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  • [Weekly Insight] Masters of Art, Different and Alike
    [Weekly Insight] Masters of Art, Different and Alike
    In the mid-19th century, after the Second World War, New York became the center of art. Many artists moved to New York with the American dream to gain fame. Two great artists, from the East and West came to this city looking for new opportunities. They eventually became influential artists, renowned for breaking down boundaries of art. They each contributed to developments in ...
  • Practicing Love in Deed
    Practicing Love in Deed
    “Don’t university students usually spend a leftover budget on drinks or short trips? I was very touched and impressed when university students reached out to us looking for a more meaningful way to spend their remaining budget when they could’ve used it in other ways. I know it wasn’t an easy decision,” the Secretary-General of Korean National Commission for UNESCO Dong-seok M...
  • Innovating the Lives of Businessmen
    Innovating the Lives of Businessmen
    Businessmen spend most of their time in companies, as their lives are situated around the workplace. Even though it would be most ideal for businessmen to be happy about the pace they work at, in reality, many businessmen are not satisfied with their daily life at work. Sungwon Han (Material Science and Engineering, 4th yr), the founder of ‘Office N’ (http://officen.kr/index.d...
  • Applying ‘Solutions’ and Curing with ‘V3’
    Applying ‘Solutions’ and Curing with ‘V3’
    “All young people need a high quality of education and to get one, students must be behind it. Youth involvement is the missing element in education reform.” This was a comment from Eric Braxton, the founder of the Philadelphia student union. Student involvement has been the driving force in the democratization and development of education in many parts of the world. Through t...
  • [weekly insight] Happy Winter!
    [weekly insight] Happy Winter!
    One of the benefits of living in a country with four seasons is that you can immerse yourself into different seasonal activities. And when the leaves of autumn begin to fall and Christmas carols start filling the air, we know it is that time of the year again: time to embrace the cold and bring out playing gears for the snow. For novices of winter sports in Korea, in thi...
  • What It Takes to be a Patent Lawyer
    What It Takes to be a Patent Lawyer
    Last year in Korea, the occupation of a patent lawyer was introduced to Koreans as one of the best earning jobs. Since then, the job has become more well-known domestically and obtaining the job has become the dream of many students. However, the examination that students need to pass is still quite difficult and high in level. Professor Sunhee Yun from the depatment of...
  • Creating “Onecard”
    Creating “Onecard”
    Every day, many students in Korea commute to school by bus and subway. Although public transport has made life easier for many, there is still room for more improvement. Students are most likely quite accustomed to hearing in Korean, "please use only one card" by the driver or subway official when attempt to board a bus or get past the subway gate, respectively. Due to the fact...
  • Revitalizing Our Neighborhoods
    Revitalizing Our Neighborhoods
    In recent years, there have been countless neighborhood redevelopment projects in the city of Seoul, reflecting the rapid changes resulting from residents' demand for newer and better housing. However, these redevelopment projects have often been criticized for being unilateral, not reflecting the hopes and ideas of those who are supposed to be the beneficiaries. Starting in 20...
  • [Weekly Insight] Korean Fermented Goods
    [Weekly Insight] Korean Fermented Goods
    Without a doubt, food is a common subject discussed all around the world. Since food is necessary for sustaining life and supplying nutrition to the human body, food culture has developed for thousands of years worldwide. Every region has its own food culture, which has developed and evolved according to climate, farming and/or animal breeding methods. In Korea, a unique food ...
  • Painting Colors of Hope
    Painting Colors of Hope
    It’s been more than seven months since the Sewol incident in April. Internet Hanyang News (IHN), along with everyone else, like to express the deepest condolences for all of those who were sacrificed in this tragedy. This month, on Nov. 15 and 19, the 2014 Danwon-gu mural painting volunteer activity was held, hosted by The Hanyang Volunteer Corps, Hanyang College of Design, an...
  • Showing the Beauty of Jeju
    Showing the Beauty of Jeju
    Known as the ‘Island of the Gods,’ Jeju Island is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and many tourists from around the world. The island offers visitors a wide range of activities: from hiking on Hallasan(Halla Mountain, South Korea’s highest peak) or Olle-gil (a popular walking trail), to catching sunrises or sunsets over the ocean, riding horses, visiting all the locales fro...
  • Hanyang Dominates the Steel University Korea Challenge
    Hanyang Dominates the Steel University Korea Challenge
    Steel is a type of structural materials, which is used to build pillars and frame works of buildings, cars, and many others. Needless to say, it is an essential component element in this industrialized society. At the forefront of the Korea steel industry stands Hanyang Univerisity (HYU), which is continuing to lead the way as the pillar of various future industries. To prove i...
  • [Weekly Insight] Balancing Motherhood and Career
    [Weekly Insight] Balancing Motherhood and Career
    Airing on tvN, Misaeng is a popular television show these days that depicts realistic lives and events of normal Korean office workers. For instance, episode five dealt with working moms and the difficulties they face in their careers. Also, there was once a well-known full-page newspaper article that had the headline, "I am a bad woman," written by Hwang, Meyoung-Eun an actual...
  • Headlines Read by a Professor13
    Headlines Read by a Professor13
    Today, almost everyone uses online chat services or mobile applications to talk to their acquaintances. However, what if these communications are secretly censored or investigated by the national government? Recently, the clash between the public prosecutor's office and a private company, Kakaotalk of Korea highlighted many issues regarding privacy rights of Korean citizens. K...
  • Awarding World Class Research
    Awarding World Class Research
    In June, 2014, the Hanyang University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation announced the five 2014 1st HYU Scholarship Awards winners, who were professors Taehyo Park (Dep. of Civil and Environmental Engineering), Youjip Won (Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Gunhee Jang (School of Mechanical Engineering), Seunghoon Shin (Dep. of Chemical Engineering), and...
  • Look at Books? Listen to Books!
    Look at Books? Listen to Books!
    The average person perceives a book through sight. This person can pick up a desired book, open it to a certain page, and begin to read the printed letters. But what if someone does not have the power of sight? In that case, there are two ways to read. The most common is using Braille letters to feel and touch to perceive written language. Another, less known way of reading is...
  •  [Weekly insight] Have you heard about Dokdo?
    [Weekly insight] Have you heard about Dokdo?
    A foreigner staying in Korea might be curious about the supposed controversy between Korea and Japan involving the small group of islets collectively referred to as Dokdo. Despite the attention and so-called conflict surrounding Dokdo, not many people, including some Koreans, know the history and significance of Dokdo, and why, beyond emotional claims to the islets, Dokdo is ...
  • Medical Convergence for the Next Generation
    Medical Convergence for the Next Generation
    Many future societies and the generations will face the seriousness of the enormous amount of healthcare costs and aging populations. In order to resolve these problems, emphasis on disease prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment, and management of diseases are needed. Recently, information technology (IT), bio-technology (BT), nano-technology (NT), and even social ...
  • Celebrating the ‘Success of Justice’
    Celebrating the ‘Success of Justice’
    On Oct. 30th, the Hanyang University (HYU) Legal Clinic celebrated its winning of lawsuits involving two major cases: one was about adoption authorization and the other was regarding industrial accident compensation. Since 2011, the HYU Legal Clinic has been offering a vast array of legal practice opportunities to HYU Law School students as they prepare to become leaders in th...
  • Great Environments for Great Scientists
    Great Environments for Great Scientists
    Recently, this year’s Novel Prize winner has been announced, and again there were no Korean scientists for the award. Among many opinions of what should be changed, current scientific curriculum and means of education were one of the key issues on developing future scientists within the country. Particularly, Joon-Young Oh (Professor, Basic Convergence Science Education Center...

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