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  • [Weekly Insight] Hoeshik: Team-builder or Burden?
    [Weekly Insight] Hoeshik: Team-builder or Burden?
    For anyone who has worked in a Korean company or organization most likely is familiar with the phrase Hoeshik. It is from the Chinese characters referring to a ‘dinner meeting’. However, in reality, is more like a dinner that employees are expected to join after working hours. The purpose is to build camaraderie through dining and drinking with a team at work, hosted by a super...
  • HYTC (Hanyang Tennis Club) Champions
    HYTC (Hanyang Tennis Club) Champions
    “Be awed at the sight of my prowess.” It is a famous quote in a famed Japanese animation Prince of Tennis spoken by the arrogant yet talented tennis genius Atobe Keigo. This is the quote that seems most fitting to the members of the Hanyang Tennis Club (HYTC) Team A, who are the undisputed champions of the 2014 National University Tennis Club Championship. Beating the top cont...
  • A Heart-warming  Artist
    A Heart-warming Artist
    “Better late than never” is an English idiom that encouragingly describes the situation of university students who may hesitate to enter into another field of study or research. However, some fields or occupations that require specialized skills such as artistic techniques are much harder for people to learn in their later years. Young-jin Lee, who originally graduated fro...
  • “Mobile Applications Bring Convenience”
    “Mobile Applications Bring Convenience”
    Na YunHwan (Computer Engineering, 1st yr) first started to learn about computer processing through private classes when he was eight years old. Through classes, Na realized his talent and interest in computer programming. Now, he is an 18-year-old university student who has accomplished multiple goals in his life. Young and accomplished, Na has many stories and life events to s...
  • Bringing Out Beauty in Photographs
    Bringing Out Beauty in Photographs
    Starting a career path after graduation from university can be a hard decision for anyone to make. Photographer Hwang Jinsoo (Electronic Engineering, ’90) entered Hanyang University’s Electronic Engineering Department in 1987, thinking that he would find a job related to his field after going to graduate school. But his life took unexpected turns when he was not able to gain a...
  • [Weekly Insight] Yi Sun-shin, the Immortal Admiral
    [Weekly Insight] Yi Sun-shin, the Immortal Admiral
    Recently, the film titled The Admiral: Roaring Currents, which is about Korea’s most renowned and respected admiral Yi Sun-shin and his most famous naval battle of Myeongnyang, became the biggest success of all time at the South Korean box office, drawing more than 15 million to the theaters nationwide. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) takes a deeper look at the Korean g...
  • Sharing Sound
    Sharing Sound
    Have you ever heard the term “upcycling”? It is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or of better environmental value. Many useful and daily used devices like earphones, rely on the consumption of finite resources. Furthermore, the created waste after such items have served their purpose may have a negat...
  • An Animal-Lover Movie Director
    An Animal-Lover Movie Director
    A famous movie director Soon-rye Yim (English Literature, ’85) has lost her beloved pet dog Baekgu in 2004. She did her best to find her dog on and off-line, but he was nowhere to be found. In the process of searching for him, she met an animal protection activist. She did not get to find her pet that had been her family for many years, but she did find the new passion in anim...
  • Heart-comforting Books for Children
    Heart-comforting Books for Children
    Books are critical, especially for young children to develop their abilities and diversify experiences. Bo-reum Kim, who had recently finished her master’s degree in Philosophy, won an award in the Shinchoon contest, which is a spring literary contest held annually in Korea. Her first book titled the Heart portrays a future society where children are equipped with an artificia...
  • [Weekly Insight] Stolen Heritage
    [Weekly Insight] Stolen Heritage
    Although a comparatively small territory, Korea has a rich cultural history that includes numerous tangible items of great interest both at home and abroad. The history of Korea is as turbulent as it is colorful, with many dramatic ups and downs throughout its 4,500 years. The warfare during the period of the Three Kingdoms (57BC – 668AD), the upheavals throughout the Jo...
  • First Bitcoin Store Newly-opened on Campus
    First Bitcoin Store Newly-opened on Campus
    Efforts to simplify payment systems have always been an important task for humankind throughout history. From bartering of early humans to the contemporary credit card system, paying methods have developed dramatically. In 2009, another means of payment called 'Bitcoin' was also first introduced to society. It focuses on efficiency and the profitability of both buyers and selle...
  • Let the Children Move & Learn
    Let the Children Move & Learn
    Imagine a 4 year old boy developing his senses, strong relationship, and active moves while playing a game of tag with his mother. Also, imagine seven year old boys feeling a certain amount of pride and the value of teamwork while gathering to play a game of mini-soccer. Finally, imagine an elementary school learning swimming under a safe environment in order to maintain balan...
  • From a Promising Researcher to a Teacher
    From a Promising Researcher to a Teacher
    Every year, L’Oreal and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) together select female researchers who contributed in the field of science in each region and award them for improving the position of women in science. This year, the professor of Life Science, Jiwon Shim received the L’Oreal-UNESCO International Fellowship Award for engaging in ...
  • [Weekly insight] Delaying Graduation
    [Weekly insight] Delaying Graduation
    For those who are familiar with the current Korean university setting, recognizable is the trend for an increasing number of Korean university students to postpone their graduation even if all the necessary graduation requirements have been fulfilled. This trend began to emerge in Korea after the economic crisis of 1997, and the number of university graduation postponement...
  • Books Bringing Cultures Together
    Books Bringing Cultures Together
    Without doubt, reading is considered by many to be important for one’s intellectual growth and knowledge accumulation. Reading is fundamental and is an activity recommended and often assigned to students all around the world. Yet for some, reading is a difficult habit to pick up. In order to inspire students to participate in more reading activities, Hanyang University’s Paik...
  • For the Heart-Touching Finale
    For the Heart-Touching Finale
    Ki-Seok Kwon (Piano, '14) is a proud pianist that has taken Hanyang University's College of Music to a higher level. He was Hanyang's first and only prize winner placing 3rd place at the 2013 Busan MBC Concours, which is considered one of the three most prestigious piano Concours in Korea along with Donga Concours and Jung-Ang Concours. Kwon took home awards in countless othe...
  • A Society without Academic Ranks
    A Society without Academic Ranks
    "It was a time of two sets of different values coexisting," was Chang's answer to the question about how she could describe her university years. According to her, the keyword back in her time for university students was "freedom," as it was a turbulent period under Korean military dictatorship, and students were fighting for a democratic society. Notices indicating the closin...
  • [Weekly Insight] Reproducing the Past
    [Weekly Insight] Reproducing the Past
    Korea's lengthy history is filled with historical figures, events, and painful memories. The first settlement was founded about five-thousand years ago and Korea has developed its own unique cultural identity since then. Therefore, Reproducing reproducing historical affairs is highly wanted by drama and movie producers of Korea. More and more producers of broadcasting stations ...
  • The Teachers' Melody
    The Teachers' Melody
    From drums to electric guitars and synthesizers, a music band is typically a symbol of youth with new generations of music regularly popping up. But every once in while a band comes along that breaks the mold. At the Hanyang ERICA campus, there is a band composed of professors that delivers unexpected yet very familiar music and voices. Meet ERICA Teachers (E.T.), the one and o...
  • Metal Designing with Passion
    Metal Designing with Passion
    In modern society where wants and desires can be satiated more quickly than in the past, product designers are encountering an increasing demand for new products with more functions than ever before. Metal crafter, Park Yeyeon, who graduated from the Hanyang University (HYU) Graduate School of Metal Design in February 2014, is well aware of such demands and is already known h...

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