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2019-03 14

[Media Briefing][Korea Times] Successfully Testing an Autonomous Driving Technology with LG U+

Hanyang University, in collaboration with LG Uplus, has successfully completed the testing of a fifth-generation (5G)-powered self-driving car, named A1. According to Sunwoo Myoung-ho, the head of the Automotive Control and Electronics Laboratory (ACE Lab), it marked the first time in history that a self-driving car drove itself about eight kilometers from Gangbyeon Expressway to Seoul Forest through the congested Olympic Highway. The A1 autonomously changed lanes and appropriately kept distances with vehicles ahead without human intervention. Sunwoo mentioned that 90 percent of car accident deaths are a result of driver carelessness and by advancing the car's capability, the rate can be significantly reduced. The senior vice president who leads the Future and Converged Division at LG Uplus said that the joint research of LG Uplus and Hanyang University will continue. Click to view the article :

2019-03 04

[Media Briefing][Korea Times] Hanyang Ranked 5th in the Number of CEO Graduates

Hanyang university ranked 5th in number of CEO graduates according to the survey conducted by CEO score. Recently, the trend has been that companies place more emphasis on job performance than educational background. The rate of CEOs who graduated from the so called, “SKY” universities (Seoul National, Korea, and Yonsei University) has been dropping according to a recent survey from January 23, 2019. CEOs from SKY universities made up 40.4 percent in the updated survey, down from 47.6 percent according to data from 2015. Although there was a drop in the shares for the three prestigious universities, the rankings were all the more similar with Seoul National University having the highest number of CEOs, followed by Korea, Yonsei, Sungkyunkwan, and Hanyang University. View original article:

2019-01 15

[Media Briefing][The Korea Bizwire] Professor Oh Jae-won Shows Effectiveness of the Samsung Cube

Research led by Professor Oh Jae-won from Hanyang University College of Medicine effectively proved that Samsung's air purifier, the Samsung Cube, improves allergies and asthma symptoms in children and young adults. Two groups participated in the eight-week study in which one group used Samsung's air purifier on a regular basis, while the other group did not. The atopic severity dropped by 15.2 percent for atopic patients, and allergic severity declined by 28.9 percent for allergy patients after using the Samsung Cube. Professor Oh Jae-won successfully completed the research that proved the improvement of respiratory conditions in young generations, using Samsung air purifiers. View original article:

2019-01 12

[Media Briefing][The Korea Times] Hanyang University Received 77 points in NCSI

In the 2018 National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI), 74 industries and 321 universities and government agencies were assessed, showing scores out of 100. Of 76 fields, showing the most growth was the field of private universities, going up by 10.3 percent from 68 points in 2017 to 75 points last year. Sungkyunjwan University, Yeungnam University College, Chungbuk National University received 79 points marking the highest score among universities, and Hanyang University's received 77 points. Ranking the second among all the universities that were assessed, Hanyang University has demonstrated a sharp rise in the 2018 NCSI assessment. View the original article:

2018-12 19

[Media Briefing][Korea Joongang Daily] Hanyang University Accepts Chinese QR payments

Starting in September, Hanyang University will accept tuition fees via WeChat Pay. The program is being developed with Shinhan Bank, and approximately 900 or so convenience stores and restaurants at train stations in Korea have started accepting WeChat payments. Many institutions including Hanyang University have begun accepting Chinese QR code mobile payments, and the growth of the Chinese payment system is becoming a concern for some individuals. One concern is that since the networks are Chinese, it may be hard to track down the payment records, and that could lead to tax evasion. However, with the growing popularity of direct purchases, many online shopping malls have started accepting mobile payment systems as well. As a potential consequence, this could result in Korean exporters evading taxes. View original article :

2018-12 19

[Media Briefing][Korea Joongang Daily] LG U+ 5G car drives itself on expressway

LG U+ employees demonstrate using an autonomous car with 5G connectivity in Seoul. Hanyang University and LG U+ have succeeded in demonstrating a '5G-powered self-driving vehicle' by successfully testing it on an expressway for the first time. The self-driving car developed by Hanyang University was successfully driven on LG U+'s 5G network for 25 minutes across seven kilometers (4.35 miles) of busy city roads including the Gangbyeon and Olympic Expressways. Hanyang University received footage of the test drive in real-time from a low latency video transmitter developed by LG U+. Sunwoo Myung-ho, who teaches automotive engineering at Hanyang University, said, “Self-driving cars that run on the 5G network will make important contributions to solving social problems like traffic volume and accidents.” Hanyang University will continue to work with LG U+ to polish its 5G-based self-driving car technology. <Link to the article>

2018-11 20

[Media Briefing][The Korea Herald] Actress Kim Hyang-gi was admitted to Hanyang University

Actress Kim Hyang-gi, who starred in two “Along With the Gods” movies that swept Asia in 2017 and 2018, was admitted into Hanyang University’s Department of Theater and Film on rolling admission. When it comes to the Suneung, Korea’s annual college entrance exam, celebrities are on the same plane as every other 18 year-old in the country. Though not all celebrities decide to take the Suneung, there are quite a few who wish to continue their studies alongside their career as an entertainer. Some stars such as Kim Hyang-gi already have everything sorted out in terms of balancing their education with their career, and some stars ultimately decide not to take the Suneung in order to focus solely on their entertainment career. <Link to the Article>

2018-10 08

[Media Briefing]The joint teams led by professor Shin Dong-wook develop PCFCs

A group of South Korean scientists has developed a protonic ceramic fuel cell (PCFC) that greatly improves both performance and scalability, helping to move forward the commercialization of next-generation eco-friendly power generation systems, researchers here said Tuesday. The joint teams, led by Shin Dong-wook of Hanyang University and Lee Jong-ho of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, claimed that they satisfied high performance and cost efficiency aspects of next generation fuel cells. Over the past decades, PCFCs have been praised as a next-generation technology. However, PCFCs needed to overcome limitations on performance due to the refractory nature of proton-conducting ceramic electrolytes and low chemical stability. The researchers said they have achieved the best value reported for PCFCs through an anode-assisted facile densification of a proton-conducting electrolyte on a structurally and compositionally uniform anode support. "Since all of the utilized fabrication processes were cost-effective, consistent and readily scalable, the advances fulfill the requirements of high performance, scalability and cost-efficiency for achieving commercial feasibility of PCFCs," the researchers said in their report. Their findings were published in the latest edition of the journal, Nature Energy. ▲ Some scientists of the joint team who developed PCFCs

2018-07 31

[Media Briefing][Korea Herald] Hanyang University aims to foster students who contribute to society

On July 30th, Korea Herald featured an interview with Hanyang University President Lee Young-moo. During the interview, President Lee highlighted Hanyang's founding philosophy of “Love in Deed and Truth” to realize social innovation. In fact, Hanyang University became the first university in East Asia to be designated as an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus in April. Ashoka U is an initiative that started in 2008, promoting higher education institutes to play roles in addressing social problems and drive changes. Lee also highlighted how strength in research is an important factor in strengthening the identity of a university, in the fast-changing society. Much effort on practical research area has seen its light, and the school ranked 23rd of Nature Index 2017 Innovation, which measures an institution’s influence on patents by looking at factors such as the number of references. View full article (Click)

2018-06 21

[Media Briefing][Korea Times] Hanyang University Entices Foreign K-pop Fans with Summer Camp

Hanyang University will hold ERICA Summer K-POP Camp 2018 at ERICA campus in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, from July 16th-28th, which will aim to teach foreigners basic techniques ranging from pronunciation and breathing tips to dance moves and choreography. The program, with lessons from Monday to Friday eight hours a day, will also offer tours of trendy Seoul hotspots on weekends. The camp will hold a graduation concert of the students where they will perform choreographed dances on July 27th. Students perform at 2018 Spring Festival of Hanyang University ERICA Campus. <Link to the article>