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  • Korean Dialect Lessons with IHN
    Korean Dialect Lessons with IHN
    There are hundreds of different languages that are being spoken in the world on a regular basis. Although some languages are spoken more widely than others, each has its own unique and valuable history, and thus contributes to the richness and diversity or human communication and culture. Moreover, there are also many variations within a language, which are heavily influenced b...
  • Support for Cancer Cure
    Support for Cancer Cure
    It would be terrible if a beloved family or friend were diagnosed with cancer, at its later stages, and even more painful to watch him or her go through the different possible cures, with only a small chance of complete recovery. When some Hanyang University (HYU) students met a fourteen-year-old Russian girl who had been diagnosed with cancer, they could not simply overlook th...
  • The 40th Wolbong Book Award
    The 40th Wolbong Book Award
    The Wolbong Book Award was created in 1975 in order to celebrate the Korean Independence activist Gi-ak Han, who was also the chief editor for newspapers such as Shidae-Ilbo and Choseon Ilbo. This year, marking the its 40th anniversay, Professor Min Jeong of the Department of Korean Language and Literature received the Wolbong Book Award for his work titled Korean and Chinese I...
  • The Guy Who Runs “Film Run”
    The Guy Who Runs “Film Run”
    "What do you want to be in the future," is a question people ask children all the time. Students are encouraged to have dreams and passions, but despite people's expectations, there are actually only limited number of people who know what they want to do in life. Doohee Park (Film, 4th year) is one of the few lucky ones. "I had always wanted to be a film maker. I even wrote in...
  • [Weekly Insight] Traditional Textiles of Korea
    [Weekly Insight] Traditional Textiles of Korea
    A phrase that can be used to describe the Korean soul is baek-eui-min-jok, which means ‘the people of white clothing’. This is because traditionally, Koreans wore white colored clothing. Although these days people like to express their own unique style through various colors and designs, in the past, Koreans pursued modesty through simple and plain clothing. This does not m...
  • Team Projects: The Good and the Bad
    Team Projects: The Good and the Bad
    There are a variety of courses offered at Hanyang University (HYU), which means there are numerous teaching methods and styles that may vary according to the class material and the professor. Some may orient their classes towards the midterm and final exams, while may focus more on group projects, such as presentations or final papers which involves teamwork. This week Internet...
  • Meaningful Music for the Soul
    Meaningful Music for the Soul
    Music is loved by everyone. There are diverse genres, lyrics and many singers that suit the tastes of different individuals. In rare cases an individual is talented enough to be recognized in public for his or her music. Since music takes many different forms in musical skills and talent, it is hard for an average individual to produce music. Nonetheless, Kyuho Lee (Electroni...
  • The Prosecutor
    The Prosecutor
    Two expressions, which had attracted people's attention the most this diminishing winter, were gap (甲) and eul (乙). Gap and eul are generic Korean expressions of indicating two tangible things or beings as 'this and that' or 'A and B,' and sometimes used to indicate superiority between two people with gap describing the superior one. Unfortunate incidents such as 'Nut Rage' to ...
  • Yin and Yang Balance at HYU
    Yin and Yang Balance at HYU
    The number of female students in higher education institutions has steadily grown since the 1970s, and women now outnumber men in global undergraduate attendance and in graduation rates. At Hanyang University (HYU) however, it is a different story. The current ratio of male to female enrollment is estimated to be seven to three respectively, which indicates th...
  • Hope for a Cure
    Hope for a Cure
    On Mar. 13th, there was an opening ceremony for the new opening of the Hanyang Cell Therapy Center (HYCTC), which is located in the Hanyang University Hospital. The center aims conduct research and provide treatment for of patients who suffer from rare, seemingly incurable diseases, such as the Lou Gehrig’s disease and the Parkinson’s disease. As the a result of the government’...
  • Sharing Food and Joy at the Toll Gate
    Sharing Food and Joy at the Toll Gate
    A majority of Koreans enjoy the Lunar New Year holiday season by meeting with family members and relatives not seen for a long time. This is the time of year to get together with one's loved ones or to just rest at home. However, there were some who were not able to fully enjoy the holiday break due to a lack of opportunity to get time off from their work. These people are the ...
  • Rookie of the year
    Rookie of the year
    The Chosun Ilbo debut concert is known for its tradition and history, marking its 78th concert this year. Only the top student to graduate from one's musical major earns the opportunity to participate in the concert, after being recommended by the dean. This year, there were 32 participants from all musical fields ranging from singing to Korean traditional music. Among the dist...
  • [Weekly insight] The Wonders of Korean Street Food
    [Weekly insight] The Wonders of Korean Street Food
    Korean cuisine is known for its sophistication and deliciousness, with various diversities regarding vegetables, rice, meat and drinks. Among the many popular dishes, some may argue that the most interesting are Korea’s street food, sold and served quickly by street vendors. Like other kinds of Korean food, street food varieties are a delightful treat to those experiencing the...
  • Honor with Books
    Honor with Books
    Last October, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) covered a story about students in a group called "Sip-si-eel-bap" who gathered to help fellow students in need by donating their time between classes to work at the student cafeterias. In return for their efforts and time, they were compensated with meal coupons which were eventually sent to students who were selected eligible for Nati...
  • Hearing Not With Ears But With Mind
    Hearing Not With Ears But With Mind
    There are times in life when we feel that we are having a tough time. Specifically, we sometimes assume that our lives are miserable and unfortunate due to the numerous hardships we face. However, it is important to bear the fact in mind that there are people in the world who strive hard to overcome their own difficulties and live life to the fullest, instead of merely giving u...
  • For Friendlier Nuclear Energy
    For Friendlier Nuclear Energy
    These days, many people including scholars use the term ‘energy wars.’ This reflects the increasing dependence on and competition for access to various energy sources that are vital to a country’s growth and development. One of the most hotly debated sources of energy is undoubtedly nuclear energy, which takes up a large portion of today’s power generation. Nuclear energy is no...
  • [Weekly insight] Enjoying Campus Life to the Fullest
    [Weekly insight] Enjoying Campus Life to the Fullest
    The new semester has started for most universities in Korea including Hanyang University (HYU). Although some freshman students may feel unfamiliar with campus life with a lot of new faces, both from the same year and seniors, there are some who already have some acquaintance with others. This week Internet Hanyang News (IHN) introduces "MT" or "Membership Training" in Korea. ...
  • Three Opportunities in One
    Three Opportunities in One
    One of the many goals that freshmen have when entering university is to travel overseas, study English effectively, and/or get an internship. However, not many have the opportunity to do all three because and doing just one requires a lot of hard work. Fortunately, students can now rejoice! Currently available is the WEST program, a collaboration between the Korean and American...
  • Beyond the Strategy, Be the Inspiration
    Beyond the Strategy, Be the Inspiration
    Come to think about it, the concept of strategy and strategic thinking is at the core of our daily lives. While Although it may sound fancy and complicated and unfamiliar at the first glance, strategic thinking is part of our daily lives, influencing our everyday decision making. That was exactly the core advice from the team ‘Wangsimnians,’ who received a grand prize at the ...
  •  A Student, a Lover, and a Poet
    A Student, a Lover, and a Poet
    It is rather common to find people reading novels, magazines, and newspapers, the type of writing with few metaphors and full sentences. More people find them easier to approach, and often, easier to write. It is rather uncommon to notice people reading poems, clearly more difficult to compose, where metaphors, allegories, and personification can render meanings unclear and es...

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