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Major in Political Science and Diplomacy

This major provides a wide range of courses covering politics, diplomacy and international relations, international law, political thought and theories, institutions, and history. The main educational goals of this major are: (1) to develop progressive political theories and (2) to cultivate students' abilities to function in all the careers related to political science. The students in the program can expect to cover areas of study such as democratic theories, security issues, modern political conflicts, civil society, law and society, political institution, and political philosophy. This major also places great emphasis on cross-national political and scientific development in the field.


Major in Sociology

This major places emphasis on the analysis of the key characteristics of modern society and their interrelationships in the formation and development of communities and societies. A clear understanding of the subject matter requires knowledge of various branches of the social sciences. The courses in the program focus particularly on political sociology, urban sociology, criminology, the sociology of mass communication, social thought, the sociology of knowledge, social psychology, and social statistics. The fundamentals of sociological covering theory and methodology are also reviewed.

Major in Journalism and Mass Communication

This major accepted its first students in 1963, and has become a leader in the areas of research and training in this discipline in Korea. The aim of this major is to provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment within which students productively engage in debates on the local, national and global nature of contemporary journalism and mass media. All of the teaching faculty are active researchers and are among the most recognized in the rapidly expanding field of communications in Korea. The major provides professional training in the areas of traditional media forms like newspapers, television, as film, as well as newer media providers such as the internet. The courses link the intensive teaching of practical skills with the study of the contemporary issues encompassing the media field of and for the 21stcentury.