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02/22/2018 Interview > Alumni


Demonstrate the academic value of foundation education

Lee Young-gun, a graduate (Business Administration 08), the grand prize in 2018 foundation thesis


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Most universities conduct foundation supporting education. In the short term, it presents options other than employment to students, and in the long term, helps to pioneer their own work. However, skeptical views exist as to whether this education, within the framework of education, develops students’ practical, entrepreneurial abilities. Lee Young-gun, a graduate (Business Administration 08), shattered this prejudice to win the grand prize in the foundation thesis through his submission of a paper proving the substantial effects of the foundation supporting education within the university.

Passion and commitment bring out achievements

"I am incredibly happy that I have received the grand prize in the ‘2018 foundation thesis’ after a year and a half since I began studying Foundation Studies,” said graduage Lee Young-gun, after receiving this prize. While receiving the prize, he became more profoundly affectionate and responsible about previous foundation studies and showed a firm passion and will for his studies. "I would like to make substantial contributions to the growth of Korean small and medium-sized enterprises in the future and become a leading foundation scholar who will strive for further research to make Korea brighter."

The conference that gave him the grand prize was ‘USASBE (United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship),’ an annual academic conference hosted by the American Small Business and Foundation Association. This association, established in 1981, and having a history of over 38 years, is the world's largest small enterprise and foundation association, boasting a membership of over 5,000 scholars. As a result of the many competitions and verifications at this academic conference, he was able to receive the prize. "In 2018 Academic Convention, 254 universities in 24 countries participated and submitted more than 400 papers. My thesis was chosen as the grand prize by competing with the winners in the ‘Theory,’ Substantiation,’ and ‘New Entry’ categories. After the nominations for the grand prize, I received the first prize in the ‘Education’ category," reminisced Lee.


 "USASBE", an annual academic conference hosted by the American Small Business and Foundation Association, awarded Lee Young-gun (Business Administration 08) the grand prize. (Source: International Council for Small Business)

In addition to the award, he was promised to receive scholarships from the Kauffmann Foundation. Lee states, "The Kaufman Foundation is one of the largest organizations to expand the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial cultivation project. When receiving this scholarship from this organization, I will be so excited that a direct celebration greeting from masters in foundation and business."

Better to know in advance and establish

You cannot miss the story of the thesis that helped him to be awarded. He explained that he wrote a paper on the theme of ‘the influence of the university foundation supporting education on the improvement of foundation capacities'. "Through this paper, I have studied whether the entrepreneurial ability of a student can be improved through university education. With professor Patrick Kreiser, while my thesis was in progress, I considered the relationship between foundation and education,” explained Lee.


 Lee Young-gun (Business Administration 08) received the grand prize in the 2018 Foundation Study Award at "USASBE". (Source: graduate Lee Young-gun)

He conducted a questionnaire survey of 927 undergraduates from the State University in the US and analyzed the curriculum and courses offered at the College of Business Administration and the College of Engineering. As a result, the foundation supporting education provided by the university is to improve foundation abilities of university students. "The Foundation Supporting Education has actually helped foster university students' entrepreneurial ability, and there is a tendency to dream more about foundations with family members who have experienced foundations and from the students aiming for foundations to provide higher entrepreneurial abilities."

Of course, these studies were not done easily. He cited numerous curricula as the greatest challenge in analyzing each curriculum individually and promote research, while comparing it with the undergraduate classes. I have spent a lot of time analyzing the curriculum provided by the Management University Certification (AACSB) and the Technical University Certification (ABET) and comparing it with actual undergraduate classes from American universities." However, he had reasons to do research on this topic.

"As the interest in foundation education increased globally, I felt the necessity to research the substantial effects of foundation-related education. For example, I wanted to release empirically through papers on how foundation should be taught, and whether foundation education is substantially connected to the foundation of the students." His quest and passion for the current issue provided empirical results.

To students aiming for foundation

There are still Hanyang people who do not have any opinions yet even though they want to start a business and learn how to be educated by the Foundation Supporting Education. To these students, he gives advice to make full use of the support from Hanyang. "As an undergraduate, I was interested in various programs offered by Hanyang. Through the Capstone Design course, I had experienced consulting and had an opportunity to interview a representative of a cosmetic company, directly. Moreover, I visited a local factory in Indonesia through the overseas internship program and was able to experience the actual business environment. In these ways, my experiences gained through various programs of Hanyang University became the foundation for studying foundation.

In addition, He said that the mental attitude necessary for entrepreneurship is also important. "According to a survey Lee had conducted last year that was administered to about 1,400 SME Executives, "business managers generally had high initiative, innovation, and challenge to take risks." Quoting these findings, “It is important to foster initiative and spontaneity," he further added.


  Believing that the foundation itself can become a discipline, graduate Lee Young-gun has asked juniors
to accept the foundation as a discipline that is worth pursuing, not as a difficult task. (Source: Yonhap News)

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