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  • [Weekly Insight] Korea’s Superheroes
    [Weekly Insight] Korea’s Superheroes
    In Korea and the world over, the current hype over superhero movies is focused in the recently released film, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is the sequel to the 2012 The Avengers, an American superhero film featuring the comic book heroes of the company Marvel Comics. The sequel has been a huge success here in Korea since its release on April 23, with over 9 million total...
  • Sip-si-il-bap Spreads Love with Hanyang
    Sip-si-il-bap Spreads Love with Hanyang
    Sip-si-il-bap originally started with the ingenious idea of a student at Hanyang University (HYU), as a type of community service by students in school cafeterias. Their volunteer work would help provide meals for students who come from poor families or cannot afford to buy meals each day. Realizing the good intentions and the help that this activity is providing to others, oth...
  • The Power of Imagination
    The Power of Imagination
    Jaepil Choi (Information System, 2nd yr) has been called “the future Steve Jobs” by his peers since high school. “I had no knowledge of programming until my third year of middle school, but was introduced to it by a friend and fell in love with it,” Choi told Joongang Daily in 2012. Choi dropped out of high school in his first year and instead, enrolled in a vocational school i...
  • From Player to Star, a Director and Legend
    From Player to Star, a Director and Legend
    Hanyang University (HYU) is well known for some of sports programs, but the one that earned the most respect and awe from many was volleyball. Its golden age was during the 1990s, especially due to a certain player who is still considered the top player of all time in the history of Korean volleyball. Today, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) presents an interview conducted with Sejin...
  • [Weekly Insight] Ride with Me
    [Weekly Insight] Ride with Me
    One of the most common criteria used when evaluating a metropolitan city is how well developed and efficient its transportation infrastructure is. With more than 10 lines and over 350 stations, Seoul’s subway system has been rated one of the best in the world by several media outlets including CNN. This recognition has helped boost Seoul’s efforts to be viewed as a world-class...
  • As the Moon Over Clouds Sails
    As the Moon Over Clouds Sails
    This year marks the 100th birthday of Mokwol Park, a renowned poet and a professor who taught many students at Hanyang University (HYU) for almost twenty years. To commemorate his works and contributions to Korean literature, the Hanyang University Museum decided to hold an exhibition titled, ‘As the Moon Over Clouds Sails’. The life of Mokwol ParkMokwol Park was born in 1916 a...
  • Unleash the Hanyang Festive Spirit
    Unleash the Hanyang Festive Spirit
    The time of festival has begun once moreagain. Dae-dong-jae, the festival season for Hanyang University (HYU), is returning and the grandre is much preparation being madfor the event is in progresse by the HYU student council. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) interviewed Chang-geun Park (Mechanical Engineering, 4th yr), the student vice-president and the planning director...
  • Pursuing the Joy of Music
    Pursuing the Joy of Music
    Despite the diversity of majors and academia, there are still some activities that all people commonly enjoy – such as listening to music, or even playing music. Nonetheless, the commonality in enjoyment does not imply that everyone can actively participate in music programs or make music. This is because getting involved in music entails a lot of effort to make music wit...
  • [Weekly insight] Recognizing Differences instead of, Practicing Discrimination
    [Weekly insight] Recognizing Differences instead of, Practicing Discrimination
    One of the greatest achievements in modern history is arguably the advent of legal promotion and protection of human rights. Though only a relatively recent development in modern history, the promulgation of women’s rights, particularly the view that women are and should be viewed as equal to men has gained a lot of acceptance around the world. However in some countries like Ko...
  • Good Solutions Gone Bad
    Good Solutions Gone Bad
    One noticeable change in the Korean economy this year involves cigarette sales. Imports of cigarettes has dropped by 40 percent whereas the import of electronic cigarettes has leaped significantly. “It seems as people are using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to conventional cigarette smoking,” said Ki-Hyun Kim (Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering). On Janua...
  • Food Truck with a Taste of Melody
    Food Truck with a Taste of Melody
    Youth unemployment is the big issue in Korea today. Everyone is talking about getting a good, stable job, and competition for the ‘popular’ jobs such as public official, lawyer, and doctor is setting high records each day. However, some are more true to themselves, and strive to find their own work and job, free from what others perceive. Gunhyung Kim (Cultural Anthropology, 4t...
  • The Conductor for the Blind
    The Conductor for the Blind
    The Ephata Choir consists of 22 people who have limited vision as well as three others members, two of whom are conductors including You, while the other is the main assistant of the choir. Ephata was established in 1988 and although it was active for a while during the 90s, it truly began in 2009. In the case of You, he became the conductor for the Choir when he was a junior a...
  • [Weekly insight] The Tiger in Korean Culture
    [Weekly insight] The Tiger in Korean Culture
    It might be surprising for some to know that of all animals, the tiger holds the most special meaning in Korean traditional culture. The tiger has been used in various aspects of Korean culture, and despite its various representations and meanings over the years, the importance of the tiger in Korean fables and Korean rituals is obvious. Tigers hold a significant place spiritua...
  • Hanyang University (HYU) Going International
    Hanyang University (HYU) Going International
    Few weeks ago, the period of applying for international language and internship programs for the summer vacation and 2nd semester of 2015 has just ended, with the announcement of chosen students on Apr. 23. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) takes a closer look at these international exchange programs to encourage more students to participate in the programs aimed to foster...
  • Sharing Ideas Worth Spreading
    Sharing Ideas Worth Spreading
    Many students in Hanyang University (HYU), particularly those in fields ranging from engineering and science, to technology and art, are likely to have heard of about TED lectures. TED stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, and Design’ and is viewed by numerous people all over the world as a source of inspiration and motivation as well as information about future trends. Aside ...
  • Creators of Halal Korea
    Creators of Halal Korea
    Halal is a term which refers to any object or action that is allowed to Muslims according to their Islamic law. Meaning ‘permissible’ in Arabic, the law covers many aspects of a Muslim’s life. However, although the number of Muslims in Korea is rising, relevant services and information required to keep these rules are difficult to find. In order to solve this problem, Bonghwan ...
  • [Weekly insight] Happiness Blooms in Spring
    [Weekly insight] Happiness Blooms in Spring
    The time of spring has fully returned after the cold times of winter. The flowers are in full bloom and arguably one of the prettiest types of flower that can currently be seen is the cherry blossom. Korea holds many beautiful wonders in its culture, such as Hangeul and Kimchi among many others. However, one of the most notable and enjoyable part of Korean culture during spring...
  • Knock Knock, HYU
    Knock Knock, HYU
    Senior year in high school may be an exciting, yet stressful year. For the students, it may be the most challenging time of a student’s life as crucial decisions about the future, whether to attend college or not, and preparations must all be made. If enrollment in an overseas university is considered, things can become more complicated. The unfamiliar education system and lac...
  • The Future Master of the Acting Industry
    The Future Master of the Acting Industry
    Undeniably, it is difficult for one to master a skill completely and succeed in the field. Even with the talent, it takes more than natural talent to be the top in an industry where competition and tactics are important along with one’s innate abilities. In order to build such potential, one must have confidence in his or her skills, values and have rational coping skills. Desp...
  • A Scent of Creativity On-Air
    A Scent of Creativity On-Air
    A girl that can actually see smells, and a detective who cannot sense anything who together, set out to pursue and catch a serial killer. This is indeed a very peculiar yet fresh setting for a drama that just aired its first episode on Apr. 1st. The name of this hot new drama is A Girl that can See Smells which is based on the original webtoon with the same name. Sookyung Seo (...

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