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04/16/2017 HYU News > General


HanAll, Sharing is Caring

Office of External Relations & Development Supporters


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Different types of organizations exist in Hanyang University (HYU), and HanAll may seem to be just an ordinary one. HanAll got its beginnings from a course: The New Wave of Philanthropy. This course teaches students about the concept philanthropy, which is different from charity in that philanthropy is the whole procedure of what social changes need to be made to solve the fundamental problem. HanAll aims to distribute the idea of sharing and the happiness of being able to help others in need. News H met three representatives of HanAll: Lim Joo-yeon (Department of Nuclear Engineering, 2nd year), Heo Yoo-jin (Department of Media and Communication, 3rd year), Lee Sang-ah (Division of Business Administration, 2nd year)


How It All Started
HanAll was not an official organization until last year when students formed groups in the course mentioned above, and Professor Bekay Ahn and Hanyang's president suggested creating the organization. Since no guidelines were set, HanAll went through much trial and error in the beginning, but now it has reached its comfort zone. “We managed to create a vision for the organization which is to create a HanAll Scholarship Foundation,” said Lim. Lim also added that since HanAll wishes for the scholarship to be of practical help to those in need, it is at the stage of saving up money after each activity.
Lim and Heo explain about HanAll.

HanAll could be of great interest to many students. Since it is an official supporter of HYU, promotion budgets are basically provided along with uniforms. In addition, members of HanAll are able to attend “Hanyang Future Forum for Creative Leaders” which limits its entrance to donors only. “It is not just these privileges that make us feel special. We get to plan our ideas and actually promote them with the help of HYU,” added Heo.
Events and Activities
All of the events held by HanAll are planned and promoted by the organization. In March, there was the vitamin drink hand-out event, and, in April, a cookie event was held. “With the help of Paris Baguette, we held a 1+1 event in which a student buying a cookie would result in giving a cookie towards Seongdong Social Welfare Center,” said Lee. Since planning these big events is not an easy task, HanAll faces problems with being creative. “We would like to come up with events that people would enjoy and participate in more,” added Lee. This upcoming May, HanAll is planning for a bracelet event.
Lee explains about the challenges of planning events.

Since the organization does not have a long history, many students do not know about its existence. “We try to spread the love and sharing by showing people and making them proud of what they have done,” said Lim. By creating donation cards and putting stamps every time a person is of help, it visualizes the sense of sharing. “When 6 stamps are collected on donation cards, the person would get a small prize. Moreover, they can have the sense of pride in knowing that they helped someone in need,” explained Heo. In addition, HanAll also meets alumni and interviews them which are then posted on Facebook. “Through Facebook, we are trying to provide useful information as well updates on upcoming events” said Lee.
HanAll members wish to be of great help to those in need.
(Photo courtesy of HanAll)

Sharing and charity should be carried out even in the smallest amounts. Being able to help those in need is one of the most beautiful things a person can do. Through the organization HanAll, it is easier for students to take small steps in contributing to society and returning the favor.
Kim Seung-jun
Photos by Choi Min-ju
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