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  • [Weekly insight] Ode to Contemporary Korea
    [Weekly insight] Ode to Contemporary Korea
    The recent hugely popular Korean movie titled International Market (or Ode to My Father ) in English, reached over 10 million viewers as of Jan. 14th this year, and is continuing to gain success as one of the most popular Korean films in history. The film is about the harsh times the past Korean generation had to face in post Korean War. It was a time of sudden economic growth...
  • A Book Trip with a Professor
    A Book Trip with a Professor
    Literature can be defined as a means of expressing one’s thoughts, ideas, or emotions in written form. Fortunately, there is an abundance of libraries and bookstores in which various genre containing countless works can be accessed. However, it may be difficult at times to choose a book one deems worth reading for personal leisure, due to the enormous selection that is availa...
  • Climbing Steadily to Success
    Climbing Steadily to Success
    'Modest,' 'adventurous,' and 'thoughtful' are the first words that come to mind when looking upon one of the most respected alumnus from Hanyang University (HYU). In an era of globalization in which an open mind and talent is necessary for success, people need someone to act as a role model, to shed light on what manner of living can lead to opulence. This week Internet Hanyang...
  • Bringing Potential to Life
    Bringing Potential to Life
    For many, the most predictable and even comfortable route to take for college is to choose a major, take the required courses, fulfill the requirements to graduate, and then search for a job related to that field. There are however, other alternatives and unpredictable events do occur. When this happens, a change in plans can cause one to take the long road to success. Such is ...
  • [Weekly insight] Enjoy the Cold with a Bit of Fun
    [Weekly insight] Enjoy the Cold with a Bit of Fun
    Winter has arrived with a vengeance and looks to continue to rage on in the coming months ahead. People can be seen outside bundled with scarves, winter caps, and gloves as they fight their way through the cold, hurrying to find relief in some warm indoor place. Understandable, many people nowadays would prefer staying in their homes, busying with their smartphones or watching ...
  • Internet Hanyang: User’s Manual
    Internet Hanyang: User’s Manual
    Internet Hanyang News (IHN offers various kinds of news articles to readers, mostly for those attending Hanyang University (HYU) ona weekly basis. They range from interview articles to articles covering a ceremony held in the school. There are also 'special issue' articles from time to time which cover a specific theme. If you happen to be one of the readers who looks forward t...
  • In 2015 Get Ready to Wear Your Computer
    In 2015 Get Ready to Wear Your Computer
    Changing industrial trends indicate that the next phase of smart technology will be wearable devices. However, wearable devices currently available in the market have been a bit disappointing to customers. Google Glass was awarded TIME’s the best invention of 2012, but hardly sold idue to its prohibitive price of 1,600,000 won. Still, hi-tech wearable devices are expected to ...
  • Designing Hope Through Architecture
    Designing Hope Through Architecture
    Designing is an integral part of our lives in various aspects. Designs not only affect us in areas like fashion, but also in terms of practicality and utility of everyday objects and structures. Buildings are such cases where design is crucial to their overall stability. In other words, good designs are necessary for the structures to remain standing for many years to come. Th...
  • The Glow Pick smartphone app
    The Glow Pick smartphone app
    “Well, to start off, I don’t wear make up,” joked Joonsik Gong (Media and Communication, ’08) with a smile on his face. Gong runs a business related to female cosmetics. His mobile application, Glow Pick, uses information on thousands of cosmetic products and became available in the market last September 2014. When it comes to a start up business for mobile applications, consu...
  • Adding Flexibility to Solar Panels
    Adding Flexibility to Solar Panels
    Mankind has been relying on resources from Mother Nature to produce energy for their living. It used to be thought that their use could be justified– until it was discovered that the resources are not infinite. There is a certain supply of resources on earth that is decreasing as we live our daily lives. Thus, scientists and technologists came to think of alternative res...
  • Career for a Valuable Life
    Career for a Valuable Life
    Hanyang University (HYU), as many students know, has a reputation for producing outstanding individuals in the field of engineering. Not only do graduates go on to enter major companies or start their own businesses, they also become government employees, some participating in policy making. With regard to the latter, Hanyang University has steadily been producing student...
  • One Step Back, Three Steps Forward
    One Step Back, Three Steps Forward
    The word Misaeng (미생,未生) is a term used in the Korean board game Baduk referring to a stone which is not yet ‘dead,’ but has the possibility of becoming ‘alive,’ scoring a point, and ultimately leading to victory. Directly translated as “Not yet a life,” Misaeng is also the name of the hugely popular Korean reality drama that depicted the harsh lives of Korean office workers. ...
  • [Weekly insight] Representing Korean Beauty in Hanbok
    [Weekly insight] Representing Korean Beauty in Hanbok
    Clothing styles have changed countless times throughout history, and traditional attire has often been created in consideration to climate, culture, and societal norms. In the past, European ladies were expected to wear dresses and men suits. In Africa, different tribes wore various types of clothing. Likewise, residents of Asian had very distinctive types of attire. Here in...
  • Volunteering, a Way to Happiness
    Volunteering, a Way to Happiness
    This year is the 20th anniversary of the Hanyang Social Service Organization (HSSO) which had recently been renamed as Heemanghandae, a form of wordplay that refers to both hope as well as Hanyang University (HYU) itself. The HSSO did a variety of activities to promote the welfare of society and earnestly helped those who required assistance. However, there is an issue concer...
  • “Specialty, Passionate, Admirable”
    “Specialty, Passionate, Admirable”
    This is an era where countries trade freely with each other in specialized, specific, and general areas. Korea is actively engaged in global commerce, and recognizing the importance of encouraging future leaders in this area, the 14th Trade Commerce Thesis Contest was recently held. This event is hosted by the Korea International Trade Association who aims to nurture future K...
  • Hear Me Roar
    Hear Me Roar
    A player on the bench gets called out by the coach and gets sent in to the game. He performs outstandingly and becomes a sports hero. This is the generic sports fairytale, which actually rarely happens in reality. However, it does happen from time to time, and for Haemin Park (Department of Sports,'12), this was his fairytale come true thanks to his team the Samsung Lio...
  • [Weekly insight] Taking a Stroll in the Market
    [Weekly insight] Taking a Stroll in the Market
    There are a variety of markets across the globe, each having characteristics of their own. Market from all over the world have flourished and developed their own culture, which evolves according to its surroundings and history. In the case of Korea, there is JaeraeShijang, or the Korean traditional market. This place sells all sorts of goods from clothes to groceries. This wee...
  • Pride for Our Researchers
    Pride for Our Researchers
    This summer, Professors Seunghoon Shin of the Department of Chemistry and Yuhyung Shin of the Department of Business Management were selected as the 2014 1st HYU Scholarship Awards winners by the Hanyang University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation. The assistant manager of the foundation, Youngsoo Han, said, “We wanted to inspire others while instilling pride in our ...
  • Unity for Victory
    Unity for Victory
    Debating is much more than merely arguing. It is a formal method of interaction and a rational exchange of views that focus on persuading an opposing party to gain an alternative viewpoint using logic and consistency. Debating skills are a vital tool that helps society deal with issues that inevitably arouse different viewpoints. Debate brings about constructive arguments that ...
  • Protecting the Digital Dimension
    Protecting the Digital Dimension
    Hacking has a negative connotation, as people believe hacking to have deleterious outcomes that harm the cyber space. In cases of hacking, people lose privacy in communication, and their social security information may be stolen or sold. Yet, this is not the crime of all hackers. Only black hackers commit such crimes, while white hackers on the other side strive to enhance secu...

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