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  • [Weekly insight] Leaders in Korean Independence
    [Weekly insight] Leaders in Korean Independence
    Korea and Japan are two countries that are friendly neighbors, but have a painful history. Starting in the late 19th century Japan began colonizing the Korean Peninsula, and in 1910 formally annexed Korea as part of Japan. The Korean people living under Japanese rule were put under pressure to become more Japanese. While sadness was spreading all over the country, there were m...
  • Enjoying is Learning
    Enjoying is Learning
    The end of summer vacation is nearing, and it is that time again when students begin to reflect upon how they spent the past few months. Some may have worked hard and some may have taken a trip, while others might have simply enjoyed relaxing, away from following a schedule and a common list of everyday chores to do. There are also those who might have done both studying hard a...
  • Practicing Entrepreneurship
    Practicing Entrepreneurship
    It is common to see children refusing to do their homework especially in Korea where personal study papers are popularized among young kids. They are rather interested in playing with smartphones. “Mensa Project”, developed by a Hanyang University (HYU) student in a competition, focuses on persuading children to study without physically forcing them. The 20th Hanyang venture st...
  • Taking Photos with Pride and Dignity
    Taking Photos with Pride and Dignity
    Photographs are a crucial aspect of a newspaper article since it not only adds depth, it also captures the theme of the writing. Therefore, the importance of photography in newspapers cannot be overemphasized. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) had the opportunity to interview a great Hanyang University (HYU) alumnus, Sang-moon Park (Theater and Cinema, ’83), who is the Pho...
  • Broadcasting Available for Everyone
    Broadcasting Available for Everyone
    Personal broadcasting has been very popular since SNS emerged, grabbing much attention. Through platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and other sites that allow for personal blogging, people freely uploaded their own videos for the public to watch. In the mid-2000s, quicker internet connections and better personalized computers became available and making possible live video st...
  • Protection against Environmental Hormones
    Protection against Environmental Hormones
    Humans have come to use many harmful chemicals and as a result, environmental hormones have become critical threats to many lives. Environmental hormones are chemicals that enter the body and act likes hormones, and as a result, they interfere with the normal functions of the natural hormones in the body. These harmful chemicals can be found in products that people use everyd...
  • Collaboration between Woodwork and Humanities
    Collaboration between Woodwork and Humanities
    A carpenter may seem to be an unfamiliar job in the modern world we live in today. But the skills involved still prove to be useful and more importantly, may teach us some life lessons. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) interviewed an alumni from Hanyang University (HYU), Byung-hee Lim (Korean Language and Literature, 98’), who studied Korean literature in HYU before learn...
  • A Closer Look into Food and Agriculture
    A Closer Look into Food and Agriculture
    Working for a widely recognized international or non-governmental organization like the United Nations is a dream come true for many students interested in world affairs. Sooyeon Kim (Business Administration, ’15) is one such person who works as assistant manager for the Korean subsidiary branch of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (UNFAO), called Korea FAO...
  • [Weekly Insight] Keeping It Cool
    [Weekly Insight] Keeping It Cool
    Korea has a very distinct difference between the seasons, being very hot during the summer and very cold in the winter. Therefore, people have always been trying to complement the two, one of them being bringing ice to the hot summer days. Surprisingly, this old idea of using ice as a way to endure the summer heat was realized in the Korean peninsula from fairly early on. Today...
  • Philanthropy at its Best
    Philanthropy at its Best
    In just a few weeks, class registration for the second semester begins, and with it, there are great expectations for a new class that is being offered. Taught by Bekay Ahn, head manager of the International Council for Nonprofit Management (ICNPM), the course, “The Understanding and Practice of Philanthropy” is designed to teach students how to effectively engage in philanthro...
  • Real estate services with a single application
    Real estate services with a single application
    Finding a suitable place to live is no picnic. In fact, it can be a nightmare. It requires time, money and effort to find the most befitting residence. Fortunately, there is now a mobile phone application called ‘Toad World’ (DukkubiSesang) that can help reduce the stress. The app works to mediate between the consumer and the owner directly, thus reducing transaction and broker...
  • Winning and Growing
    Winning and Growing
    Computers and computer programming have become a vital part of the high tech world. Currently, there are numerous competitions involving computer programming and ICT Award Korea is one of them. There are times when problems are hard to solve through the human brain alone. To provide context, there might be a situation in which there are two lines of ants. The ants that are faci...
  • Having Fun in Summer
    Having Fun in Summer
    The time of summer has returned in full swing and the weather is getting almost unbearably hot these days. There is a need for people in Korea to cool down and relax so that they can fully enjoy the summer vacation. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) introduces the various ways one can enjoy the summer and cool off. This includes water parks, beaches, mountains, as well as ...
  • Build your own car, to compete for the best
    Build your own car, to compete for the best
    On July 16th, Hanyang University (HYU) hosted its thirteenth Intelligent Car Model Competition in the Olympic Gym. As a large scale competition with hundreds of students from many schools participating, the event has been attracting attention from related industries as well as other countries. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN), shares an interview with Hanyeol Yoo (Departm...
  • An Original Theory on Evolution
    An Original Theory on Evolution
    Humans have developed in many complicated ways through the process of evolution. For instance, although some believe the earliest predecessors to human beings walked on four legs, modern humans came to be bipedal beings as they learned to move food from one place to another. Perhaps humans developed legs in the process of repeated reaching for fruit high up on trees, as stated ...
  • Hacking for Profit
    Hacking for Profit
    When some people hear the word “hacker”, the first thing that probably comes to mind is an evil villain trying to illegally break into a top security website. However, not all hackers are involved in such illicit activity or hack for nefarious purposes. There are other kinds of hackers who put their talents to good use. Il-taek Kwon (Computer Software, Graduate School, Master’s...
  • [Weekly insight] Civil Service Examinations in Korea
    [Weekly insight] Civil Service Examinations in Korea
    Korea has a long history of selecting public service workers through public examinations. The gwageo (or kwago) were the national civil service examinations under the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties of Korea. Taking and passing this examination was the primary route for most people to reach positions in the aristocracy. These examinations assessed candidates’ knowledge of the Chin...
  • Giving What Cannot be Seen
    Giving What Cannot be Seen
    Undeniably, teaching others is not an easy job. In order to teach, one must learn and understand the relevant materials fully, then pass it onto others in a comprehensible and interesting manner. Even though it sounds simple, it takes a lot of effort for one to prepare to teach scientific materials, especially if he or she is not an academic expert. Despite such difficulties as...
  • The road to mobile communication technology
    The road to mobile communication technology
    Smartphones have been integrated into our lives and are used to help us complete various tasks. What is crucial is basic Internet connection because without it, smartphones would be virtually useless. Professor SeungWon Choi (Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering), has been working on providing a better mobile communication system for users. Recently, his team was ...
  • Exploring Aquatic Wonders
    Exploring Aquatic Wonders
    With the peak of summer approaching us, many are in search of a getaway, whether it be to a local swimming pool, or just cooling off indoors with a cold treat like ice cream. Still, the most popular vacation spot is undoubtedly the seaside, where visitors can enjoy sandy beaches as well as some of the natural beauty lying underneath the water. Scuba diving has become a popular ...

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