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College of Natural Sciences


About College of Natural sciences


College of Natural Sciences consists of Department of Mathematics which studies phenomena appearing in various fields such as science, engineering, technology, economy, and finance by mathematical and statistical analysis, Department of Physics which studies physical phenomena in from the birth of Universe to everyday life, Department of Chemistry which studies structures and interactions of chemical materials, classified as physical chemistry, organic, bio- and polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytic chemistry, Department of Life Science which analyzes and try to understand various phenomena occurring inside living things.

College of Natural Sciences focuses on fundamental sciences, cutting-edge sciences and
technologies, and fusion sciences. We built up large research groups, carry out specialized
researches, and pursue the academic tradition of practicality through university-industry
cooperation, thereby bring up human resources having creativity and rationality and suitable for 21st century of state-of-the-art science.

Educational Objectives

  World-Class Research College


  1) Producing Research Excellence in Specialized Areas
  2) Fostering International Collaborations
  3) Providing Quality Education
  4) Becoming the Nation’s Top College of Natural Sciences


Message from the Dean

Creative Knowledge through Natural Science

College of Natural Sciences has been growing since its establishment in 1959.

Natural science puts science, engineering and even business in perspective. The need for natural science is getting wide, thus the improvement of natural science is the most important issue in 21st century. Now, it is recognized that natural science is the basic foundation for knowledge and technology.

College of Natural Sciences has 4 departments, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Life Science Department, with 76 full time faculties, about 810 undergraduate students, and 200 graduate students.
In order to provide the best education and research opportunities, the college has the excellent education and research facilities such as full-equipped educational laboratories with NMR, ATM etc. With excellent foundation in education and research, College of Natural Sciences is more than hope and ready to take a place among the world best colleges of natural sciences in the near future.

The steady and fast support from Hanyang University will make College of Natural Sciences what we would hope tomorrow. Thank you.

Prof. Cha, Kyung-Joon, Dean of College of Natural Sciences