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Hanyang University faces new millennium with its 70 years of academic experiences.

Along with farsighted leaders who have lit up the darkness for our people, and proud alumni who have given their alma mater fame in every corner of the world, the long history and tradition of Hanyang University has been the source of power that nurtures and spreads the ideals and aspirations of its students.

The deep emotion carried by Hanayng University as it faces the approaching millennium is unique in itself. Encountering the 21st century era of information and internationalization, it is pushing ahead step by step preparing to take-off as a world-renowned private institution, in name and in reality that embraces the world in its heart.

The Pride of Hanyang

Number of professionals in the Korean national database : 4th
High-ranking judicial official(Chief judge or higher) from Hanyang Univ. : 3rd
Judicial Examination total successful candidate : 4th
Full-time employee employment rate in large corporations : 3rd
Executive & CEO
Korean top 100 companies’CEO total : 4th
KOSDAQ listed companies’CEO total : 2nd
Korean top 30 conglomerates’new executives total : 2nd
Number of SCI Journal publication domestically : 5th
University research budget beneficiaries total : 4th
Technology transfer in Korea : 1st
Granted as the ‘Leading Institution in University Specialization’by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, for 3 consecutive years Selected as a ‘World Class University(WCU) project’by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technoloy(8 teams for ‘08~’09)
Ranked 3rd among Korean private universities according to The Times Higher Education Supplement

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Last updated in 2011.