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  • [Weekly insight] The Jindo Dog
    [Weekly insight] The Jindo Dog
    Pets have continuously been a source of joy in the lives of many. They are surely more than mere possessions and are considered as faithful companions of humans. Specifically, dogs have been one of the most popular pets due to their vast abilities to perform various roles and having deep loyalty to the humans. Furthermore, many countries have a specific dog breeds that represen...
  • Traditional Timbre in the Breeze
    Traditional Timbre in the Breeze
    Korean traditional music seems to most as a genre too far off to enjoy live. At Hanyang University (HYU), the occasion to see such a performance arose. The spring concert of 2016 was held on May 10th by the Korean Traditional Music Department at the Paiknam Concert Hall, Seoul Campus. The concert was comprised of seven rare performances involving as much as 40 students and 18 i...
  • Study Less, Study Smart
    Study Less, Study Smart
    Job crisis continues in South Korea. Competition is getting harsher in which there are more people who want a job while there is only a limited number of positions available. In such society, young people spend great amount of time suffering finding a job. Government employee is one of the most popular jobs as it is opened to more people and guarantees stable employment. The av...
  • Road to Baseball Star
    Road to Baseball Star
    Korean high schools are well-known for their sophisticated baseball system that sends a lot of players into the professional Korean Baseball Organization (KBO). Shinil high school is one of the most renowned high schools in Korea for its baseball. Many Korean legends played in Shinil, and out of many of those players, there was Kang Hyuk (Department of Business Administration, ...
  • [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    Korean movie industry has been on a rollercoaster of having ups and downs in its reputation. However, there are several directors who create movies that never disappoint audiences. Bong Joon-ho can proudly be presented as one of the directors with full trust in his quality work. His movies are not abstract or difficult to understand, but still purvey deep messages through detai...
  • 100th Hanyang Future Forum for Creative Leaders
    100th Hanyang Future Forum for Creative Leaders
    Hanyang Future Forum is a network of Hanyang alumni from diverse fields ranging from politics, economics, management, research, and legislature. Every month, the forum invites a lecturer to shed light on the most recent and important issues. During the past 10 years, the Hanyang Future Forum had set itself as the main channel for Hanyang University (HYU) alumni to share an...
  • For All Those Who Love Movies
    For All Those Who Love Movies
    Going to watch a movie is a popular leisure activity especially in Korea, making it one of the most important movie markets in the world. Countless numbers of people sit down with popcorn every day, afterwards chattering with their friends about their thoughts and feelings about the film. One specific movie lover decided to develop this experience one step further, creating a c...
  • Anthropology, a Guide to Life
    Anthropology, a Guide to Life
    Woodrow Wilson stands as one of the most influential US presidents of the past era with his endeavours for world peace in the 20th century. In his name, there exists several fellowships. Funded by distinct individuals each fellowship is devoted to the progress of students who deserve recognition and support. On 27th April, Ujin Kim (History, ‘01) was named as one of the 20 fell...
  • [Weekly Insight] Female Intellects of Joseon
    [Weekly Insight] Female Intellects of Joseon
    Like most other countries in the past, Joseon, the predecessor of Korea, was a place where women were deprived of many privileges that men enjoyed. Unable to participate in politics, most businesses, let alone be given a proper name, most females in the records pass by as Miss Park, Mrs. Kim and the like. However, there were several women who were prominent enough to make a nam...
  • Road for Impaired Individuals
    Road for Impaired Individuals
    As prejudice towards the visually impaired individuals eased, the treatment of their position in the society improved. Through constant social welfare system reformation and policy, the disabled people are treated with reasonable respect. However, it is still unavoidable fact that there is a “glass wall” between the impaired and ordinary people. Jobs are extremely limited to th...
  • Contemplation: Architecture, Human, Nature, and Traces
    Contemplation: Architecture, Human, Nature, and Traces
    A photo solely represents the sets of values of a photographer. “The more you understand about sociocultural background of an architecture, the better you can express it in a photo.” Lee Kang-up (Professor, Architecture) said. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) will share stories of Lee and his 35 years as a photographer and a professor at Hanyang Univerisity (HYU).As a Pr...
  • Designing Space
    Designing Space
    On a breezy Saturday afternoon, the Internet Hanyang News (IHN) visited the office of a space designer, located on a small hill near Itaewon. At the entrance, the seemingly unmatchable mixture of a black brick wall and a white barbed-wired fence created a sound unison. Inside, there were mirrors, chairs, and tables placed unorderly across the room, but at the same time art...
  • [Weekly insight] Korea's No.1 MC Yu Jae-seok
    [Weekly insight] Korea's No.1 MC Yu Jae-seok
    There is a one entertainer in Korea who almost exceeds the people’s expectations toward a public figure. His name is Yu Jae-seok who remains as the top MC of Korea for more than 10 years. Since Yu’s debut, he has won more than 12 awards in all of the three main broad casting companies in Korea, which are KBS, MBC, and SBS. Yu is currently taking charge of numerous TV shows most...
  • The Core Business
    The Core Business
    Humanities is the study of how people process and document the human experience that occur incessantly in various field of areas. The essentiality of humanity must be enhanced in the continuously developing world due to the growing trend of globalization. To cope with its increasing speed of advance, appropriate education is primary in the study of humanities. The Hanyang Unive...
  • Behind the Curtains of a Stage
    Behind the Curtains of a Stage
    It is well known that movies take an enormous amount of time and effort, various awards and prizes given to the production to compliment them on their work. However, a little less acknowledged are the creators behind an actual stage, a performance, a musical, or a play. Equal amounts of passion and perspiration have gone into creating something tangible that the audience can se...
  • A History of Football in Korea
    A History of Football in Korea
    What place does Korea hold in the world when it comes to football- not just South Korea, but also the North? The vast subject of football history concerning both Koreas was dealt with in Professor Lee Jong-sung (Department of Sports Industry and Management)’s newly published book, ‘A History of Football in North and South Korea c.1910-2002’, published November 2015. The reporte...
  • [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    If you are a big fan of the two ‘box-office hit’ movie series, Terminator and G.I. Joe, you will definitely recognize the talented actor who has already left a legacy in the Korean cinema. Continuing the series of “Korean Cinema 101,” the Internet Hanyang News (IHN) introduces the second Korean actor, Lee Byung-hun. From a gangster, a secret agent, a Korean monarch, a ninj...
  • ERICA in ERICA Campus
    ERICA in ERICA Campus
    On Hanyang University ERICA Campus, there is another ERICA that lies around the campus. Education Research Industry Cluster in Ansan (ERICA), is a term that describes the centers in the campus, linking with the university, and industrial organizations to cooperate with each other for further researches. Internet Hanyang News (IHN) visited Korea Institute of Industrial Technol...
  • House for All
    House for All
    Entering a university is like starting a new page of life. It can be full of excitements and expectations, but most students usually are faced with harsh realities. One of the concerns for students is the housing issue. Students who live far away from their schools have to find a new place to stay. There are, of course, dormitories inside the school, but the number of students ...
  • Feeling the Soul of Gayageum
    Feeling the Soul of Gayageum
    Gayageum is a renowned instrument in Korean traditional music for its delicate and soulful tune. Players pluck the 12 strings, finding each note within and sending it out to the listeners. On March 25, the 26th Kimhae Gayageum Contest began. Lee Jin-wook (Korean Traditional Music, 3rd year) received the grand prize for gayageum instrumentals in the college division. The reporte...

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