Only undergraduate applicants are required to take the admission test. Applicants who live in China should take the test in Shanghai or Beijing. Applicants who fail to take the test will be automatically dropped from admission. Foreign applicants residing abroad, except China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, must have an online video interview substituting for the admission test. 
  1. 1) Exam type: Essay examination
  2. 2) Exam Date: Please see application schedule above. (The dates are tentative and will be announced to each applicant.)
  3. 3) Exam Venue: Hanyang University (Details are to be announced)
  4. 4) What to Bring: : test ID slip, writing tools, passport or identification card
  5. 5) Questions will be given in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian.
  6. 6) Choose one language among Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Mongolian, Arabic and Vietnamese to answer the questions. (Students applying for International Studies must write in English)
※ Those that do not participate in admission test will automatically fail for admission. (Except for those who can submit his/her artworks)