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  • [Weekly insight] Contemporary Korean Politics I: Legislature
    [Weekly insight] Contemporary Korean Politics I: Legislature
    Politics is a way of life for mankind. It possesses the key to directing groups of people within states towards social wellbeing and happiness. The democratic ideology which predominates the world creates a forum for discourse to take place amongst the people. A presidential democratic state is typically formed around the separation of powers into three branches- a legislature...
  • Headlines Read by a Professor 29
    Headlines Read by a Professor 29
    On the 12th of December, 2015, a new agreement defining the goals and methods to counter climate change was chosen at the Paris Climate Change Conference, hosted by the United Nations. With climate change as one of the most critical issues of the century, some have even called the event ‘the most important two weeks in human history’. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) disc...
  • To Live as a Poet
    To Live as a Poet
    At the end of each year, major and minor newspaper companies open a huge new year’s event for all writers. Annual Spring Literary Contest takes writings from short poetry to novels and criticism reviews, and allowing the writers to have a debut through this event. Many of Hanyang alumni have been showing their writings through this competition, and 2016 was another successful y...
  • A Transmitter between Two Worlds
    A Transmitter between Two Worlds
    Books can always help one experience different world indirectly. By reading texts, one can take a trip to the other world with imagination. Reading book is not only important for adults, but more important for children who are yet to experience the world with full of new things. Through books, children can understand the world more efficiently. Books like Aesop’s Fables are cla...
  • [Weekly insight] The Korean Monster
    [Weekly insight] The Korean Monster
    You can see him poking his teammates humorously with a bat. You can see him pose for a selfie with a childlike smile. You can also see him rallying a horse dance to the beats of Gangnam Style in the dugout. This man isn’t a comedian star. In fact, he is the most famous Korean baseball player playing in the biggest baseball league in the world, the Major League Baseball (MLB). T...
  • Hanyang at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show
    Hanyang at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show
    Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world biggest annual home electronic appliances show that is held in Las Vegas, United States. It takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first CES was held in June 1967 in New York City. Well-known companies such as LG or Samsung can be seen in the show, presenting most up to date technology in new electronic products. This ye...
  • Judo Forever
    Judo Forever
    Martial arts are prevalent in Asia, becoming more and more popular overseas. As much as Taekwondo has popularity and is extensively practiced with its roots in Korea, Judo is also widely known type of martial arts within the country.. Hanyang University does not only cultivate professional Judo players, but also has a Judo club for those who wants to practice it as a hobby. T...
  • Vocalising the Korean Soul
    Vocalising the Korean Soul
    Jeongga is a type of Korean traditional music that translates directly as song that is proper and upright. Its melody intertwined with softly-playing instruments reach out to listeners with its poignant delicacy. Gentry and scholars of the past sang these songs to nurture their minds, which continue to be sung to this day in order to preserve and demonstrate the uniqueness of K...
  • [Weekly insight] If You Like Korean Movies, You Must Know
    [Weekly insight] If You Like Korean Movies, You Must Know
    Movies are a relatively inexpensive and easily accessible way of enjoying one’s free time. Compared with the past, countless numbers of movies are produced every year around the world. Among the hundreds of Hollywood films that dominate local cinemas today, Korean films are finding increasingly more audiences and even sometimes outdo foreign blockbusters. Not only are some Kore...
  • The 2015 General Studies Forum
    The 2015 General Studies Forum
    Educators and researchers of any university faculty are faced with educational choices to succumb to the qualities of a well-taught university. As one of Korea’s leading universities, Hanyang University (HYU) strives to make its education unique and practical. The 2015 General Studies Forum held on Thursday 14th January in the Paiknam Library of the Seoul Campus presented to ed...
  • Directing Independent Movies
    Directing Independent Movies
    We live in a society where countless people hide the true nature of themselves and wear masks over them. Pretending to be “normal” and fitting to the society, everyone has their own dark side. While everyone is scared to reveal their hidden sides, there is this director that wanted to talk about this side through his first film. Professor of Hanyang University, as well as a dir...
  • The Next Big One
    The Next Big One
    The unemployment rate in Korea is still rocketing and the competition to enter into a large corporation among fellow college graduates is fierce. This ongoing norm of economic instability seems hopeless to the promising future of the students. Yet, even in these difficult times, there are students who seek to challenge the norm by establishing a business of their own with new a...
  • [Weekly insight] Korea in Hollywood
    [Weekly insight] Korea in Hollywood
    As the Korean film industry developed over many years, wall between Hollywood and Korean television/movie scene became more vulnerable. Korean actors began to prove their talents to Hollywood scene with great ticket power. In other words, it became more obvious for audiences to recognize Korean actors participating in the Hollywood scene all over the world. There are many that...
  • A Book Trip with a Professor - 13
    A Book Trip with a Professor - 13
    Children are often thrilled to indulge their imaginations through reading books about fairy tales, adventures, or other types of fantasies. The world of children’s literature is expansive where the only limits are one’s imagination. As the field of children’s literature is a proverbial favorite of readers and writers alike, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) met with Professor K...
  • True Harmonization of a Couple
    True Harmonization of a Couple
    Professors Thomas Hove and Paek Hye-jin (Public Relations) were recently awarded the Best Academic Award of Korean PR Society. The Korean PR society aims to promote Korea’s development of public relations (PR) through cooperation and interaction between research related to PR studies and both domestic and foreign corporations. The Best Academic Award of The Korean PR Society is...
  • SNS Marketer, CringE
    SNS Marketer, CringE
    In the era of the Internet, it has become easier to search for and embark on a career path that suits one’s disposition. Start-ups that employ SNS (Social Networking Site) as its base model are springing up. One example is CringE, an SNS open-market PPL (Product Placement) service that links creators with advertisers. The reporters of Internet Hanyang News (IHN) met with Cring...
  • [Weekly insight] Hongdae, The Street of Youth and Diversity
    [Weekly insight] Hongdae, The Street of Youth and Diversity
    Hongdae, abbreviation of Hongik university in Korean, is one of the central commercial areas of Seoul. Encompassing Mapo-gu, including Donggyo-dong, Seogyo-dong and Hapjeong-dong, Hongdae is a symbol of youth, passion and diversity where various people from different countries can enjoy and experience new culture. Among many keywords that can represent Hongdae, Internet Hanyang...
  • A Year-end Note
    A Year-end Note
    As 2015 came to an end, we all look back in our year and see what we went through. Internet Hanyang News (IHN) is not an exception. As IHN interviewed hundreds, there are so many articles that IHN created in 2015. Numerous talented reporters have joined and left throughout the year, and countless articles were created through efforts from all members of the team. This year, IHN...
  • A New Start with Music
    A New Start with Music
    There are many people with professional jobs who can claim to have had a tough beginning. However, most will likely say that through their hardships, they were able to achieve favorable results. There is a new artist who is ready to accept challenges in the music industry with his own created music. Song, Eun-suk (International Studies, 4th yr) has been preparing to take his f...
  • Crafting Art from the Ordinary
    Crafting Art from the Ordinary
    In a world filled with daily paperwork and various bills, a little art can brighten a day. This year, Chang Jung-eun (Jewelry Fashion Design, ‘02) participated in the 2015 Craft Trend Fair, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. She has already gained quite a reputation particularly for winning the UK Jewelry Award grand prize in 2005 as the first Asian to do s...

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