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  • [Weekly insight] A Trip to Jeju Island
    [Weekly insight] A Trip to Jeju Island
    Jeju, located in the southern part of Korean peninsula, is the biggest island in Korea. It has long been a vacation spot for Korean people mainly because of its rich food, nice weather and tourist attractions. In fact, the total population inhabiting in Jeju province is about sixty-thousand people now, increasing year by year as people from the land come to live there. Moreover...
  • A Letter from Cambodia Part 3
    A Letter from Cambodia Part 3
    Imagine non-stop heat, frequent rain, and high humidity combined with poor and unsanitary living conditions. This describes some aspects of the area known as Sihanoukville. On April 4, “With Hanyang”, the volunteer group consisting of members of the Hanyang family, landed in Cambodia and reached their final destination of Sihanoukville. They were all filled with expectations to...
  • A Red Book
    A Red Book
    People have their own ways of documenting their lives. Some keep journals, and others take pictures to post on social media sites. Kitaek Kang (Advertising and Publishing Relations, 4th year) writes poems about sudden emotions and daily events. It is his way of viewing and responding to life. His first and recently published book AejeongNoleum is a collection of his poems abou...
  • Online Marketplace for the One-of-a-kind
    Online Marketplace for the One-of-a-kind
    Today, it seems like people are sick and tired of buying products that everybody else has. Mass production and mass consumption have been the general trend for decades. These days however, it appears that more consumers are looking for something special, a one-of-a-kind item that can be owned by only a select few. Recognizing a global trend for handmade products, Dong-Hwan Kim...
  • [Weekly Insight]What Should We Have for Dessert Today?
    [Weekly Insight]What Should We Have for Dessert Today?
    It has been about a half decade since the rise of the obsession for coffee and desserts in Korea. Cafes can now be found literally on every corner of every major city in the country. Tastes have changed and until recently, espresso drinks and pastries such as waffles and honey bread were the top picks. Recently however, there has been a fairly large shift in the dessert ...
  • A Letter from Cambodia Part 2
    A Letter from Cambodia Part 2
    “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” This is a quote from Alexander Graham Bell, which emphasizes the importance of preparing, otherwise great ideas, intentions, and resources will have been for nothing. Fortunately, ‘With Hanyang’ followed this training of thinking before conducting its’ 4th overseas volunteering program in Cambodia. They prepared systema...
  • An Engineer’s Dream as a Musician
    An Engineer’s Dream as a Musician
    Almost everyone in the world would have at least one dream that they want to achieve. However, how many of them will actually engage in thorough planning to achieve such dreams? In this edition, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) interviewed Jin-hyuk Kim (Electronics and Communication Engineering, 1st yr) who has strived to achieve his dream of becoming a musician.Determined to become...
  • The Power of Crowdfunding
    The Power of Crowdfunding
    In today's world where more people are connected to each other through online platforms and social network services, the power of the cyber public is increasing and expanding. People click on 'likes' to express interest or sympathy on website of those who share similar views on political and social issues, and can also recruit users to support various fundraising events throug...
  • [Weekly Insight] The Center of Taekwondo Culture
    [Weekly Insight] The Center of Taekwondo Culture
    Kyung-seon Hwang earned Korea’s first two consecutive gold medals in both the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics in the 57-67 kg category of Women Taekwondo. Since then, Koreans have become passionate spectators every Taekwondo competitions in the Olympics Taekwondo has become an international sport practiced by people around the world and has its origins in Korea. ...
  • A Letter from Cambodia Part 1
    A Letter from Cambodia Part 1
    The history of Hanyang University (HYU) has been preserved by the motto “practicing love.” HYU has been encouraging students to practice love for oneself as well as for humanity. With the vision of spreading love through a concerted effort, HYU has been doing this both domestically and globally. In an effort for this, HYU alumni made a volunteering service network called ‘W...
  • A Man on a Polar Mission
    A Man on a Polar Mission
    There are images that people picture when they think of polar regions: an untouched or unpolluted land on the earth, a home of thousands of penguins and polar bears, snow and more snow. Many people found the land mysterious and had even gone on tours to the polar areas in the past. However, due to the restraints that the government put on tourism for the protection of the Arc...
  • Save Time, Stay Informed
    Save Time, Stay Informed
    We live in a world where we are surrounded all kinds of by news outlets. Every day, news from virtually every corner of the world is reported and can be broadcast in real time. However, because there is such a wide variety of news mediums available, it is not surprising that sometimes the information provided in newspaper articles may seem difficult to decipher. Still, it is i...
  • [Weekly Insight] Be the Reds
    [Weekly Insight] Be the Reds
    The Brazil World Cup has just begun with thirty-two national teams participating. For over 80 years, the FIFA World Cup is an event where players represent and compete in the name of their homelands and fellow citizens. When the World Cup begins, South Korea turns into one of the most enthusiastic nations in supporting its national team. From active debate of current players' s...
  • Showing Hanyang’s Power in Shanghai
    Showing Hanyang’s Power in Shanghai
    The world is currently struggling from financial crises. In this global downturn, it seems every country is being affected in one way or another. Yet China is positioned to emerge relatively unscathed and a greater power than ever before. Their unique economic system, cheap but abundance of human resources, and plentiful natural resources are the factors that are helping to ex...
  • Pursuing an Unfinished Dream
    Pursuing an Unfinished Dream
    There is a saying that timing is everything. People nowadays emphasize that from making career choices to finding true love, it is all about making the right decision with the right timing. However, Sun-joo Lee (Department of Composition, 97) a late starter musical songwriter, is proving to herself and other people that life is not all about timing. Through relentless effort an...
  • Realizing Ubiquitous Education for All
    Realizing Ubiquitous Education for All
    Joon-yeop Lee’s (Business Administration, ‘95) childhood can be summarized into three descriptions: ‘a blind dad working at a massage parlor,’ ‘a step mother,’ and ‘poverty.’ Despite his hardships, Lee managed to prevail, always keeping in mind his ultimate dream of becoming a famous CEO. With the initial of his birth name, Ki-yeop (Lee changed his name to Joon-yeop in 2009) an...
  • [Weekly Insight] Ancient Korea’s Ultimate Weapon
    [Weekly Insight] Ancient Korea’s Ultimate Weapon
    The bow and arrow is one of the oldest weapons in the world, used for hunting and warfare throughout human history. In Korea, where there are more mountainous areas than flat, open ones, archery provided the most efficient way of hunting, as well as for fighting off any outside intruders. Naturally, mastering the art of archery became extremely important for Korean warriors, a...
  • The Hanyang Simile Program
    The Hanyang Simile Program
    As with many universities in globalized societies, Hanyang University (HYU) offers a peer mentoring program called Hanmile for incoming international students. Hanmile is designed to provide international students with local support through local students who assist them and provide opportunities to create global networks. If matched successfully, both mentors and mente...
  • Convergence leads to Inspiration
    Convergence leads to Inspiration
    The most popular business term and debated topic in recent years has been ‘globalization.’ In the field of human resource management, globalization in these areas has had several impacts. Most importantly, they have generated the need for many companies to train their employees to be more flexible in various situations and environments. Many businesses are looking to methods th...
  • ‘Big Data’ for a Bigger Data
    ‘Big Data’ for a Bigger Data
    The World of today is obsessed with overflowing information, simply known as ‘big data’, with a great increase of internet usage and development of Internet Technology. With this ongoing trend, the study of big data is also gaining popularity, as seen in the case of the foundation of big data-related majors in universities and the government-supported program to produce big da...

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