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04/10/2017 HYU News > General Important News


Who’s Still Working?

Late night projects on campus


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On an ordinary rainy night, the campus seems serene. Lights are on here and there, and few people are spotted heading home, calling it a day. Aimlessly walking through buildings and taking a look at what students were working on, their fatigue and zeal were evident. News H reporters this week toured around both campuses and met students working into the night at school.

A group of actors

First, stepping into the ITBT building (Seoul Campus), where practicing rooms for ballet, theater and music are situated, News H reporters caught sight of a group of play actors. They were honing their acting skills for their upcoming performance this May- Macbeth 2017. The actors were practicing psychologic gestures in a circle while reciting their own lines. They normally gather at the practice room every night and practice until 10 p.m.

“As an actor, it is our role to demonstrate the faults in our reality by depicting them expressively. In the play Macbeth 2017, we are portraying the nature of one’s inner greed and how it can be overwhelming and self-destructive if swayed more frequently than permissible,” Kim Young-rae (Department of Theater and Film, Graduate School), one of the actors in the group noted.
Actors are practicing psychologic gestures with their lines.

A trio of gayageum and geomungo

Moving on to Paiknam Concert Hall (Seoul Campus), trails of Korean instrument sounds led reporters to a small room of  three students from the Department of Korean Traditional Music. They were practicing an arrangement piece for their exam since 5 p.m., and were to keep practicing until the building closes at 11 p.m. As string instrument majors, they had calluses on their hands, due to many years of practice every day. They confessed that the room could be extremely humid in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. Nevertheless, they would not be deterred from going there to practice.
Three students were spotted practicing their instruments.

Sketching and stitching people

Next, visiting the College of Human Ecology (Seoul Campus), a room occupied by a number of students was observed. Students majoring in Clothing and Textiles were working on their class assignments by drawing patterns on a piece of clothing quite similar to an architectural blueprint. One of the students described assignment nights as sleepless because of the time and conscientious effort that goes into completing the work. Students said they typically linger around to work until the building closes at 10 p.m.
Peeking through the door, the students were found working quietly.

Two mechanics in a lab

Two students of the Mechanical Engineering Graduate School (ERICA Campus), were in an engine laboratory designated for designing engines and testing newly designed ones. The two engineers were coordinating the pipes where coolants are transported and displacing and reorganizing them into new positions. Neither one of them could say for sure when the project is to be completed since they had just begun working on the task. No doubt they will be working on it day and night.
The two students are relocating equipments for coolants.

Two pharmacists in a lab

Moving to the next place, an interesting scene was captured. Two students of the Department of Pharmacy (ERICA Campus) were creating and testing new drugs. They had composed a formula of a drug with a number of candidate substances and were experimenting whether it would be applicable under certain circumstances or not. Once the formula meets a list of conditions satisfactorily, it is to be tested on mice then on cats or rabbits. They began their experiment at 9a.m. and had been working for longer than half a day. After they leave the lab around 10 p.m., the students are planning to study more.
In a laboratory, two students were testing several substances for a new drug.

A class of ballerinas

A group of ballerinas had gathered in a practice room on ERICA Campus participating in a special license-obtaining course offered by the Social Education Center. The license is one of the graduation requirements for the students of the Department of Dance, which naturally attracts a lot of students. They have classes three times a week starting at 7 p.m. and ending at 9 p.m.
Students majoring in dance are participating in a course for a license.

Jeon Chae-yun
Photos by Kim Youn-soo
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