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Division of Business Administration

  • Gyoo Gun Lim
  • Chair, Division Of Business Administration
  • Division of Business Administration
■ Essay
Professor Gyoo Gun Lim is currently a Professor of MIS at School of Business, Hanyang University. He received his Ph.D. in Management Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2001. Before joining the Hanyang faculty, he was an associate professor of Business School of Sejong University and a researcher in Samsung Electronics, KT, and International Center for Electronic Commerce. His current research interests include innovative business models, e-business, IT service, intelligent information & knowledge management, and etc. He wrote several books such as “e-Business Management”, “Management Information Systems”, and etc. and his articles have been published in several journals including Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Information & Management, and Information Systems Reviews. He received an award from Korea Ministry of Information and Communication for his contribution to Korea SW industry in 2007 and an award from Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy for his contribution to Korea IT innovation in 2009. He currently gives services in the Korea Society of Intelligent Information Systems, IT Service, Management Information Systems, Database, Knowledge Management, and e-Business Studies as a board member. He also successfully performed several projects such as 1st Asia commercial Internet service, KORNET, China Shanghai Telecom SI strategy, KTI business strategy, Korea G2B e-government evaluation, Korea G4C performance analysis, Korea Information Security Index, Korea Military Informatization Index, IT innovation personnel fostering plan, National Digital Contents Identification plan, Korea film infrastructure utilization plan, Korea SW business registration policy, Korea SW experts registration policy, and etc.

■ Education
Ph.D. KAIST, 2001 (Management Engineering, MIS)
M.S. POSTECH, 1993 (Computer Science)
B.A. KAIST, 1991 (Computer Science)

■ Professional Experience
2006-present, Professor, Hanyang University
2012-2013, Visiting Professor , Haas Business School, UC Berkeley
2002-2006, Associate Professor, Sejong University
2001-2002, Research Commissioner of International Center for Electronic Commerce
1999-2001, ⓒMille21, CTO
1996-1997, Senior Researcher, KT
1993, Researcher, Samsung Electronics

■ Research Interest
Innovative business model, IT Service, Intelligent Information & Knowledge Management, Digital contents identification (UC), Performance Index and Analysis

■ Selected Articles
“Rule-Based Personalized Comparison Including Delivery Cost”, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Vol. 10, No. 6, 2011
“An exploratory study of the weather and calendar effects on tourism website usage", Online Information Review, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 127-144, 2010
“Modeling of the b-Cart based Agent System in B2B EC”, Systems modeling and simulation, Vol. 3398/2005, pp.279-288, 2005
“Buyer-Carts for B2B EC: The b-Cart Approach” Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Vol. 13, No. 3&4, pp. 289-308, 2003
“An Analysis of the Time-lag Effects on the Investment of Informatization for Industrial Human Resources”, Information Systems Review, Vol. 10, No. 2, Dec. 2008, pp. 133-153
“Development of a new Model and Methodology for the Analysis of the Performance Evaluation of G2B Systems in e-government: EEM”, Information Systems Review, Vol. 10, No.2, 2008.8, pp. 269-289
“A Study of the Influencing Factors on the User Satisfaction for the UCI Digital Identifier System”, Korea e-Business Studies, Vol. 15, No 4, 2010.11, pp. 197-218
“The Effects of Scope Management on Process Performance and Output Performance in the Information System Development Project:An Analysis from Project Supplier’s Perspective”, Korea Society of IT Services, Vol. 8, No.3, 2009.9, pp .83-100

■ Selected Books
Management Information Systems, 2011 (in Korean)
Information Technology for Management, 2007 (in Korean)
e-Business Management, 2005 (in Korean)
Essentials of Systems Analysis & Design, 2004 (in Korean)
Management Information Systems for e-Business Era, 2003 (in Korean)

■ Honors and Awards
Fulbright Research Award, 2012
Men of SW industry merit (Minister Prizes), The Ministry of Information and Communication, 2007
Men of Korea IT Innovation merit (Minister Prizes), Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE), 2009
Best Paper, Korea IT Service Society, 2006
Corporation Evaluation Award, Korea Institute of valuation (KIV), 2002
LG Best Paper Award, Korea Society of System Integration, 2002

■ Academic Service
Vise Chairperson, Korea Intelligent Information System Society, 2005- present
Auditor, Korea IT Service Society, 2002-present
Board Member, Korea Database Society, 2010-present
Board Member, Korea MIS Society, 2009-present
Board Member, Korea e-Business Studies Society, 2006-present
Board Member, Korea Knowledge Management Society, 2008-2009

Chairperson of UCI Policy Committee, 2006-2011
Committee member of ICT Counsel, 2008-2009
Committee member of the Informatization of the Korea Ministry of Labor, 2006-2007
Committee member of Korea SI innovation forum, 2004-2006
Board Member of the Korea IS Audit Association, 2008-2009