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  • [Weekly Insight] Much More than a Shipwreck
    [Weekly Insight] Much More than a Shipwreck
    A merchant ship, a terrible storm, few survivors and a mysterious new land is a common motif for fictional movies and books. However, these stories were not always a mere fiction in the past. For Jan Janse de Weltevree and Hendrik Hamel, this was reality and the start of a new life. The stories of these two men have led to a special connection between two countries that continu...
  • Sports Interactive in Asia
    Sports Interactive in Asia
    On November 17th, South Korea, Japan and China have come together in Hanyang University (HYU), South Korea, for the 6th annual Asian University Sports Exchange Project. Athletes of different sports were picked from HYU, Niigata University, and Harbin University of Commerce for interaction. With firm goals and purposes, the event hosted by HYU this year has again been successful...
  • Farmers on SNS
    Farmers on SNS
    With the ever-increasing use of digital-based gadgets, which are indispensable tools in the everyday lives of many, food producers have typically been among the few who are immune to the magnetism of the ubiquitous digital hype, due to the nature of the work they do. Farmers in the primary sector of the economy were the usually outsiders, disconnected to some extent from the ma...
  • A Leader in Korean Education
    A Leader in Korean Education
    In Korea, su-neung, is the standardized entrance exam for university admission, and thus it is an extremely important part of all students’ lives. All middle school and high school education is structured in preparation for this exam, and a student’s national ranking is the prime determinant of his or her acceptance into a desired university. Needless to say, having the ...
  • [Weekly insight] The Scientific Marvels of Korea
    [Weekly insight] The Scientific Marvels of Korea
    The progress of society cannot come without the presence of science. Today, much of the modern conveniences we enjoy are the result of breakthroughs in science, from home appliances, to communication devices, to transportation. Throughout the history of humankind, science has always played a vital role and each country has its own unique scientific developments that have best s...
  • Up Against Programming
    Up Against Programming
    The 2nd Hanyang Programming Contest held in the Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT) took place on Wednesday 11th November. The format and procedures of the ACM-ICPC (Association for Computing Machinery – International Collegiate Programming Contest) were implemented, an annual world-class programming competition. The contest was organised by the Division of Computer Sci...
  • Exhibiting Passion through Design
    Exhibiting Passion through Design
    These days, it is easy to see so many university students applying for exhibition contests. Based on their majors, students apply to different contests to demonstrate what they have learned and to gain valuable experience. Students of Hanyang University are among these active participants. Every year, thousands of contests are held and Hanyang students apply to many of them. I...
  • A Small Start is All You Need
    A Small Start is All You Need
    Many people have brilliant ideas which have the potential to become something big. These ideas may come to mind then disappear, or be things that one has given much thought about. However, most of the time, ideas are rarely realized, whether that be due to financial reasons or simply from the lack of will. However, those who actually make their ideas become reality are notewort...
  • [Weekly insight] Entertainment by Trend
    [Weekly insight] Entertainment by Trend
    At the end of a tiring day from work or school, and during lethargic weekends, Koreans rest in front of the television to laugh out loud and enjoy themselves by watching various entertainment programs. It is a medium through which people can relieve their worn-out states of mind, and bring families together. There lies a certain trend in the types of TV entertainment shows air...
  • Want to Start Your Own Business?
    Want to Start Your Own Business?
    Getting a job is becoming harder than ever. Students are increasingly finding themselves preparing endlessly for job interviews, resumes, as well as for their studies. But there are those few who refuse to travel the beaten path, and instead, look for other ways to utilize their creativity in the job market. Hanyang University (HYU) supports these daring students who aspire to...
  • From a Power Blogger to an Artist
    From a Power Blogger to an Artist
    Commonly, the most successful people say that they were able to do well in their tasks because they simply did what they wanted to do, without hesitation. When one follows his or her talents, one will be able to capture the opportunities that help achieve important life goals. This was also the case of Daejin Jang (Advertisement, 3rd yr), who started out as a webtoon artist, an...
  • Sharing the Same Dreams With-U
    Sharing the Same Dreams With-U
    Interactions with North Korea have always been complicated and even disastrous. Recent examples of open hostilities exhibited by the North in recent times include the shelling on Yeonpyeong Island on the west coast resulting in four deaths, and the torpedoing of the South Korean navy corvette the Cheonan. These events have casted dashed hopes of reunification despite the thawin...
  • [Weekly Insight] Introducing the Korean Orchestra
    [Weekly Insight] Introducing the Korean Orchestra
    It is hard to accurately define when music came into existence and how it developed. Music is something that has been with humans for thousands of years, in many different forms. Although pop and western type music is most popular among modern people, Korea also has a long history of Korean traditional music that comes before the introduction of western music. Of the many diffe...
  • Hanyang’s Presence in K-MOOC II
    Hanyang’s Presence in K-MOOC II
    Nowadays, the advent of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an epitome of progress in education. MOOC is basically an online course in which anyone, even students from different universities, can participate in a free and open manner. Recently, Korea decided to bring in MOOC as part of their new education method and coined the term K-MOOC. Currently, ten prominent Korean unive...
  • Fashion Is My Language
    Fashion Is My Language
    Many are familiar with great master painters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh whose works are priceless. Meanwhile, there are also works of talented people that never reach the spotlight and eventually collect dust. Such is the case with many young and aspiring artists. However, there is an ambitious Hanyang alumnus who was determined to blaze his own trail. Seongdong Lee (07’ De...
  • Creating Worthwhile Life for Everyone
    Creating Worthwhile Life for Everyone
    These days, gaining stable employment is a great challenge for many looking for work. Finding a job is what drives thousands to tirelessly apply for a limited number of positions in various types of organizations. While it is difficult enough holding down one job, there is a woman who can be called a Jane-of-all-trades. She is Sangmi Park (Ph.D, Interdiscplinary Program in Mass...
  • [Weekly Insight] The Republic of Korea Armed Forces
    [Weekly Insight] The Republic of Korea Armed Forces
    Following the division of the Korean peninsula between the North and the South, the Republic of Korea (ROK) Armed Forces was created in 1948. The ROK military forces have been responsible for maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the South, which includes national defense. All South Korean men that are old enough are responsible of serving in ROK army for app...
  • Hanyang’s Presence in K-MOOC
    Hanyang’s Presence in K-MOOC
    E-learning, a computer-supported collaborative learning system, is today’s prominent medium for easily-accessible education. K-MOOC (Korean Massive Open Online Course), a new form of e-learning supported by the Education Ministry of Korea, is now open to all Internet users following a long-anticipated wait. Its website features a range of online courses taught by professors fr...
  • Living In the Moment with Music
    Living In the Moment with Music
    Rapping has become much more widely known these days in Korea. For instance, there is a popular Korean music show called ‘Show me the money’ that features rappers in Korea. ‘Ja Mezz’ is one of such rappers and steadily gained fame and popularity with his music and rapping skills. His real name is Sung-hee Kim (Business Administration, ‘09) and he recently returned to Hanyang Un...
  • Bringing Design to Reality
    Bringing Design to Reality
    Architecture is a field of study that focuses on the design of buildings using various related theories regarding building structure, both interior and exterior. Although its most basic studies include just the building itself, many architects in history have occupied themselves with designing the complete interior of their buildings including the selection of the furniture. Th...

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