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  • [Weekly insight] Civil Service Examinations in Korea
    [Weekly insight] Civil Service Examinations in Korea
    Korea has a long history of selecting public service workers through public examinations. The gwageo (or kwago) were the national civil service examinations under the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties of Korea. Taking and passing this examination was the primary route for most people to reach positions in the aristocracy. These examinations assessed candidates’ knowledge of the Chin...
  • Giving What Cannot be Seen
    Giving What Cannot be Seen
    Undeniably, teaching others is not an easy job. In order to teach, one must learn and understand the relevant materials fully, then pass it onto others in a comprehensible and interesting manner. Even though it sounds simple, it takes a lot of effort for one to prepare to teach scientific materials, especially if he or she is not an academic expert. Despite such difficulties as...
  • The road to mobile communication technology
    The road to mobile communication technology
    Smartphones have been integrated into our lives and are used to help us complete various tasks. What is crucial is basic Internet connection because without it, smartphones would be virtually useless. Professor SeungWon Choi (Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering), has been working on providing a better mobile communication system for users. Recently, his team was ...
  • Exploring Aquatic Wonders
    Exploring Aquatic Wonders
    With the peak of summer approaching us, many are in search of a getaway, whether it be to a local swimming pool, or just cooling off indoors with a cold treat like ice cream. Still, the most popular vacation spot is undoubtedly the seaside, where visitors can enjoy sandy beaches as well as some of the natural beauty lying underneath the water. Scuba diving has become a popular ...
  • [Weekly Insight] The Tragedy in Yeonpyeong
    [Weekly Insight] The Tragedy in Yeonpyeong
    For many Koreans, the year 2002 immediately brings to mind fond memories of the World Cup. As the Korean national team moved on to the next round unexpectedly, the public was keenly solely focused on this event. However, amid the euphoric cheering was a mix of tragedy that was overshadowed by the World Cup. One of them includes the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, in which many sea...
  • Reviewing Pledges from Last Semester
    Reviewing Pledges from Last Semester
    Another semester has passed and it is already summer vacation time. Time seems to be passing fly by so quickly with the fall semester looming on the horizon. Before the new term begins however, a review is in order regarding the progress that the student council of the Hanyang University (HYU) made and the pledges during last semester. Fortunately, the HYU student council appea...
  • Designing Career Plans
    Designing Career Plans
    For many, advanced planning in life and for one’s career is a perceived crucial determinant of happiness and emotional security. A job a person selects can determine e what that person does over the course of many hours every day, for many years, even until retirement, and afterwards as well. At Hanyang University (HYU), the “Career Development” course helps students learn abou...
  • Grand Prix of 2015 Gangdong Dance Festival
    Grand Prix of 2015 Gangdong Dance Festival
    The Gangdong Arts Center, together with the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, hosts the Gangdong Dance Festival (GDF) on a yearly basis, marking its fourth festival this year. This year, Hanyang University's (HYU's) team from the Major in Dance was selected as the grand prix, for their performance titled 'Saebyeok' and Internet Hanyang News (IHN) met with three members of ...
  •  [Weekly Insight] Korean Beauty over the Years
    [Weekly Insight] Korean Beauty over the Years
    Like any other ancient civilization, the most idealistic physique of a female back in the prehistoric times was a plump and voluptuous body that represented reproduction and health. However, the standards of beauty have changed a lot over the years. It has become more complex, and diverse in that it differs between countries and cultures. Sometimes the outer beauty is related t...
  • Redefining Literature
    Redefining Literature
    Recently, a scandal involving plagiarism by a renowned author has rocked the Korean literary industry. News broke and spread rapidly via SNS, and before long, the public was made aware of the infamy before it could even be addressed. Kyung-sook Shin, who had become a rising star in recent years, is at the center of this controversy. The author of famous books including, “Ple...
  • For a Safer Pay Online
    For a Safer Pay Online
    The history of the personal computer, or better known as PC, is surprisingly short, with the first commercialized PC being marketed in the 1980s. The history of making payments online is obviously much shorter, with the first online payment service in Korea taking place in 1997. Paygate, which is a Korean company founded in 1998 specializing in making secure payment proxy servi...
  • The New Future for Tourism
    The New Future for Tourism
    Tourism is an important part of leisure where people can visit foreign countries to relax or learn. However, things can be quite different when it comes to Muslims due to the necessary considerations to their religion, which forbids them to eat certain kinds of food and to behave in a particular way regarding religious practices. In this regard, three Hanyang University (HYU) s...
  • [Weekly Insight] Korean Social Network Services
    [Weekly Insight] Korean Social Network Services
    In modern life, Social Network Services (SNS) have come to play a powerful role in people’s lives. SNS, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, reflect the daily lives, hobbies, and values of a multitude of SNS users. As people communicate their personal news, social issues, and political views online, their comments and uploads can quickly spread through SNS. There are some...
  • Making IT Global in Asia
    Making IT Global in Asia
    On June 25, the 14th meeting of the International Conference on IT Applications and Management (ITAM) was held at Ewha’s Woman’s University, hosted by Nam-jae Cho (Professor, Business Administration) of Hanyang University (HYU).. With the goal of continuously hosting an international conference with the broad theme of “information technology applications and management” led by ...
  • Communicating through Architecture
    Communicating through Architecture
    It has been known that usually, architects become famous after 70 year old mark. The amount of time and effort it takes to become a well-known architect is enormous and often requires a long period of time. Even then, there is no guarantee for success. But there are exceptions for extremely talented individuals who have gained renown at a relatively early age. In recognition ...
  • Learning Law through a Different Approach
    Learning Law through a Different Approach
    The majority of people are interested in art but few actual do more than appreciate it at least once in their lifetimes. However, it is usually artists themselves or expert art critics that specialize in art who usually write books about art, sharing their thoughts, feelings, or criticisms. them. However, there is one professor who stands out in this regard, Chan-un Park (Law, ...
  • [Weekly insight] Living with Beasts from Legends
    [Weekly insight] Living with Beasts from Legends
    There are many mysteries in the world and legends are often created to explain them. Stories are passed down across generations and they are an integral part of traditional culture. Korea has its share of myths and legends. In them, a variety of mythical creatures appear to either help the protagonist or play the role of the antagonist. Each Korean mythical creature has its own...
  • The Effects of Our Clicks
    The Effects of Our Clicks
    The semester has ended, and many students have rejoiced and welcomed the summer holiday, while others may have had a rather gloomy start over their grades. Whether you are the type who is eager to check out your final scores or the type nervously hovering over the ‘view’ button, every student needs to go through a final stage to see their grades: course evaluation. This week, I...
  • Dream on T-shirts (D.O.T)
    Dream on T-shirts (D.O.T)
    Officially established in January 2015, Dream on T-shirts (DOT) is a business started up by Hanyang University (HYU) students, Baran Shin (Art Education, 4th yr) and a friend. The two students have worked together as co-CEOs and co-workers to design, make, sell, and donate through their business. DOT sells shirts, hoodies, pencil cases, ecobags and pouches that are simple in de...
  • Walk on Roads Unventured
    Walk on Roads Unventured
    From being a producer for a broadcasting company, bartender, composer, professor, and finally the president of the Seoul Arts Center, the most famed arts and performance center in Korea. This is not the average job experience of one man, especially in Korea where his or her first job is most likely the last job of a life. Yet, all these keywords have to be taken into account to...

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