International Students who are applying for the fall semester of 2014 can apply for both Seoul and ERICA campuses.

1) Criteria
  • ① Students who applied for Seoul campus for the first choice can also apply for ERICA campus as the second choice
  • ② Students who applied for ERICA campus for the first choice cannot apply for Seoul campus or other departments in ERICA campus.
 Contents Campus


Dual application 1st choice 2nd choice
Single application Only Seoul campus 1st choice -
Only ERICAcampus - 1st choice
2) How to dual apply for campuses
Apply Online(Seoul Campus) - Pay Online - Apply Online(ERICA Campus) - Pay Online
※ Applicants who want to apply for both campuses must apply online twice. You can apply for ERICA campus after applying for Seoul campus. If you do not pay for the application, you cannot submit another application form.3) The process of selectionApplicants will go through a screening process which will determine their eligibility based on an evaluation of the documents they have submitted and the results of their admission test. Applicants will take the admission test only once and those who do not get admission at the Seoul campus will automatically become candidates for admission at ERICA campus.4) Results and registrationYou can check the result at our website by entering your birth date and application number. Those who applied for both campuses should check the results for both campuses. Those who got admission at Seoul campus as the first choice must register for the Seoul campus.