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2017-07 04

[Media Briefing][The Korea Times] Trade, Welfare Ministers Nominated

Cheong Wa Dae announced President Moon Jae-in's pick for trade and welfare ministers, Monday, finalizing the list of his Cabinet. Paik Un-kyu, a professor at the engineering department of Hanyang University, was nominated as minister of trade, industry and energy. Paik, a 53-year-old energy engineering expert, served as a member of a special committee at the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning and an adviser at the National Science and Technology Council, a policy-making body led by the prime ministed. He graduated from Hanyang University and earned a doctorate in ceramic engineering at Clemson University. ▲ July 4th <The Korea Times> Page 2

2017-07 04

[Media Briefing][Korea Joongang Daily] Moon Completes Naming Cabinet after 55 Days

President Moon Jae-in completed the formation of his cabinet on Monday by naming two academics to head the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Paik Un-gyu, a professor of energy engineering at Hanyang University, was nominated to become minister of trade, industry and energy. "Paik is a renowned scholar in energy consumption predictions and renewable energy," Park Soo-hyun, the presidential spokesman, said. "He is the best person to lead the new administrations' commerce, trade and energy policy. We have high expectations that he will create jobs by reviving industries, establish foundations for new growth for the fourth industrial revolution and find new energy sources." ▲ July 4th <Korea Joongang Daily> Page 1

2017-06 07

[Media Briefing][Korea Times] Learning Korean Culture

Foreign students at Hanyang Universtiy hold mugs they wrote their wishes on at Banggok Pottery Village in Danyang, North Chungcheong Province, Sunday. The university said it organized a two-day field trip to rural areas fro foreign students to help them better understand Korean culture and to boost tourism there. ▲ June 7th <Korea Times>

2017-03 30

[Media Briefing][Korea Joongang Daily] Online Courses Provide Entrepreneurial Paths

Twenty-three-year-old Kim Eun-jin, a student of Hanyang University, is involved in developing a program to help potential small-business owners identify the best storefront locations. Entering the program was a win-win for Kim. Not only is she engaging in practical study, she will receive 15 credits from the universtiy following her project's conclusion. "learning through practice is more effective than for professors to lecture and the students to listen in a one-way street," said Chang Suk-gwon, Kim's adviser and the president of the College of Business. Hanyang Universtiy is not alone, as universities all over Korea are introducing similar programs where students receive credit for carrying out independent projects. ▲ March 30th <Korea Joongang Daily> Page 8

2016-10 18

[Media Briefing]Hanyang University at No.2 in university survey… 490 founders at venture firms

According to the JoonAng Ilbo 2016 University Rankings, Hanyang University Seoul campus has moved up one spot to be ranked #2 in the nation, a historic milestone for the university. At the same time, Hanyang University ERICA campus firmly maintains the same position as last year at #8. Among 10,712 founders of venture firms, 503 founders are from Seoul National University, followed by 409 founders from Hanyang University. (Undergraduate, as of June this year). Programs supporting entrepreneurs stood out at Hanyang University where more than half of enrolled students, 8,008 out of 15,269 (52.4%), were or had taken a class on entrepreneurship education . Hanyang University is ahead of any other universities at founding firms, employment, and entrepreneurship education. In ‘Joongang Ilbo comprehensive university assessment ranking for 2016’, based on four-year colleges with four or more faculty departments among 6 departments, including humanities, social science, engineering, natural science, medicine, art, music and physical education, Hanyang University’s ranking (2nd) has gone up a notch in this year. It is the highest ranking Hanyang University ever had since the newspaper started conducting University assessment survey. This year JoongAng Ilbo has placed more importance on efforts of university for students’ employment and founding firms. ▲ October 17th <JoongAng Ilbo> ▲ October 17th <JoongAng Ilbo> ▲ October 17th <JoongAng Ilbo>

2016-09 30

[Media Briefing][Korea Times] Hanyang boosts academic-industrial ties

On September 20th, <Korea Times> publishes an interview of Hanyang University President Lee Young-moo. At a recent interview at his office on the university's campus in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, President Lee has committed to beefing up academic-industrial cooperation to develop technologies and transfer them to businesses. In fact, Hanyang has earned a combined total 27.6 billion won ($25 million) over the last decade in technology transfers, which is the highest among local universities. Also, President Lee has mentioned that university should serve the community and contribute to social welfare besides playing a role of higher education institute that teaches students and conducts researches. ▲ September 29th <Korea Times> Page 14 ▲ September 29th <Korea Times> Page 15