of photonic crystals....
  • Robots for a Better Future 2014. 10. week 1
    Robots for a Better Future
    Professor Jong-Hyeon Park of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is both a professor and researcher whose main area of interest is control and ...
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