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  • [Weekly insight] The Scent of Coffee Beans in the Air
    [Weekly insight] The Scent of Coffee Beans in the Air
    A favorite pastime among vast numbers of young adults in Korea, is to hang out in a place where they can enjoy some personal time and space to do anything from chatting with friends to studying for an exam in a coffee shop. The number of cafes in Korea in 2011 was over twelve thousand, and it has been growing ever since. Even without such statistics, seemingly endless numbers o...
  • Graduation and a Beginning
    Graduation and a Beginning
    On Feb. 12th and 13th, the 2015 graduation commencement ceremony was held on the Seoul and ERICA campuses for graduates and undergraduates, respectively. The ceremonies were a celebration of years of hard work and myriad of new experiences for many. Hopefully, most of the recent graduates were able to look back on their years fondly while looking forward with optimism at a bri...
  • Answering the Ultimate Questions
    Answering the Ultimate Questions
    At the intersection of life and beyond, everyone faces the unavoidable question which many may have ignore for most of their lives: What is death? “This topic is something I’ve pondered over for about 10 years. By attempting to understand death, I thought I’d be able to discover the meaning of life,” said the director of The Hospice (2014), Changjae Lee (Law, ’94) as he explai...
  • [Weekly insight]The Faces You See Everyday
    [Weekly insight]The Faces You See Everyday
    Some of the first faces a visitor will get familiar with when moving to a foreign country are the ones on the paper bills of the local currency. By studying the famous figures on money, a personcan learn quite a lot aboutI the history and the culture of the country, as the people who are selected to be on money are generally those deemed to have made great contributions to th...
  • Headlines Read by a Professor 18
    Headlines Read by a Professor 18
    Undoubtedly, the Israel-Palestine conflicts are one that the whole world has been working together to solve. The region has seen continuous conflicts over religion and territory. Heesoo Lee (Professor, Cultural Anthropology) says that he has a rather deep insight into this issue. This week’s Headlines Read by a Professor discusses the issues in the Middle East with professor L...
  • Making, not Taking One’s Path in Life
    Making, not Taking One’s Path in Life
    Jinhyuck Cha (Theater Cinema, ’09) was a promising student apprentice. He was planning to be a professional Baduk, which is a Korean traditional board game, player since he was ten years old and had won national competitions. He was a quiet and thoughtful student who majored in Theater and Cinema in college. His background did not serve an ordinary ‘spec,’ or the right speci...
  • At the Center of Korean Banks
    At the Center of Korean Banks
    The Bank of Korea (BOK) is at the center of all Korean banks. Therefore, working there is considered a dream job for many people in the finance field. This should not be surprising since financial institutions have always been popular choices for finance related majors as future preferred workplaces. At the BOK, the salary and welfare policies make employment there even more ...
  • [Weekly insight] Ceremony of Filial Piety: Ancestral Rites
    [Weekly insight] Ceremony of Filial Piety: Ancestral Rites
    In traditional Korean Confucian society, the value of filial piety, or respect, obedience, and care for elderly family members, was considered to be one of the most important virtues. Needless to say, many traditions and rituals were specifically created in relation to the fulfillment of people’s duty of filial piety. These customs and activities were made to show respect and l...
  • A Bright Future for Our Education
    A Bright Future for Our Education
    Education is a vital part of life in Korea. Although the term encompasses a wide range of areas, education in Korea ultimately refers to higher education, specifically college. Recently, Hanyang University (HYU) gained First Place recognition for the ‘Education Advancement Project’ (EAP) that ended in 2013. HYU was ranked at the top in a range of areas including effectiveness, ...
  • Hanyangnian of the Year
    Hanyangnian of the Year
    There is an alumnus whom Internet Hanyang News (IHN) has been wanting to interview for some time. Many recommendations came from fellow alumni who had received generous help from him over the years. Due to the enormous geographical distance, an ocean in fact, IHN had not been able to interview him until now. Fortunately yet not surprisingly, he was selected Proud Alumnus of Ha...
  • For the Next Generation of Electronics
    For the Next Generation of Electronics
    University is a place for higher education, a place where new levels of research and learning constantly occur. However, it is not easy for undergraduate students to conduct world class research and compose quality papers that have an immediate impact. In many ways, the undergraduate learning process is considered preparation for actual, more extensive research that ha...
  • [Weekly insight] The Year of the Sheep 2015
    [Weekly insight] The Year of the Sheep 2015
    This year, 2015, is “The Year of the Blue Sheep,” following last year’s “The Year of the Blue Horse.” The year 2014 was marred with a number of misfortunes that befell Korea. However, with the New Year now at hand, the approaching Lunar New Year or Sollal in Korea (Feb. 18-20 this year) is chance for a fresh start. “The year of the Blue Sheep,” also referred to as eulmineon,...
  • Volunteer to Teach, Volunteer to Learn
    Volunteer to Teach, Volunteer to Learn
    Often, volunteer work is defined as an unpaid form of work in which people lend a helping hand to those that are comparatively less wealthy or comparatively poor. It may involve visiting another region to provide anything of all sorts – information, money, resources, or simple acts of kindness to the needy. Denotatively, the term indicates that one party gives, and one ...
  • Finding Potential in Uncharted Waters
    Finding Potential in Uncharted Waters
    Shopping is a significant activity in our daily lives. Due to technology, today's consumers now have more power to render informed choices about products and services than ever before. Such empowerment is influencing the ways giant companies are developing their strategies and even how public policies are being created. Attracting these savvy consumers is becoming more challen...
  • Bibimbap Backpackers
    Bibimbap Backpackers
    BIbimbap literally means "mixed rice." Typically served in a bowl with rice, cooked or raw greens and vegetables, shredded or ground beef, an egg, pepper paste, and sesame oil, Originally served to kings in Joseon Dynasty, BIbimbap is considered one of the most convenient and healthy dishes in Korea. To promote this popular food, a group of five people gathered in 2011 to launc...
  • [Weekly insight] Ode to Contemporary Korea
    [Weekly insight] Ode to Contemporary Korea
    The recent hugely popular Korean movie titled International Market (or Ode to My Father ) in English, reached over 10 million viewers as of Jan. 14th this year, and is continuing to gain success as one of the most popular Korean films in history. The film is about the harsh times the past Korean generation had to face in post Korean War. It was a time of sudden economic growth...
  • A Book Trip with a Professor
    A Book Trip with a Professor
    Literature can be defined as a means of expressing one’s thoughts, ideas, or emotions in written form. Fortunately, there is an abundance of libraries and bookstores in which various genre containing countless works can be accessed. However, it may be difficult at times to choose a book one deems worth reading for personal leisure, due to the enormous selection that is availa...
  • Climbing Steadily to Success
    Climbing Steadily to Success
    'Modest,' 'adventurous,' and 'thoughtful' are the first words that come to mind when looking upon one of the most respected alumnus from Hanyang University (HYU). In an era of globalization in which an open mind and talent is necessary for success, people need someone to act as a role model, to shed light on what manner of living can lead to opulence. This week Internet Hanyang...
  • Bringing Potential to Life
    Bringing Potential to Life
    For many, the most predictable and even comfortable route to take for college is to choose a major, take the required courses, fulfill the requirements to graduate, and then search for a job related to that field. There are however, other alternatives and unpredictable events do occur. When this happens, a change in plans can cause one to take the long road to success. Such is ...
  • [Weekly insight] Enjoy the Cold with a Bit of Fun
    [Weekly insight] Enjoy the Cold with a Bit of Fun
    Winter has arrived with a vengeance and looks to continue to rage on in the coming months ahead. People can be seen outside bundled with scarves, winter caps, and gloves as they fight their way through the cold, hurrying to find relief in some warm indoor place. Understandable, many people nowadays would prefer staying in their homes, busying with their smartphones or watching ...

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