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LOVE in Truth and in Deed

Educational Philosophy

“Love in Deed and Truth” is the founding principle and the educational philosophy of Hanyang University. It has been a driving force for cultivating Hanyangians equipped with the virtues of diligence, honesty, humility and service.

Purpose of Education

The main purpose of Hanyang University is to nurture competent Hanyangians furnished with the knowledge and skills with which they are able to realize their own ideals, ultimately making a leading contribution to the prosperity of the nation and the world.

Educational Objectives

  • to foster educated students who are also diligent, honest and modest, by providing a wide range of learning opportunities;
  • to nurture professionals(specialists) who are equipped with both in-depth knowledge and technical skills in their own fields;
  • to educate individuals who can apply their practical knowledge in and for society;
  • to cultivate global leaders who understand cultural diversity between the nations, playing active roles in the international community;
  • to train service oriented individuals who serve the development and prosperity of society, both nationally and internationally.

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