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Founder of Hanyang University Dr. Kim Lyun Joon

The founding spirit of Hanyang University is to educate and train students to understand and to love one another, based upon virtues of diligence, honesty, humility and service, to heighten the noble spirit of learning, and to become men and women, who work not only for themselves but also for the nation and its people, and further, for all mankind.

1939 Dong-A Polylechnic Institute of 1939 as it first opened.1939 Paiknam, Dr, Kim Lyun Joon, 25 Years Old, in the year of 1939. when he founded the University.1941 The first graduating students of 1941:the Departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The school banner of Dong-A Polytechnic Institute.1953 September 1953-U.N. Forces returned the school building which was used as a U.N. hospital during the Korean War.1972 The school banner of Dong-A Polytechnic Institute. 1980 Mach 1980-Asian Campus established1986 June 1986-Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium openedNight View of seoul Campus

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