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The College of Communication conducts majors in Journalism and Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, and The Sociology of Information Society. The College objective has both the pursuit of scientific analysis and the teaching of practical skills. The major in Journalism and Mass Communication seeks to understand the principles relating to mass communication, and to apply these to business practices. The major in Advertising and Public Relations trains promotional specialists, capable of a systematic understanding of media and society and the ability to conduct successful advertising and promotions the sine qua non of modern society. The major in The Sociology of Information Society seeks a scientific understanding and a practical approach to the structural problems inherent to the information society.

Educational Objectives

Inside Academics

By Eunkyoung Lee, Graduate Student Editor
Photo courtesy of the College of Communication and Social Science, ERICA


Societies in all parts of the world face unprecedented changes. Industrialization, urbanization, and globalization are among the key words that could explain the underlying causes of these changes. And understanding how our society has evolved is critical in deciding how human communities should function.



The College of Communication at Hanyang University strives to perceive these changes and learn how to actively cope with them by intense reasoning and thinking. This college at ERICA campus refuses to provide only academic knowledge; it truly endeavors to educate the students with practical and applicable know-hows. The college is constituted of one division and two departments; the Division of Advertising and Public Relations, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Department of Information Sociology.


The Division of Advertising and Public Relations can be split into two majors, which are the Major of Advertising and Major of Public Relations. Advertising and Public Relations are fields that are unique to the modern industrial society, and are rapidly growing industrial sectors along with the increasing importance of the information and culture industry. The Major of Advertising deals with the theory and practices of the advertising field, which include diverse subjects such as communication, marketing, psychology, advertisement plan, advertisement production, and research. The Major of Public Relations focuses on the strategic value of communication among various stakeholders within and outside of an organization.




The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication focuses on the phenomenon in mass communication with the emphasis on blending theory with practices. Therefore, the curriculum is designed to be balanced between theory and practice. It also puts great emphasis on foreign language education, keeping in line with the recent trend of the internationalization of mass media.


The Department of Information Sociology emphasizes the analysis of an information society in the formative process. To have a clear understanding of the major requires knowledge of key aspects of social science. The department deals with political sociology, criminology, sociology of mass communication, the sociology of religion, social psychology and social statistics. After acquiring the fundamental knowledge, students study various social problems and issues which occurred in the process of industrialization and urbanization.


Indeed, the College of Communication and is the college which prepares us for the next century by looking at how societies form, develop, and collapse with the central force of information. The college will not stop educating students who take pride in their talents and interests, challenge for their dreams, and harmoniously cooperate with others.