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  • Korean Spirit in the MLB
    Korean Spirit in the MLB
    The “golden era” of the Korean leaguers in the MLB brightly opened as Ryu Hyun-jin became the first KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) player to be posted and signed in the league as a professional in 2013. Out of the current six Korean MLB leaguers, Kim Hyun-soo (Baltimore Orioles) and Kang Jung-ho (Pittsburgh Pirates) were also scouted after Ryu’s success to continue the lega...
  • HYU-Seoul Summit
    HYU-Seoul Summit
    An MOU was signed by the President of Hanyang University, Lee Young-moo (HYU) and Seoul mayor, Park Won-soon on Tuesday, 31 May on a collaborative project between HYU and the City of Seoul. The contents of the MOU was on the issue of creating jobs for the youth, economically bringing up areas around HYU, and the development of future technology.In the Conference RoomThe purpose...
  • Rising Star in Modern Dance
    Rising Star in Modern Dance
    Modern dance is a genre of dance evolved from classical ballet in the early 20th century. One of its attractiveness lies in its free and expressive style that is differentiated from the formal and strict moves of classical ballet. Its spirit lie in the pursuit of creativity started from the early pioneers of modern dance, Isadora Duncan. This week, Internet Hanyang News (I...
  • Helping the Small with Potential
    Helping the Small with Potential
    The Boryeong Mud Festival, or the green tea of Boseong are both successful examples of utilizing local products for regional marketing. Yet, there are hundreds more towns and villages, individuals looking to establish their own brand and image, but perhaps without abundant resources. This is when Minor to Winner comes to help, a company founded by Kim Haram (Advertising Publ...
  • [Weekly Insight] Christianity in Korea
    [Weekly Insight] Christianity in Korea
    The Korean peninsula, throughout all of its incarnations of different nations and territorial boundaries, has adopted many types of beliefs and religions. From ancient indigenous religions to Taoism and Buddhism, the land has experienced different religions according to the then customs and dynasties. It was not until the seventeenth century that Christianity was introduced and...
  • A Traveling Human, Homo Vians
    A Traveling Human, Homo Vians
    An adventurous journey to a new location usually accompanies a close friend or dear family. Likewise, experiences that come after travelling are unforgettable memories to be remembered for years to come. When those valuable moments are kept in pictures, it becomes an everlasting memory that you can always reminisce about. The Hanyang University (HYU), celebrating its 77th anniv...
  • Korean Opera Maestro
    Korean Opera Maestro
    Just before the night sweeps over the day, the Seoul Arts Center is always full of audiences. Where numerous renowned musical performances are held every day, one opera concert quietly begins as the light goes down and the crowd remains silent. The curtain goes up, and the Korean Symphony Orchestra begins their harmony. As the concert begins, dozens of choir members join in, an...
  • CEO of Union Island, Park Jong-il
    CEO of Union Island, Park Jong-il
    It is a well-known fact that establishing a new business takes much time, effort, and persistence. Although people are aware of the difficulties of starting a successful business, there are many young and ambitious people who dream to establish their own company, especially those from Hanyang University (HYU). This week, the Internet Hanyang News (IHN) introduces an entrepreneu...
  • [Weekly Insight] Introduction to Korean Aesthetics
    [Weekly Insight] Introduction to Korean Aesthetics
    Aesthetics is a philosophy of art, it is the study of beauty. Aesthetics asks two main questions. What is art and what is beauty. With a rich history, Korea has developed its art with the country’s own spirit and identity. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) probe into the flow of Korean Aesthetics from the time of Joseon dynasty to contemporary Korea with professor Gar...
  • Hanyang, Illuminated
    Hanyang, Illuminated
    University festivals in May are one of the best anticipated events of college years. The extravagant showbiz of festivals aren’t everything, however. A lot of joint efforts behind the scenes go into the whole arrangement. This year’s spring festival in the Seoul Campus lasted four days from 24th to 27th May, with the ERICA Campus lasting three days from 24th to 26th May. Each p...
  • The Winner of 4th Paiknam Great Scholar Award
    The Winner of 4th Paiknam Great Scholar Award
    Hanyang University (HYU) is known for its strength in advanced scholarly research in various areas. To further encourage and enhance the development of continuous research programs, HYU annually selects one scholar who has achieved great success in a field of studies, awards what is called the Paiknam Great Scholar Award. This year, at the 77th anniversary of the school, the Pa...
  • [weekly insight] Carefree Moments by the River
    [weekly insight] Carefree Moments by the River
    ‘Tis the season for outdoor chicken and beer in Korea. The summery weather incites a longing for outings where there’s water, sun and grass. Parks along the embankments of Hangang (Han River) in various spots around Seoul are deemed by Seoulites as the best places to unwind and mingle with friends and family. This week, the IHN highlights three out of a dozen Hangang Parks in S...
  • Two Paddles and an Orange Ball
    Two Paddles and an Orange Ball
    Last March, from the 26th to 27th, the 2016 National University Society Union President Flag Competition hosted by the Korea University Table Tennis Federation had tens of teams competing for the first place. Held in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, two certain clubs of Hanyang met at the break of day to try their hand at the grand prize. It was Orange Ball of Hanyang University’s ...
  • Singing, a New Challenge
    Singing, a New Challenge
    It is like an all-American dream for many opera singers to be on big stages. All performers may differ in defining what a big stage is, but for a renowned opera singer and respected professor, Kim Dong-won (Vocal Music ‘95), it is a place for a new experience for learning no matter the number of audience listening to him. The Internet Hanyang News (IHN) met him to hear about th...
  • Hanyang University Baseball
    Hanyang University Baseball
    Recently, in the 71st National University Baseball Tournament, the HYU baseball team finished with the result of making into the quarterfinals. After winning the championship in 2014, the team has been making consistent results of reaching quarter and semi-finals of various tournaments. Internet Hanynag University (IHN) have met up with the coach and three of the main play...
  • [Weekly insight] The Jindo Dog
    [Weekly insight] The Jindo Dog
    Pets have continuously been a source of joy in the lives of many. They are surely more than mere possessions and are considered as faithful companions of humans. Specifically, dogs have been one of the most popular pets due to their vast abilities to perform various roles and having deep loyalty to the humans. Furthermore, many countries have a specific dog breeds that represen...
  • Traditional Timbre in the Breeze
    Traditional Timbre in the Breeze
    Korean traditional music seems to most as a genre too far off to enjoy live. At Hanyang University (HYU), the occasion to see such a performance arose. The spring concert of 2016 was held on May 10th by the Korean Traditional Music Department at the Paiknam Concert Hall, Seoul Campus. The concert was comprised of seven rare performances involving as much as 40 students and 18 i...
  • Study Less, Study Smart
    Study Less, Study Smart
    Job crisis continues in South Korea. Competition is getting harsher in which there are more people who want a job while there is only a limited number of positions available. In such society, young people spend great amount of time suffering finding a job. Government employee is one of the most popular jobs as it is opened to more people and guarantees stable employment. The av...
  • Road to Baseball Star
    Road to Baseball Star
    Korean high schools are well-known for their sophisticated baseball system that sends a lot of players into the professional Korean Baseball Organization (KBO). Shinil high school is one of the most renowned high schools in Korea for its baseball. Many Korean legends played in Shinil, and out of many of those players, there was Kang Hyuk (Department of Business Administration, ...
  • [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    Korean movie industry has been on a rollercoaster of having ups and downs in its reputation. However, there are several directors who create movies that never disappoint audiences. Bong Joon-ho can proudly be presented as one of the directors with full trust in his quality work. His movies are not abstract or difficult to understand, but still purvey deep messages through detai...

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