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  • [Weekly Insight]Mentors for Exchange Students
    [Weekly Insight]Mentors for Exchange Students
    For international students, adjusting to a host country’s culture, atmosphere, and people can be extremely challenging. When the differences between one’s home and host country become too great for comfort, such as in the differences among Western and Asian nations, the difficulties can seem insurmountable. In an international community where exchanges of students are frequent...
  • Female Power at Hanyang University
    Female Power at Hanyang University
    Being a professor requires a countless hours of studying and work. Not only is a Ph.D. degree usually required, but a lot of scholarship and achievements are expected as well. The challenges are particularly noticeable for women who aspire to gain professorship. Adding to their difficulties is race and nationality, which is some instances, are barriers to appointment. There hav...
  • A Road Definitely Not Taken
    A Road Definitely Not Taken
    A snowboarding national team coach. A professor at Songho University. A sports commentator for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. These are just some of the words that describe the occupation of Young-nam Park (Department of Life Sports, '99), a daring sports professional who is not afraid to venture on roads not taken by anybody else. The confidence in his eyes already told half...
  • A Fresh Breeze  at the Department of Theater  & Film
    A Fresh Breeze at the Department of Theater & Film
    Like a refreshing spring breeze, the new additional members of Hanyang University (HYU) in the form of the incoming freshmen class are bringing fresh energy on the campus. This is especially the case for the Department of Theater and Film where the last two months has brought the special newcomers. The this HYU has accepted more experienced students through the Admission Offic...
  • [Weekly Insight]Introducing E-sports of Korea
    [Weekly Insight]Introducing E-sports of Korea
    With the advent of the computer and the Internet, people from all ages and nations have started to enjoy electronic games to spend their leisure time, taking a step back from their stressful daily lives. Electronic gaming has become a very popular trend recently, with its worldwide market size reaching almost 100 billion dollars in 2013. In the 21th century, electronic games ha...
  • No More Smoking on Campus?
    No More Smoking on Campus?
    “No smoking in here. You must pay a fine for lighting up in this area,” a police officer takes the ID of the smoker and takes the picture of the smoking scene. The reality is now harsh on smokers. Restaurants, Internet cafes, buildings, and even bars are now turning into non-smoking areas. Universities are not an exception. Although smoking on university campuses are self-r...
  • Software Aiming Your Musical Interests
    Software Aiming Your Musical Interests
    In accordance with the advancement of software development, what people demand from everyday programs has increased. In fact, we spend a considerable amount of time in using software, where we post our daily lives using SNS or purchase automated robot to help house chores. This is also the case when choosing products based on recommendations of the website or through comments m...
  • The Man Who Talks Baseball
    The Man Who Talks Baseball
    The thought of a career change rarely seems to be an option for people nowadays who prefer to live a stable life. It is no doubt the same for those in the sports world. There are, however, some obvious differences. At the beginning of an athlete’s career, things may be splendid. They receive attention and love from their adoring fans and can appear in lucrative commercials. The...
  • [Weekly Insight] It’s Baseball Time! The 2014 Baseball Championship
    [Weekly Insight] It’s Baseball Time! The 2014 Baseball Championship
    The 2014 Korea baseball season officially started on March 29. On that day, three games were held nationwide to the joy and excitement of baseball fans all over Korea. In this edition, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) explores Korea's Baseball Championship, the unique baseball culture of Korea, and some major stadiums in Seoul where students can easily visit. The Korean Baseball Ch...
  • The First Trophy Awaiting
    The First Trophy Awaiting
    Soccer has developed profoundly since its introduction by British people. Unlike soccer of the 1950s to 1980s, today's soccer is much more complex and even scientific. Computer programs and technologies help teams focus on their special tactics and formations. This is also the case with Hanyang University soccer team. With new manager Jae-kwon Chung, the team is working hard f...
  • To the Future: Designing Future Vehicles
    To the Future: Designing Future Vehicles
    How often does the average person imagine what the future will be like? For Takbeom Heogh (Industrial Design,3rd year) wondering about the future and imagining what everything will be like is part of his daily life. “As far back as I can remember I have always loved drawing spaceships. In fact, that is the reason why I chose my major; I wanted to be able to draw more realisti...
  • A New Horizon: the Korean Tourism Business
    A New Horizon: the Korean Tourism Business
    Take a minute to think of the tourist destinations in Korea. Some of you may come up with huge shopping malls, famous Korean restaurants, or even traditional villages. Others may think of Busan Haeundae beach or Hongdae streets. In fact, there are thousands of tourist destinations existing in Korea, some of which one might not even be aware of. To attract more people to the rar...
  • [Weekly insight] Adjusting to College Life in Korea
    [Weekly insight] Adjusting to College Life in Korea
    Welcoming globalization, Hanyang University (HYU) has been expanding its international cooperation and exchange programs. Consequently, an increasing number of international students are coming to HYU to take various courses offered in both English and Korean. As of 2013, HYU has admitted 826 exchanged students from leading universities in 49 countries. Some international stu...
  • Soldiers on Campus
    Soldiers on Campus
    On Feb. 20, a graduation ceremony was held at Hanyang University (HYU). Among the students in traditional cap and gowns were some graduates wearing military uniforms. This latter group consisted of future military officers, who a few days later, attended their commission ceremony at the HYU Olympic Stadium. These special graduates are part of the R.O.T.C. program, which stands ...
  • Saxophone Sound with Passion and Belief
    Saxophone Sound with Passion and Belief
    The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments, invented by a Belgian instrument maker called Adolphe Sax in 1840. They are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece. The saxophone is commonly used in Jazz and classical music. Also, many artists look for their sound because they have this uniqueness which is a blend of delicacy and intensity. They easil...
  • Fashion with a Message
    Fashion with a Message
    When talking about art, we are all familiar with various forms of that all present their own messages that can be social, political, cultural, and/or historical. In fact, it is common for singers, movie directors, and painters to reflect social messages in their works, giving their personal views about certain social issues or phenomena. Perhaps less common, however, are fashi...
  • [Weekly Insight]Interested in Scholarships?
    [Weekly Insight]Interested in Scholarships?
    Hanyang University (HYU) has been offering a variety of scholarship programs for international students. Based on scholastic achievement at their previously attended institution, applicants at HYU have the opportunity to earn scholarships. Sadly, despite the obvious advantages of obtain such funding, many international students actually benefit as a result of not applying, due...
  • Business Lesson from Hanyang
    Business Lesson from Hanyang
    On Mar. 5th, 2014, the Danish Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 was held at the Engineering Center at the Seoul campus of Hanyang University, and was hosted by the Hanyang Graduate School of Technology Management (HYMOT). Celebrating the 55th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Denmark, HYMOT invited counselors and personnel of the Denmark Innovation Center, as well as ...
  • Hanyang in the World: Hanyang in the US Medical Field
    Hanyang in the World: Hanyang in the US Medical Field
    Established in 1967 with 80 students, the Hanyang University College of Medicine has produced thousands of alumni whose contributions to the development of various medical fields are well known in Korean society. Their work however, is not limited to the Korean peninsula. Currently, in addition to those doctors who have opened their own medical practice in the United States, m...
  • A Modern ‘Gayageumer’
    A Modern ‘Gayageumer’
    Korea is famous for its traditional musical instruments, from Haegeum, a Korean flute to a-jaeng that sounds like violin. These instruments all make unique sounds, and the term 'Gukak' is used today for expressing Korean music of the past. However, the Billboard chart of K-pop is fully booked with songs that have high-speed raps or lively electronic rhythms. Some people per...

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