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  • [Weekly insight] Seoul’s Public Transport Systems
    [Weekly insight] Seoul’s Public Transport Systems
    A vast majority of Seoulites begin and end their day using public transportation. They use various transport systems to get to and from work, school, or elsewhere. Seoul is well recognized for its vast and efficient network of transportation services which are a daily necessity for many of its citizens. Compared with other major cities, Seoul continues to adapt to the needs of ...
  • Striving Towards a Healthier Hangul
    Striving Towards a Healthier Hangul
    In recent years, the use of Hangul has been drastically altered with the influx of Internet and foreign languages, such as English and Japanese being some of the prime factors. Some people may even call it to be deformed and see it as a destruction of the purity of the Korean language. Hangul is an essential part of Korean culture as it is the language itself. In Korea, there...
  • 31st Dong-A Korean Traditional Music competition
    31st Dong-A Korean Traditional Music competition
    Among the hundreds of pop songs and contemporary music that may fill our daily lives, there are still those in Korea who are regular fans of Korean traditional music. These followers of this old music genre and helping to preserve this national treasure by studying its art and beauty. Among them are those associated with the Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition, which i...
  • Fulfilling a Late Dream
    Fulfilling a Late Dream
    For all of those in their teenage years and twenties, it is definitely important to find a future path that they will aim for after graduation. They are often expected to set a clear path for their future. However, it is rather common for university students in their twenties to enter university not knowing about their future goals. Instead, many find their dreams after they e...
  • [Weekly Insight] Family Games Under a Full Moon
    [Weekly Insight] Family Games Under a Full Moon
    As many Internet Hanyang News (IHN) readers may know, Chuseok is one of the most important traditional holidays in Korea, usually in August or September. For centuries, Koreans have been celebrating the harvest of a variety of fruits and grains along with the advent of the full moon. It has long been a tradition to gather with family members and relatives to enjoy this holiday...
  • A New Road to Getting a Job
    A New Road to Getting a Job
    Nowadays, as the struggle to get a job intensifies with each passing year, university students are competing with each other to build up their experience. Students in Hanyang University (HYU) are also in this race. However, things may turn for the better with the introduction of the new ‘Hanyang Didimdol Plus’ Program (HDPP), which is scheduled to start during the winter vacati...
  • Robots for Humanity
    Robots for Humanity
    Last month, 28 new professors were appointed at Hanyang University (HYU). Among them is a notable individual, who has appeared in mass media from time to time. A man with long hair who enjoys wearing a jumpsuit, he is probably best known for his work in robotics. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) interviews Professor Jaegwon Han of Department of Interdisciplinary Engineeri...
  • In the World of Animation
    In the World of Animation
    In general, 5 minutes is not a large amount of time. However, as Einstein once famously stated, time is relative. For one creative artist, 5 minutes was enough time for a short animation film that went completely viral online. “Johnny Express” is the name of the animation clip that contains multiple entertaining scenes, and has caught the attention of viewers around the world, ...
  • [Weekly insight] Fashion of the Joseon Dynasty
    [Weekly insight] Fashion of the Joseon Dynasty
    Hanbok is generally seen as the traditional outfit of Korea. But during the Joseon dynasty from 1392 to 1897, many other styles were worn by Korean people. Internet Hanyang News (IHN) will take a look at some of these in this piece titled “Fashion of the Joseon Dynasty”. Different clothes according to the class present interesting looks that holds the Korean culture very well.T...
  • The Newly Expanded International Building
    The Newly Expanded International Building
    The International Building, previously known as the Graduate School Building, has been remodelled and expanded to meet the growing demand for globally minded, talented graduates. The opening ceremony for the newly renovated International Building at Hanyang University (HYU) was held on the 27th of last month, August. Attendees included HYU faculty and staff, the student council...
  • New Faces of Hanyang I
    New Faces of Hanyang I
    Music is truly a remarkable thing. It can make people laugh or cry. Music is one of the greatest gifts for humans and it can bring peace and harmony to those who listen to it. One renowned genre of music is opera and it has been growing in popularity over the years. Recently, Hanyang University (HYU) has introduced Kathleen Kim (Professor, Department of Voice) as the new teache...
  • HYU’s One and Only, Channel H
    HYU’s One and Only, Channel H
    Anyone who has walked inside the buildings of Hanyang University (HYU) may be aware of the monitors that display the recent news of HYU. The news clips playing on those monitors are made weekly by Channel H, a news team at HYU. Contrary to Internet Hanyang News (IHN), Channel H does not write articles, but makes news clips, media content, and participates in different events wi...
  • [Weekly insight] The Women Called “Talking Flowers”
    [Weekly insight] The Women Called “Talking Flowers”
    If you have ever happen to watch a Korean drama or movie based in the Joseon Dynasty or traditional times, you may have seen women dressed rather fancily, with colorful skirts and strong makeup, entertaining noblemen through song or dance. Their hairstyles were different from the peasant class, glamorously turned up and sometimes wearing a hat with a veil. These women, who see...
  • Discovering New Opportunities
    Discovering New Opportunities
    In the modern world today, getting a job is no easy matter, especially with the increasing presence of global competition. University students, both in Korea and abroad, are struggling to find a gain employment that they consider suitable, and students from Hanyang University (HYU) are no exception. In order to aid students looking for a job, HYU held the Job Discovery Festiva...
  • Road to Political Diplomacy
    Road to Political Diplomacy
    Some say to find what you really want to do, quit your job and drive to your goal without hesitation. This seems easy, but in reality, it takes a lot of courage to do so. Yong Soo Eun (Professor, Department of Political Science Diplomacy) has recently become an editor at the well-known publisher, Routledge. In his story, he constantly gives the lesson to have the awakened mi...
  • TV Producer’s Comeback
    TV Producer’s Comeback
    PD, Program Director. The name of the profession itself holds enough significance in the society we live in. Television being a major medium in informing and entertaining the public, TV producers are known to work behind the scenes to concoct novel material, keeping the flow of ideas coming. But there is more to PDs than directing programs. The reporters of Internet Hanyang Ne...
  • Drinks from Korea
    Drinks from Korea
    After a hard session of working out or during a hot day, many people often find themselves craving a cool drink to quench their thirst. While some drink for refreshment, others have beverages for the pleasure of the taste. This week, Internet Hanyang News (IHN) is proud to present some of Korea’s traditional and modern non-alcoholic Korean drinks that are a delight to the taste...
  • Renovating 12 Years of History
    Renovating 12 Years of History
    As any student of Hanyang University (HYU) may know, Hanyang Plaza is an important building in the daily life of students at HYU. It has provided students with necessities such as print shops or cheap restaurants and luxuries such as coffee shops or a nail art boutique. For the past twelve years, Hanyang Plaza has been a place where students can enjoy meals out in the balcony i...
  • Landing the Dream Job
    Landing the Dream Job
    Upon reaching their final year at university, students of the graduating class undergo a preparation period to land themselves a job. But oftentimes they don’t know where to begin, and aren’t sure whether they are going in the right direction at the right time. To help students get over their doubts and worries on employment, there exists a Career Development Centre at Hanyang...
  • The Lake is Alive
    The Lake is Alive
    On the 20th of August, two students set out to embark on the 20km long journey across a lake in Ansan. What may have seemed like a reckless challenge was supported by the Ansan city, the maritime police and the Korean Water Resources Corporation. When they arrived at the final destination in their hand-made plastic boats, many people were present to congratulate them. Internet...

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