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  •  [Weekly insight] Have you heard about Dokdo?
    [Weekly insight] Have you heard about Dokdo?
    A foreigner staying in Korea might be curious about the supposed controversy between Korea and Japan involving the small group of islets collectively referred to as Dokdo. Despite the attention and so-called conflict surrounding Dokdo, not many people, including some Koreans, know the history and significance of Dokdo, and why, beyond emotional claims to the islets, Dokdo is ...
  • Medical Convergence for the Next Generation
    Medical Convergence for the Next Generation
    Many future societies and the generations will face the seriousness of the enormous amount of healthcare costs and aging populations. In order to resolve these problems, emphasis on disease prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment, and management of diseases are needed. Recently, information technology (IT), bio-technology (BT), nano-technology (NT), and even social ...
  • Celebrating the ‘Success of Justice’
    Celebrating the ‘Success of Justice’
    On Oct. 30th, the Hanyang University (HYU) Legal Clinic celebrated its winning of lawsuits involving two major cases: one was about adoption authorization and the other was regarding industrial accident compensation. Since 2011, the HYU Legal Clinic has been offering a vast array of legal practice opportunities to HYU Law School students as they prepare to become leaders in th...
  • Great Environments for Great Scientists
    Great Environments for Great Scientists
    Recently, this year’s Novel Prize winner has been announced, and again there were no Korean scientists for the award. Among many opinions of what should be changed, current scientific curriculum and means of education were one of the key issues on developing future scientists within the country. Particularly, Joon-Young Oh (Professor, Basic Convergence Science Education Center...
  • Digital Literacy
    Digital Literacy
    Recently, concern over online privacy and security was raised regarding Korea’s most popular mobile messenger service, Hankyoreh. Controversy arose as a result of news that the government had secretly been reviewing private messages saved in the application. This was about time the book, Digital Literacy, emerged. The book was published as though the author had predicted the c...
  • [Weekly insight] Korean Supernatural Figures
    [Weekly insight] Korean Supernatural Figures
    Halloween is a day when children dress up in a variety of costumes ranging from cute to scary. They go door to door, ringing the doorbell and saying, “trick or treat” after which the resident whose home the children visited hands out candy to each participant. Although costumes may vary, ghosts, monsters, and other kinds of frightening creatures are proverbial favorites. Thi...
  • Spreading Family Love
    Spreading Family Love
    Love is a common theme that exists between friends, couples and families. Yet, it is especially easy to forget or disregard family love. Even through family interaction is difficult, family love is necessary in everyone’s lives. Its value enriches everyone’s lives emotionally. The project ‘Salgawoon Family Connecting Project’ by Cho Suyeon (Information Sociology, 3rdyr) and Hyu...
  • The Soulful Language a Dancer Speaks
    The Soulful Language a Dancer Speaks
    A world famous dancer, Martha Graham once said, "Dance is a hidden language of the soul." If there is a department which makes the campus rich and soulful, it would definitely be the Department of Dance. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Department of Dance. During the last half a century, it had produced numerous stars in the Korean dance industry; Gwanjung Park (Dan...
  • Power Hockey? Power Leadership!
    Power Hockey? Power Leadership!
    Fast paced, physical, interactive, flying pucks, scoring, offensive tactics, defensive strategies, and checking. These are terms that help to describe ice hockey and are some of the reasons why millions of fans especially in North America go wild for this sport. Appreciated for the speed and aggressive playing style, ice hockey is most popular in North America and Europe. On th...
  • [Weekly Insight] A Rainbow Arises on Campus
    [Weekly Insight] A Rainbow Arises on Campus
    Throughout history, there have been minority groups who were subjected to prejudice and discrimination. By today’s standards, various groups throughout time have suffered from a myriad of violations of human rights ranging from emotional pain, illegal treatment, and even death. For example, women were not allowed to vote in most of countries until the early 1900s, and there ar...
  • Poems with melodies - Gagok
    Poems with melodies - Gagok
    Established in 1939, Hanyang University (HYU) has a history than spans over seven decades, and is the fruition of one man’s pioneering vision. This visionary is the founder, first president, and music composer Lyun Joon Kim (1924-2008). When visiting the Seoul campus, his statue can be seen from the Hanyang University Subway Station exit on campus, in front of the New Administ...
  • Theater for a Meaningful Change
    Theater for a Meaningful Change
    In the recent years, there has been a great increase in the number of foreign workers pursuing their ‘Korean dream’ in the hope of finding a better future. As of 2014, there are over 852,000 registered foreign workers in Korea, plus many more that are unregistered. However, the working environment is reportedly not favorable. Over thirty percent of foreign workers purportedly w...
  • Campaigning for Love
    Campaigning for Love
    When pets are lost or abandoned, most of them are sent to protection centers. The protection centers aim to keep the pets healthy, sheltered and safe until another owner adopts the pet. However, reality is that the protection centers do not have enough funding to protect the many pets that are abandoned. In fact, around 140 pets are abandoned a day, and barely ten percent of a...
  • [Weekly Insight] Watch, Meet and Experience
    [Weekly Insight] Watch, Meet and Experience
    The curtain finally came down on the 19th Busan International Film festival in Korea. Thanks to the film festival, Korean films are being reviewed with interests from all around the world. If you are a student at Hanyang University (HYU) who enjoy watching movies, you should also be planning to attend the major Korean film festivals. But do not be in a hurry; before you get ...
  • Bringing Culture to Hanyang
    Bringing Culture to Hanyang
    Seven Thursdays is a culture program at Hanyang University (HYU), which hosts weekly performances on Thursdays, a total of seven times in the second semester. From six to seven in the evening, the performances take place at the Hanyang station exit number two. The performances range from indie music to classical music, performed by students. One of the Hanyang Brand Supporters ...
  • All That Cinema
    All That Cinema
    "In Turin on the 3rd of January, 1889, Friedrich Nietzsche stepped out of the doorway of number six, Via Carlo Alberto. Not far from him, the driver of a handsome cab is having trouble with a stubborn horse. Despite all his urging, the horse refuses to move, whereupon the driver loses his patience and takes out his whip to it. Nietzsche appears and intervenes to put an end to...
  • Autumn's Beautiful Harmony: Ajaeng
    Autumn's Beautiful Harmony: Ajaeng
    From time to time, we encounter the question "do you play any musical instruments?" Some say they had learned piano for a year, others say they can play violin and a little bit of guitar. However, for Hanyeo-leum Sung (Korean Traditional Music, Master’s program), his answer was quite different: “I play the ajaeng, a seven stringed Korean traditional instrument.”Immersed in Kor...
  • Celebrating Love in Deed
    Celebrating Love in Deed
    As all Hanyang University (HYU) students should know, the university’s founding philosophy is “Love in truth and in deed.” This motto has attached to it, various meanings but one of the most important is the idea of practicing love for others in the form of volunteer work. This view comes from the belief that ‘actions speak louder than words.’ During the last week between Se...
  • [Weekly insight] Behind the Stories of Patriotic Martyrs
    [Weekly insight] Behind the Stories of Patriotic Martyrs
    Sept. 10 was the 82nd anniversary of the death of patriotic martyr Bong-chang Lee, who stood up for Korea’s independence during Japanese occupation (1910-1945). Along with Lee, there are countless other patriots who have devoted and even risked their lives to free and stabilize the country. Who are these heroes and what are their behind-the-scenes stories? Internet Hanyang New...
  • Driving for the Future
    Driving for the Future
    June 2011 marks a special time in the history of the automobile industry. In that year, the U.S. state of Nevada passed a law on permitting the operation of autonomous cars in Nevada, after Google had been lobbying in that state for their ‘Google Self-Driving Car.’ This autonomous car is a car that can drive to the target destination without a driver steering, shifting gears, ...

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