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  • [Weekly insight] Korea's No.1 MC Yu Jae-seok
    [Weekly insight] Korea's No.1 MC Yu Jae-seok
    There is a one entertainer in Korea who almost exceeds the people’s expectations toward a public figure. His name is Yu Jae-seok who remains as the top MC of Korea for more than 10 years. Since Yu’s debut, he has won more than 12 awards in all of the three main broad casting companies in Korea, which are KBS, MBC, and SBS. Yu is currently taking charge of numerous TV shows most...
  • The Core Business
    The Core Business
    Humanities is the study of how people process and document the human experience that occur incessantly in various field of areas. The essentiality of humanity must be enhanced in the continuously developing world due to the growing trend of globalization. To cope with its increasing speed of advance, appropriate education is primary in the study of humanities. The Hanyang Unive...
  • Behind the Curtains of a Stage
    Behind the Curtains of a Stage
    It is well known that movies take an enormous amount of time and effort, various awards and prizes given to the production to compliment them on their work. However, a little less acknowledged are the creators behind an actual stage, a performance, a musical, or a play. Equal amounts of passion and perspiration have gone into creating something tangible that the audience can se...
  • A History of Football in Korea
    A History of Football in Korea
    What place does Korea hold in the world when it comes to football- not just South Korea, but also the North? The vast subject of football history concerning both Koreas was dealt with in Professor Lee Jong-sung (Department of Sports Industry and Management)’s newly published book, ‘A History of Football in North and South Korea c.1910-2002’, published November 2015. The reporte...
  • [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    [Weekly insight] Korean Cinema 101
    If you are a big fan of the two ‘box-office hit’ movie series, Terminator and G.I. Joe, you will definitely recognize the talented actor who has already left a legacy in the Korean cinema. Continuing the series of “Korean Cinema 101,” the Internet Hanyang News (IHN) introduces the second Korean actor, Lee Byung-hun. From a gangster, a secret agent, a Korean monarch, a ninj...
  • ERICA in ERICA Campus
    ERICA in ERICA Campus
    On Hanyang University ERICA Campus, there is another ERICA that lies around the campus. Education Research Industry Cluster in Ansan (ERICA), is a term that describes the centers in the campus, linking with the university, and industrial organizations to cooperate with each other for further researches. Internet Hanyang News (IHN) visited Korea Institute of Industrial Technol...
  • House for All
    House for All
    Entering a university is like starting a new page of life. It can be full of excitements and expectations, but most students usually are faced with harsh realities. One of the concerns for students is the housing issue. Students who live far away from their schools have to find a new place to stay. There are, of course, dormitories inside the school, but the number of students ...
  • Feeling the Soul of Gayageum
    Feeling the Soul of Gayageum
    Gayageum is a renowned instrument in Korean traditional music for its delicate and soulful tune. Players pluck the 12 strings, finding each note within and sending it out to the listeners. On March 25, the 26th Kimhae Gayageum Contest began. Lee Jin-wook (Korean Traditional Music, 3rd year) received the grand prize for gayageum instrumentals in the college division. The reporte...
  • [Weekly insight] Road to Professional Gaming
    [Weekly insight] Road to Professional Gaming
    The word professional gaming, or pro gaming, ignites the hearts of countless gamers around the world. In Korea which is considered as a nation with the best gamers in the world, there are uncountable gamers those who wish to become a pro gamer. Korean pro gamers are well known for having extremely tight schedule of practicing hours compared to any of pro gamers around the world...
  • The Establishment of the Kuwait Center
    The Establishment of the Kuwait Center
    Korea is one of the most active countries when it comes to trading with other nations, and interaction and cooperation among countries are essential to promoting mutual benefit in the contemporary globalized society. To be in the lead of such trend, the president of Hanyang University (HYU), Lee Young-moo proposed the importance of educating global leaders. As one of its projec...
  • Passion is Everything
    Passion is Everything
    “I adore people who have their specialty. I believe if you are good at one thing, you can also be skilled at other things,” said Professor Ahn Jin-ho. He himself is a talented individual who holds multiple positions in Hanyang University. He teaches in the Division of Materials Science and Engineering. He is an expert in the field of semiconductor nano process, is the ...
  • The Dollar-Won Dealer
    The Dollar-Won Dealer
    During the night, when most people are asleep to prepare themselves for another productive day, there are some who sacrifice much of their sleeping time to help boost a nation’s economy. They are known as the currency dealers and they indirectly impact the economy by managing the foreign exchange market. Lee Yong-joon (Business Adminstration‘11) is a leading currency dealer wh...
  • [Weekly insight] Contemporary Korean Politics III: Judiciary
    [Weekly insight] Contemporary Korean Politics III: Judiciary
    Individuals, states and organisations are bound to the rules of law. The society we live in is collectively maintained through the limitations of behaviours of actors. Nation-states around the world appertain to pre-established norms of law created before modernisation, but they still differ in their interpretations and procedures of law. This week, the Internet Hanyang News (I...
  • Stories from International Students
    Stories from International Students
    These days, many universities strive to become ‘global’ universities. Hanyang University (HYU) is one of the schools that has a high number of international students enrolled in its curriculum, and it continuously puts in efforts to follow the world’s trend of becoming global, such as renovating the international building and opening diverse courses for inbound and outbound stu...
  • Attic over Attic
    Attic over Attic
    On March 25, 2016, Microsoft Korea has successfully hosted the national Imagine Cup in Korea, the world’s largest information technology competition for students. Out of the three main categories of the competition, which were game, innovation, and world citizenship, four of the students from the Hanyang University ERICA Campus have been chosen as the representative team of Kor...
  • Best of the Best Security Leader
    Best of the Best Security Leader
    There are two versions of worlds we are living in the 21st century. There is our earth with lands and then there is an invisible cyber world based on the Internet. However, in this cyber space, the Internet is useless without proper security. In the times when cyber security is more than necessary, cyber security expert has reached a surface as one of the most promising careers...
  • [Weekly insight] Human Mind Against A.I.: Lee Se-dol
    [Weekly insight] Human Mind Against A.I.: Lee Se-dol
    The match of the century between a computer program named AlphaGo and a man named Lee Se-dol has been the hottest issue recently. It was not just winning a game of Go, it was about whether artificial intelligence (AI) created by people could outplay the human mind. Although the result was a shocking 4 to 1 victory for AlphaGo, the event nevertheless shone much light upon Lee...
  • Hanyang ROTC Unravelled
    Hanyang ROTC Unravelled
    There is a certain mystique about ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) students around campus. They carry around hard briefcases, always look sharp and serious in their navy uniforms. Curiosity about these reserve officers could not be held back. The Internet Hanyang News (IHN) reporters took the chance to look into their daily routine.From Morning to Evening An early start...
  • The Voice of Korea
    The Voice of Korea
    Thousands of eyes fixed at one and countless ears poised for a sound. The audience waits with anticipation as a vocalist steps up on the stage. For the crowd, it might be one of the many performances that they will watch in their lives, but for the sole musician it is a time when he will enjoy and cherish once again. To hear more about these moments, the Internet Hanyang News (...
  • The Head of Mission in Embassy
    The Head of Mission in Embassy
    On February 10th, 1992, South Korea had their first diplomatic relation established with Ukraine. With Korean embassy located in Kiev of Ukraine, and Ukrainian embassy in Seoul, political, economic and cultural exchanges have been active ever since. Under such exchanges, a new ambassador of this relationship was appointed recently. Lee Yang-goo (Political Science and Diplomacy,...

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