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김종량 총장 퇴임

President Chong Yang Kim, who has led HYU for the past 18 years since his inauguration in 1993 has now retired. On March 18th, a “Farewell ceremony of the 12th president and the inauguration ceremony of the 13th president of HYU” was held at the main hall of the Paiknam Concert Hall. President Kim has been with HYU for 30 years since his appointment as a professor of the Department of Educational Technology in 1982. Seongeun Choi, the director of HYU; Younggil Kim, the president of Handong Global University; Cheol Park, the president of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies; and Kyusu Jeong, the president of the alumni association came to celebrate the event.

“I have been appointed as a professor of HYU for 30 years and as the president for 18 years. The time I spent with HYU seems like a dream and I am very proud of devoting my time and effort to HYU”, said President Kim. He asked the faculty members of HYU to be diligent, honest, humble, and service minded by saying, “I think our establishment ideology, ‘Practice of Love’ is the basic virtue that makes our lives beautiful. With diligence, honesty, humility, and service mind, I hope the members serve for the development of the school with the spirit of ‘Practice of Love.’”

After his inauguration as the 12th president of HYU, he presented quintessential college educational courses through his innovative school administration. President Kim’s leadership was shown through the bold investment on education and the development of progressive educational courses.

Messages of Love and Hope within Change and Development

President Kim’s main ideals are “Change” and “Development,” of which he applied these values to reform the academic research and educational characteristics of HYU. To do so, he signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) and established the “HYU long term developmental plan.” He also made many programs such as the “HY Dream 2010,” the “HYU Project 2010,” and the “New Hanyang 2020” to make HYU a university that could adapt to the global changes.

The tree of change and development grew in the soil of love and hope. President Kim never forgot to say “My dear families of Hanyang” in his greetings and he always stressed the value of “love” to the freshmen. He also advised them to challenge endlessly towards the world because the spirit of youth is equivalent as the spirit of challenging. The president underscored that the students should become people who could practice love, cultivate the society, and are welcomed from all over the world.

The type of person President Kim pursues can be seen from the “Global i-Leader,” which contains some of the virtues he aims for such as change, development, love, and hope. The “Global i-Leader” is a combination of creative, loving, global, integrative, open-minded, and rational leader.

From Quantitative Growth to Qualitative Leap

HYU started out as “Dong-A Polytechnic Institution” in 1939. Its status drastically improved after it became a university. However, due to the absence of a specific academic tradition, it was often criticized by many. In an answer to this criticism, President Kim proposed the “Practical Academic Tradition” that contributes to the society through research and education. Thanks to the settlement of a goal, HYU was able to build up a school image as a university that contributes much to the society.

In his opening address in the 63rd anniversary, President Kim said, “Within the 63 years of the history, HYU was able to cultivate many talents that could contribute much to the Korean society. Moreover, it experienced a unique development and leap.” From HYU’s slogan “The Engine of Korea,” which was made by President Kim, we can recognize the characteristics of HYU.

President Kim improved the school through the keyword: practicality. He was able to sustain the tradition of the College of Engineering and draw a superb outcome from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He held the “Hanyang Academy Expo” and the “College of Engineering in HYU Expo 2009” to introduce the excellence of the College of Engineering domestically and internationally. At the same time, he supported many test classes and signed internship agreements with major companies such as Samsung to cultivate practical talents in the humanities and social sciences area. Moreover, he enhanced the quality of education by drastically increasing the number of professors.

Because of these efforts, HYU was selected as the best university with an excellent grade in the university evaluation that was conducted by the Korean Council for University Education in 2004. Furthermore, it was the first Korean university to establish college holdings and possess more than 10 billion won worth of technology transference accumulation income, which makes it the first among all universities in Korea.

President Kim’s efforts to make HYU international and global are reflected through various policies. Some of the policies are the establishment of the Division of International Studies and the Graduate School of International Studies, and the strengthening of exchange and cooperation with universities abroad. The initiation of “Usage of school fee for studying abroad for undergraduate” system in 1981 and his progressive and internationalized education received domestic and international attention.

The Hanyang Leadership Center, which was founded in 2006, is a representative work that reflects President Kim’s hopes of producing global leaders. Through this leadership center, students can participate in various education and academic work to nurture their leadership. He also worked hard on developing educational courses, such as the Global Frontier and the Honors Program that can also help nurture leadership.

Friendliness within Charismatic Leadership

President Kim was a leader who possessed both strength and gentleness. In the 12th president inauguration, he emphasized “Interaction” and “Freedom” in HYU. He also told every faculty member to become a responsible leader by stating, “We have to make an ambience where the members can work under the rules of which reflect the members’ opinions, rather than waiting for the president’s decision.” He also reflected his leadership through his speech by saying, “I, myself, will first become different and enhance the value of innovation.”

Within his charismatic leadership, a characteristic of friendliness is hidden. He sang his handpicked songs in numerous school events such as the school anniversary and the Hanyang song festival, which was a friendly way of approaching to the students for the president. Consequently, the students liked the humane part of the president and they gave him a nickname in the online free bulletin board: “Chong Yang sama” (sama is a Japanese suffix to a name of a person with high values).

HYU held a “Blood Donation Movement through Love” festival called “70 Days of Miracle” in 2009 to commemorate its 70th anniversary. With 6211 blood donators, it was registered in the Korean Guinness Book of Records for the most blood donations done. In the opening ceremony, President Kim said, “HYU was established 70 years ago with its establishment ideology ‘Practice of Love.’ I hope the blood donation and the ‘blood donating happy virus’ can spread throughout the world through this event.”

“A Day of HYU Was a Day in My Life and a Year of My Life Was a Year of HYU.”

President Kim ran HYU for a long time and considered the development of HYU as his fate. Although he has retired, we are all aware of the fact that he had devoted himself for the better future of HYU.

Jihye Kim
Farewell Address

Today is a special day which signals a new beginning for Hanyang University. As we mark this special occasion, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Chariman Choi Sun Geun, the Chairman of the board of Hanyang, Chairman Kim Young-Kil, the Chairman of the Korean Council for University Education, President Park Chul, the head of the Korean Council for Presidents of Private Universities, President Chung Gyu Soo, the president of the Hanynag University Alumni Association, and other distinguished guests that have brightened up this ceremony with their presence.

Dear esteemed guests and fellow Hanyang family members!

Today, Hanyang University reaches a turning point in its history. It is also a day which is personally very meaningful to me. It has been thirty years since I became a professor at Hanyang University. It has also been 18 years since I assumed the presidency of this school. When I look back on all those long years here today, I feel as if all of them were a long dream. But those years were real. There were many things that have been achieved during that period. And because of this, I take deep pride for the years that I have dedicated to Hanyang University.

I will never forget my fellow Hanyang family members who have always comforted and encouraged me throughout all my years at Hanyang. It is because of them that I am proud of all the time and effort I have put into this school. There are those who have passed away, and there are also those who had constantly concerned Hanyang University even after their retirement and still put all their efforts into the betterment of this fine institute. Their hard work deserves recognition, and I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to their heartfelt dedication from the bottom of my heart.

My dear friends!

I am proud of the history of Hanyang University. You have marked a new era on the shining history of Hanyang. We Hanyangians have chosen a new leader smoothly and peacefully in order to overcome a crisis and to use that opportunity to take a new leap forward. For that reason, I am in a peaceful state of mind while resigning as President of Hanyang University. I want to offer my deepest appreciation for the spirit of wisdom and cooperation that you, as Hanyangians, have shown.

Today I will finish my duties and responsibilities as the president of Hanyang University, and would like to make the following request to my fellow Hanyang family members.

There have been many changes in Hanyang University. These great changes were all possible by virtue of your trust in me, and it is this trust that has transformed Hanyang University into the organization that we see today. Many people are envious of the changes we have brought about in such a short period of time. But if we reflect on ourselves with cool judgment, we can see that Hanyang still has a long way to go. We have to have vision of the future and rise once more.

Hanyang has achieved quite a lot through self innovation. But as time flows, innovation becomes subject to inertia and can fall into a habitual routine. It then becomes something that can no longer be called innovation. There is not much time or opportunity for Hanyang to make a giant leap. We are at a crossroad where we can choose to take that giant leap, or simply remain content with what we have achieved.

Now we need to light the fire for innovation once more with the inauguration of our new President. Our new president will be standing on that crossroad, carrying the yoke of hardship. Dear Hanyangians! The greatest leadership comes from remarkable followship. It is up to you to understand the hardships our new President would have to go through. Keep in mind the 100-year-dream of Hanyang, and stand with our President to achieve this great goal. It is up to you to decide the future of Hanyang University. The future of Hanyang is in your hands.

It is my request that all Hanyang family put into practice Hanyang University’s school motto, "Love in Deed." "Love in Deed" is not only the motto of our school, but a virtue that makes life beautiful as it should be. It would be my deepest pleasure if all our Hanyang family serve Hanyang University with the spirit of practicing love, diligence, honesty, humility, and volunteerism.

There are ones who stood by my side and supported me throughout the long years. First, I would like to give my deepest appreciation to our founder, Kim Lyun-Joon and Choi Sun Geun and all the former presidents. Also, I would like to thank President Kim Young-kil and all the other presidents who helped me unconditionally. I would like to show my gratitude to Jung Gyu-Soo our alumni association chairman and all our 240 thousand alumni members. I thank all the professors, and staff members. I also want to thank and give my love to my wife and my family for always being there for me in both good times and bad.

Hanyang is my destiny. I can never escape from this fate. That is why even though I am resigning from office, I would gladly do anything for Hanyang University when you need me.
My fellow Hanyangians!
My fellow Hanyangians!

I have so many things to say, but I will spare baring my all the words I have in my heart at this moment. However, there is one last thing I would like to say. I would like to express my gratitude. I appreciate all that you have done for Hanyang. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

March 18th, 2011
Kim Chong Yang
President, Hanyang University

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