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  • [Weekly Insight] Korean Medicine: The Body
    [Weekly Insight] Korean Medicine: The Body
    Although Western type of medicine, surgery and treatments are the mainstream of the medical world today, there are people who look for ‘alternate’ medicine. Since hundreds of years ago, Koreans have treated illnesses and symptoms in their own unique ways that differ from the methods we are familiar with nowadays. The study has its own analysis and understanding of the body and ...
  • Korea-France Automotive Enterprise
    Korea-France Automotive Enterprise
    The era of widespread autonomous vehicles is imminent. With research progressing at a quick pace with the support of institutions and automobile companies around the globe, the world awaits a world where safety, comfort and efficiency are actualised when driving vehicles. From September, Hanyang University (HYU)’s team of automotive engineering will partake in Korea and France’...
  • The Leading Figure of Art Humanities
    The Leading Figure of Art Humanities
    The study of humanities is about asking the “why” questions on the course of events that happen in a lifetime of humans. In Korea, it is one of the most popular areas of study that has already extended its size by grafting other fields into its core. In the middle of all this, Lee Dong-sub (Advertising and Public Relations 98’), a professional writer, is leading the humanities ...
  • Aiding Visually Impaired Individuals
    Aiding Visually Impaired Individuals
    On July 6th, 2016, Technological Industrialization Competitive Exhibition was held for the fourth time organized by the Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy. Having its event annually, the exhibition has its purpose of promoting open innovation and sharing ideas of young talented entrepreneurs. In this exhibition, 10 universities have selected their representative team of entr...
  • [Weekly Insight] Tennis Stars of Korea
    [Weekly Insight] Tennis Stars of Korea
    Tennis is one of the oldest modern sports in history which traces back to the late 19th century in Great Britain.It is a special sport that signifies manners and both players and fans create its high quality. Recently, the oldest tennis tournament in history, Wimbledon, originated in England, ended as many fans stayed up each night to watch their favorite tennis players fro...
  • Graduate School of Counseling Psychology
    Graduate School of Counseling Psychology
    Things like depression, stress and headaches are not an unusual thing to hear of in the modern society. With rapid development of technology and the world becoming more complex every day, we live in a world where things are changing every day, opportunities and dangers lurking in every corner. Thus, the field of psychology has been gaining attention as a means to soo...
  • Iridescence of Tradition
    Iridescence of Tradition
    The culture of a country defines the people within- and music undoubtedly plays a part in it. Sun Joong-kyu (Korean Traditional Music Composition, M.A.), a Korean traditional music composer, believes in keeping our traditions alive through the preservation of our music. Sun won the Gold Prize for composition at the 2016 Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition on 23rd June, ...
  • Grabbing First Place at I·Hackerthon·U
    Grabbing First Place at I·Hackerthon·U
    Cities are complex. Concentrated development in limited space where dense population inhabits results in people facing many challenges in managing its constant growth. To alleviate problems in Seoul, the Seoul City Hall and Seoul Business Agency (SBA) hosted a contest to collect ideas from their own citizens. The name of the contest, I•Hackerthon•U, is a compound wo...
  • [Weekly Insight] Korean Cinema 101
    [Weekly Insight] Korean Cinema 101
    Lee Yeong-ae is one of the representative Korean actresses. Lee was born on Jan.13th, 1971. In her 40s, she still boasts flawless and beautiful appearance with a unique aura. Lee attended Hanyang University’s (HYU) ERICA Campus, graduating with a degree in German Literature in 1989. She is also taking a doctorate program for Theatre Cinema at HYU’s graduate school but is curren...
  • World Literature 101
    World Literature 101
    Every country produced their own unique sense of literature as they went through different historical revolutions and changes in the lives of the people. Literature develops along with history, and accordingly, each historic event causes a new paradigm of writers and literature. Nowadays, world literature has become a field that people cannot easily jump into. It often holds di...
  • The No. 1 Sound Supervisor
    The No. 1 Sound Supervisor
    What constitutes a movie? Actors, background, lighting, the plot and so much more are parts that make up a movie. However, what many people forget is, as much as a movie is a visual art, sound must come together to truly complete the work. This week Internet Hanyang News introduces a master who has been in the field of cinematic sounds for more than thirty years, worked on...
  • Reframing & Creating
    Reframing & Creating
    The aesthetic beauty of architectural work draws people in. Behind that beauty lies months of investment, design and construction that bring projects into materialisation. AnL Studio representatives are a trio of architects devoted to designing structures of various kinds for clients. Two of AnL’s architects, Professor Ahn Kee-hyun (Architecture, ‘03) and Shin Min-jae (Archi...
  • [Weekly Insight] Summery Fests
    [Weekly Insight] Summery Fests
    School’s over- summer is here. With the first semester of the year over, there are plenty of events to take note of. Festivals that provide cool water, music and peculiar experiences invite every young adult to be a part of the fun created in them.Water FestivalsThere is nothing like a good water fight to cool off the heat. In Sinchon, Water Gun Festivals are held every year al...
  • HYU ERICA Crowdfunding
    HYU ERICA Crowdfunding
    Hanyang University (HYU) is one Korean university that actively supports students who are ambitious enough to establish their own start-up companies. Starting from June 13th, the HYU ERICA campus officially opened the HYU Crowdfunding page, which is the first attempt among domestic universities. There are four start-up teams all composed of HYU students: ‘Studio Attic’, ‘Back t...
  • Urban Culture of Seoul
    Urban Culture of Seoul
    City of Seoul has been one of the renowned capital cites of the world to many travelers. With countless cultural spotlights and places to visit, Seoul has been considered a place for gathering of many people from around the globe and within the country. However, at a certain point, Seoul has been starting to lose its traditions. Specifically, nowadays, people living in Seoul do...
  • A Cartoonist, a Professor
    A Cartoonist, a Professor
    It is common for professors to use thick and lengthy textbooks to teach a course. Sometimes, students have a difficult time staying on track with the speedy lectures that continue no matter how well they are doing. In order to soothe this dilemma, Professor Shin In-cheol of the department of life science at HYU published a cartoon series that guide the students to easily compre...
  • [Weekly Insight] Girl Groups of K-Pop
    [Weekly Insight] Girl Groups of K-Pop
    In Korean culture, music is a mesmerizing factor that holds popularity beyond just beats and rhythm. Furthermore, the globalizing world is attentive to the flowing trends of Korean pop, also known as K-pop. In the center of the continuous movement of Korean music, various group artists actively show their talents with the support from passionate fans around the globe. The...
  • Virtual Visit to CERN
    Virtual Visit to CERN
    The grandeur of the Universe is unfathomable in human understanding. Yet, humans have continued to make astonishing discoveries. At CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, scientists and engineers probe the fundamental structure of the universe. On 8 June, a virtual visit to the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector at CERN was set up in the Natural Science Buildi...
  • Owner of the Restaurant, ‘Coexistence’
    Owner of the Restaurant, ‘Coexistence’
    Near the Baek-un subway station exit number three, there is a common western food restaurant called ‘Coexistence’ running under an uncommon vision. Its management policy promotes value of coexistence. In the society where competition is more prominent than coexistence and cooperation, the restaurant drags people’s attention. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) introduces the...
  • Designing Urban
    Designing Urban
    Through industrial revolutions and constant development of the quality of our daily lives, urbanization took place rapidly. Urban quickly became part of the space that we live in today, and all major cities around the world are heavily urbanized in its own way. Urbanplay was created by a Hanyang alumni Hong Joo-seok (Department of Architecture, ’08) to take urban space into con...

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