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Dr. Lyun-Joon Kim Founder of Hanyang University

With the establishment of Hanyang University in 1939, the University set its goal as the advancement of Korea, following the turbulent period which the country had just experienced. Founded during the Japanese occupation (1910-1945), the University represented the strong desire of the Korean people to control their educational institutions.

Since then, Hanyang has succeeded in developing into a top ranking university in the nation, continuing to make important contributions to the growth and development of Korea. Hanyang has also broadened its goals to include the advancement of Asia and the world.

During Korea's rise from its status as a relatively poor and underdeveloped nation to a highly industrialized modern society, the need for well-informed and competent leaders for various industries and businesses has increased. Accordingly, one of Hanyang's main goals has been to produce highly-educated and professionally-trained individuals who can meet the needs of this rapidly growing and developing country. In addition, the educational objectives at Hanyang are more than pragmatic; the university also strives to encourage students to become responsible and well-rounded citizens with an awareness of their cultural heritage, through various required courses ranging from history to civil services.

Throughout an unstable and violent period including the final years of the Japanese occupation, Korean War, years of rapid economic development and the democratization of Korea, Hanyang has striven to maintain its identity as a bastion of education and practical research. Furthermore, the fact that Hanyang has been growing at virtually every level, from its student population to departments, and the addition of the Ansan campus, south of Seoul, indicates Hanyang's determination to serve as an institution of higher education, despite difficult circumstances.

I am very pleased to have witnessed and participated in Hanyang's development thus far. Collaborative and cooperative efforts domestically have bore countless successes from government projects to community-based programs. I am grateful to those whose contributions over the years have helped make Hanyang University what it is today. As the University was built upon the philosophy of Love in Deed and Truth  which I believe has been a kind influence for our success, it is important to continue to embrace this attitude as we look forward to renewed cooperation and progress in the years to come.

Dr.Lyun-Joon KIM Founder of Hanyang University Chairman of the Board

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