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School of Business


Nurturing professionally educated, practically trained individuals in the field of business


The courses at HYBS offer many opportunities for our students to build a strong base of professional education that will eventually help them to create and manage competitive business organizations. The curriculum of the School of Business is designed to allow students to grasp business knowledge based on which they can proactively cope with environmental changes such as globalization and digital revolutions. In addition, the mindset of pragmatism of our school will help our graduates apply their knowledge to good use in the real world. Dynamic courses in eight areas such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior, International Business, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Operations & Service Management, and Strategic Management are available.


Greetings from School of Business, Hanyang University!

Hanyang School of Business is one of the nation’s premiere business schools and a research center.

Hanyang School of Business is committed to educating young minds to have the knowledge, skills, experience, and networks that the students need to have to reach their fullest potentials. The Hanyang experience can transform students by giving them the opportunities to pursue a broad portfolio of academic programs to enrich their minds and to envision themselves in a global business world. The students at Hanyang have an opportunity to interact directly with distinguished faculties who are committed to both the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Our school prepares the Hanyang graduates as future business leaders to manage opportunities and challenges of our ever-changing society which is increasingly integrated with the global economy. HYBS has a long tradition and reputation of generating the graduates who have a mindset of pragmatism to apply and transform their knowledge and passion into real-world experience. HYBS graduates are regarded as one of the most favored groups of business graduates by the private sectors. HYBS emphasizes the importance of creativity, collaboration and integrity in our business education in order to the HYBS graduates to achieve success and contribute to society in extraordinary ways. HYBS strives to have the next level of innovation and excellence with continuous investment in its human and physical resources. In 2007, HYBS opened a new state-of-the-art building in order to facilitate our goal to become a world-class business school. These remarkable progresses at HYBS would not have been possible without the support and commitment of not only the students, faculty, and the staff, but also ongoing support of alumni, parents, and the community. We invite you to join us in pledging your participation, advice and support.

Inside Academics

By Eunkyoung Lee, Graduate Student Editor
Photo Courtesy of the School of Business
Photo by Hyeon-jung Kim, Student Photographer



People say “Practice makes perfect.” It is no wonder that numerous athletes and singers put most of their time and energy into practicing. Then how about practicing ‘creativity’? Could creativity be improved by practicing? The School of Business at Hanyang University believes that creativity and integrity should be incorporated in its education and research. The college wants the students to get the opportunity to actually experience and practice these values in their school years, so that they have fundamentals to become successful business leaders. The college strives to bring out the potential of its students through its wholly integrated system of motivating curriculum, world-class faculty, excellent international exchange programs, and proficient administrative coordination.


The college’s curriculum is based on the principle that to be successful as global business leaders, students must not only possess necessary business knowledge, but also hold practical mindsets for applying their knowledge to actual situations. The curriculum of the School of Business is designed to equip students with the analytical tools and in-depth knowledge which will enable them to cope with significant changes in the international business environment. Case studies and simulated business activities are frequently used in the classroom as well. The curriculum reflects recent changes in the business environment and helps students adapt themselves with confidence to the future of real business settings. The curriculum covers nearly all aspects of business management: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior, International Business, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Operations & Service Management, and Strategic Management.


The School of Business is also famous for its international exchange programs. The college has been sending their students to globally renowned business schools such as the University of North Texas in U.S.A, University of Alberta in Canada, IESEG School of Management in France, and National Taiwan Normal University. Recently, it developed a Dual Bachelor Master Degree program with Temple University, one of the leading universities in the United States.


The School of Business aims to become a leading business school in the Asia-Pacific region. To achieve this goal, the college has set up a state-of-the-art building in 2007 with the collaborative support of the alumni, faculty, students, and staffs. In 2010, it obtained international certifications for its curriculum and educational environment, notably from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).


Since its establishment in 1959, the School of Business has made a considerable progress. The college has been truly fulfilling its duty; nurturing professionally educated, practically trained individuals in the field of business. This is why the graduates of the college at Hanyang are highly welcomed by the most enterprises.



Now let us take a closer look at the College of and Business Administration through interviews with the Dean and the Manager of the Administration Team.




A Conversation with the Dean of the College, Sanglin Han


By Seongun Jeon, Student Reporter
Photo by Kyujin Jung, Student Photographer

Q. Would you briefly introduce the School of Business?
A. For 50 years, the School of Business has been educating our students to be righteous, professional, and creative business managers who can contribute to our society. Also, through international cooperation, we aim to be one of the leading business schools of the Asia Pacific region. The college is renowned for its academic tradition of pragmatism that nurtures its graduates to be the most preferable employees, and this is proven by our twenty thousand alumni already out in the field.
The School of Business has ranked fourth in producing the most preferable graduates selected by the CEOs of the top 100 Korean private firms, forth in producing CEOs registered in the Korean national competent human resources database, and sixth in turning out CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) nationally. Based on these statistics, we can see that our graduates are working as a brain trust in this society.


Q. How does the Department of Finance differentiate from the existing Department of Business Administration in educational process?
A.The Department of Finance was established to raise experts of the rapid-paced international finance industry and money market. The students in this department are educated to be finance specialists by obtaining the basic knowledge in business, and taking specialized courses on finance and money linked with mathematics and economics. After graduation, the graduates of this major get to work as fund managers, analysts, financial engineers, financial risk managers, CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), or CFAs (Chartered Financial Analysts).
As one of the Diamond 7, the seven core departments supported by Hanyang University (HYU), the Department of Finance will provide scholarships to students starting in 2014. With all this financial support, students in this department are expected perform very well.


Q. The School of Business is one of the most popular colleges in HYU to university applicants. What are the strong or unique points of the college?
Above all, we have the Career Development Program (CDP) which aims to help freshmen and sophomores to set their own career paths in advance. In this program, there are alumni mentoring, professor mentoring, career service, CEO special lectures, industrial-educational cooperation programs, and so on. Especially through alumni mentoring, students can get advice and receive mentoring regularly from alumni in the field, gaining the practical knowledge and learning recent trends.
We also have many globalized features. A lot of global internship programs are under development in order to send our students to companies all around the world to widen their views and have hands-on experience. This year, we are planning to send several groups of students (four students as a team) to Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, and Europe, supporting them with KRW 2 million (USD 1,770).
In addition, we offer the Dual Bachelor’s Master’s Degree Program (DBMD) with the Fox School of Business, Temple University. This program is another attractive program for students who plan to gain a bachelor’s degree (in three and a half years) at HYU and the master’s degree at Temple University (in one and a half years), five years in total.
We have special dual-degree programs for our MBA students as well. One is the Dual Degree Program with the IESEG School of Management which is perfect for students who want to gain two degrees within two years, experiencing two advanced curriculums in Korea and France. The other is what we are about to sign with Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which is the Hospitality MBA. This program is designed to have our MBA students to spend 1 year each here and there for total 2 years and earn a degree from both schools.


Q. To educate in the skills of business practice, what kinds of courses or trainings are provided in the School of Business?
All the courses in our college are pragmatic, mostly including case studies to prepare our students for their own careers. Meanwhile, we have three major plans to help our students gain the skills of business practice: English intensive track, training courses and facilities for utilizing professional business programs, and special lectures given by prominent CEOs. The English intensive track is designed to raise English proficiency and practical speaking ability of our students, encouraging them to take as many English-only courses as possible. Then, we have training courses and laboratories prepared to give our students the chance to utilize computer programs such as SPSS, SAS, and Clementine that are widely used in businesses for data analysis. Lastly, we provide special lectures given by well-known CEOs for the purpose of encouraging our students to be familiar with change in the business environment and to develop their own vision.


Q. What are the visions and missions of the School of Business? Please explain it in relation with the certificate of AASCB (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) which is due for reauthorization next year.
The primary vision of the School of Business is to practice creative business education and research, strengthen the ethics of individual students, and cooperate with stakeholders in order to become the leading business school of the Asia-Pacific region. This vision is closely related with our three missions which are creativity, integrity, and collaboration.
In 2010, the School of Business acquired a certificate of AACSB, and it implies that we have been recognized as a world standard institution. There are only a hundred universities that have received this certificate outside the USA. Now that we are about to go through the reauthorization evaluation in the fall of 2014, we will thoroughly prepare ourselves to succeed in reauthorization and prove that we have successfully realized the vision and missions we set for ourselves.


Q. Do you have any last words to the students applying for the School of Business?
The School of Business has been producing a lot of graduates leading society, which in turn made our recent graduates warmly welcomed by companies for their sincerity and adaptability. Now, we are on our way to fly high to become a world-class business school, not being content with the current reputation as the top Asian business school. In this sense, we want talented students who are capable of leading the change of global society with sincerity and adaptability that our graduates have already shown. That is, we highly value and welcome those who are creative and not reluctant to face uncertainty.




A Conversation with the Administration Team Manager, Hyung Gyu Moon


By Eunjeen Choh, Student Reporter
Photo by Hyeon-jung Kim, Student Photographer

Q. Please elaborate the general tasks that the Administration Team manages.
A. The Administration Team is under the Responsibility Center, the RC, and divided into two parts, the department offices and administration office. Our typical tasks are managing academic affairs, admission/transfer systems, the graduate school, scholarships, employment, budgetary control and events. We twenty office members are in charge of the efficient operation of school administration and the management of school registers of our students. Individual students come to us to get counseling and advices, too.


Q. What do you think that the students at this college need the most? Mostly, why they visit your office?
A. As there are a huge number of business major students, they always come to office to rent spaces or classrooms. There are not many rooms available for them since many rooms in School of Business are used for outside events and lectures. Many students come to ask for information on dormitories and scholarships for business major students. I hope our students’ need can be satisfied with our help every time, and we want them to enjoy all the benefits and advantages of being students in this school.


Q. What are the unique features of your team that can be differentiated from other offices?
A. The atmosphere of our team is very familiar with students and amicable with faculty members. As the School of Business is consisted of two departments, the relationship between the student council and our team could be closer and very amicable. This can be seen mostly when cooperating together at events like school festivals and freshmen orientation.


Q. What are the strategic ways to support students in need?
A. We have Career Support Center by own where students voluntarily participate as mentor or helper in the office. Students come over and get information or counseling on their career plan. From this center, foreign students get help in their daily life and career plan, making connections with senior students. Also, we have lunch time shift to help students whenever in need. I know that students are tight in time around lunch hour, thus we are trying our best to keep our seats in the office, being prepared for any help to them.


Q. As a Administration Team manager, is there anything you can tell the students in the School of Business?
A. The satisfaction among professors, students, and faculty members is very remarkable these days that I am really proud of the cooperation between us. If there is any problem or request, please visit office in any time without hesitation. We are always glad to help you with any everything you need.