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Gileun Lee, Graduate Student Editor


Penicillin, one of the greatest discoveries in the field of medicine, has prolonged human’s average life span. It is a group of antibiotics derived from Penicillium fungi. Indeed, it was the first medicine that was effective against many previously serious diseases. For these great studies, the College of Pharmacy was set up at the Hanyang University ERICA campus.


The College of Pharmacy at the ERICA campus opened in 2011 and aims to raise professionals in the field of biopharmacy through a compound study of biotechnology, pharmacy and medicine, based on a large cluster of research centers and industries around the campus. It also promotes specialized studies to develop new medicine and invigorates academic-industrial cooperative study for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. To do this, the College of Pharmacy plans to operate a “New Medicine Complex Cluster” with the “ERICA Research Center for Pharmaceutical Delivery System” and the “Research Center for the Pharmaceutical Industry”.


The college has a location advantage because it is near a pharmaceutical industry complex and the west coast, and has industrial utility due to the dozens of surrounding pharmaceutical companies. Thus, students have a chance to have practical training at local pharmacies for 10 months in fourth grade. The curriculum of the College of Pharmacy is composed of a variety of theories and practices. In particular the theory consists of biopharmacy, drug science, industry pharmacy, clinical pharmacology, and health and social pharmacy in balance.




The College of Pharmacy of Hanyang University opened in 2011 with the addition of the fifteen new colleges which opened on the same year. Now the total number of pharmaceutical colleges adds up to 35. While newly established colleges in the Kyunggi province are each putting their best efforts to take the lead in the race, Hanyang University had a pretty good start. According to the dean of the College of Pharmacy of the ERICA campus, HYU has a top level facility, faculty, and surrounding environment.


Internet Hanyang News Team conducted interviews with the dean and administrative manager of the college.




A Conversation with the Dean of the College, Cheol Hoon Lee


By Joowon Lee, Student Reporter
Photo by Dongjin Lee, Student Editor/ Photographer

Q. The College of Pharmacy just launched this year. Please give us a brief introduction of the college and its ambitions for the future.
A. There were originally 20 schools in the college of pharmacy. The number of students or schools stayed the same for 38 years. It was not until 2009 that the curriculum for pharmaceutical colleges changed to six years and 15 new colleges were established. A six year curriculum means that students receive an education at a different university for two years or more and then enter a pharmaceutical college afterwards where they will start learning professional knowledge for four years. Similar to medical school, the College of Pharmacy does not select high school students based on SAT but on PEET or Pharmacy Education Eligibility Test held in August. New students are selected from November to December. Currently we have a total of 22 students of one grade. For the next year, the number of entrance quota will increase to about 30 to 35.


Q. So how does this six year curriculum work? Could you give a detailed explanation of how the courses are planned?
A. The College of Pharmacy has a specific set goal, just like the College of Education and Medical School, to pass the pharmacist licensure examination. So based on the subjects dealt on the licensure examination, students receive a thorough education of pharmacy from the very basics to more professional content. Specifically, the development, manufacture, management, and injection of new medicines and how it moves in the body or what effect it has on the body will be taught from the first year to the third year. From the first half of the fourth year, students will be exposed to a variety of practice sessions such as Executive Practice of Local Pharmacies, Executive Practice of Hospital Pharmacies, Clinical Pharmacy Laboratory, and Training at Pharmaceutical Industries or Public Institutions. In the other half of the fourth year, students can choose different labs or classes according to their interests and aptitudes, whether it is in a hospital, an enterprise or a research center. The total amount of hours for practice session is 1600 hours, which is 16 weeks. The six year curriculum is in the progress of changing back to four years. This could take place in 2014 or 2015. Then students can come directly from high school, instead of spending two years at a different college.


Q. It is always the new, cutting edge facilities that grab the attention when a new college is built. Will you introduce the construction plan of the College of Pharmacy?
A. Since the school received the permission from the government to establish a pharmaceutical college just this year, the College of Pharmacy is currently using Engineering Building Ⅴ. Right next to here is where the new six floor building of the College of Pharmacy is being built. The students will soon be surrounded by a vast number of research labs and modern style classrooms from March next year. To begin with, the Ansan Clinic of HYU Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases will be established to provide medical services for the neglected class. This clinic will also serve as an educational laboratory for the students to practice what they have learned in class. The largest medical herb garden in Korea is being constructed in the ERICA campus that will give special opportunities to grow plants and observe them in person. A well preserved Experimental Animal laboratory and more than six different kinds of research labs will be available as well in the near future.


Q. What kind of students do you wish apply for the College of Pharmacy?
A. When Penicillin was discovered, it was like magic. It was one of the greatest discoveries in the field of medicine and it truly brought about the meaning of "cure". Can you believe that this was less than 80 years ago? We still have a plentiful amount of diseases to cure such as cancer or rheumatic disease. Those who have the ambition to seek and discover new medicine that will eradicate our fear of illness, come to HYU. We have the best possible faculty, a six floor state of the art facility and the surrounding environment of 140 pharmaceutical companies in the rage of 20 km from the school.




A Conversation with the Administration Team Manager, Soo Woo Lee


By Joowon Lee, Student Reporter
Photo by Dongjin Lee, Student Editor/ Photographer

Q. Could you briefly introduce yourself?
A. I started working here at HYU from 1982- about 30 years ago. Since then, I have been working in various departments from general affairs to scholarship. Right now as the administrative manager of the College of Pharmacy, I am mostly engaged in buying new apparatuses and equipment, asset management, and budget execution. I guess I am pretty busy getting everything in order after the establishment of our college this year. My main focus nowadays is to reduce the inconvenience of using the Engineering Building Ⅴ instead of their own building to the least amount, finding empty classrooms and providing the best time schedule that will lessen class transfers for the students.


Q. What do you think distinguishes the College of Medicine of HYU from that of other universities?
A. The ERICA campus of Hanyang University is known for its strong connection with the industries around the campus. There are more than 100 industries already built inside the ERICA campus. Coincidently, the southwest part of the Gyeongi province is a pharmaceutical industry hub. With the help of these industries, students can practice in these institutes and the institutions in turn can make use out of personnel and facilities of HYU as well. This is good for both of us. In addition, HYU has always been somewhat centered around engineering more than other departments. The establishment of the College of Pharmacy means the completion of a perfect cycle of Engineering, Medicine, and Pharmacy at HYU.


Q. What career path awaits the students of the College of Pharmacy?
A. Roughly speaking, there are clinical pharmacists, research pharmacists, and industrial pharmacists. In the case of clinical pharmacists, one can take a job as a pharmacist of a drugstore or a hospital. Industrial pharmacists can work in the developmental department, manufacturing department, or marketing department of renowned pharmaceutical companies. Other than that, public officials of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, or Korea Food and Drug Administration could be great examples of research pharmacists. There is a wide variety of career paths students can choose from based on their aptitude.


Q. What special benefit does the department offer to the students?
A. The best benefit as of right now would be the scholarships. Our college is offering an unprecedented scholarship program for everyone. Fifty percent of the students receive full scholarships for four years, and the other half receives 50% for four years. There is no other university that offers this much. We are planning to keep this as it is right now for as long as we can.


Q. What is your goal as the administrative manager of the newly established college?
A. There are new students coming in March next year. My job is to prepare and get everything in order for their best convenience. I will always think of my students and professors and help them focus on their studies at full length. Thank you.