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11/14/2017 HYU News > General


Fusion Major 101

Introduction to track and composition


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Hanyang University Social Innovation Center is carrying out the initiative called “HUGE (Hanyang University for Global Engagement)”, which aims to help the youth become a true global leader in accordance with the founding philosophy of "Love in Action". It attempts to foster global leaders who practice the spirit of sharing by facing global social issues and resolving them. Fusion majors is one of the means by which innovative global leaders are fostered, by opening new perspectives and enagling them to lead the society into an innovative direction.

What is a fusion major?

Fusion majors are majors established by combining courses of preexisting majors or departments, marked as the second or the third major of the student. The currently established fusion majors on the Seoul campus are as follows: Humanities Transdisciplinary Studies (consisting of Art Technology, Technoscience Humanities, Digital Storytelling, and Engineer Communicatiton), Humanities-Software Convergence, Public Administration Humanities, Chinese Economy and Trade Program, Global Business Culture, Classical Reading, Business Foundation, Automobile Software, and Big Data Science. As for the ERICA campus, there is Global Strategy Communication, Design Engineering, and Software for Emerging Technology.

Fusion majors are innovative in the way that they can help students become outbound experts, encompassing comprehensive knowledge from different perspectives rather than an inbound single viewpoint. Although it may sound similar to double majoring, there is a distinction between the two. While the former is the studying of two separate majors at the same time, the latter introduces the two different fields in one bowl, combining different majors and creating an innovative one.
By combining different fields, fusion majors offer a multiangular perspective.
(Photo courtesy of CIO)

“I am double majoring in Chinese Economy and Trade Program because I wanted to study further and deeper about China aside from the studies in my first major, digging more into the politics and economic aspects of the country. I want to recommend this major to others who are interested in China because it enables you to comprehend the country from an acute viewpoint,” answered Jung Jae-woo (Chinese Language and Literature, 3rd year). According to Jung, the fusion major enables him to acquire knowledge not provided in his first major from an innovative, integrated perspective of different majors, which truly helps him dig deep into the root of the expertise.

“It’s also possible that the fusion majors becomes a separate department in the future, depending on its performance. And there is no restriction or regulation to foreign students, as the same rules apply to all students. Fusion majors are for anyone who wants to become an innovative global leader!” noted Lee Won-gurl from the Center for Creative Convergence Education. He added that the greatest advantage of fusion majors is the convergence of different fields, going beyond the boundaries of each domain and creating an outlook of integration for the next level. Fusion majors can open the career path to unfixed routes, from Humanities to Engineering, for example.
Lee believes fusion majors could open unprecedented career paths.

Some FAQ’s!

When considering double majoring, students often come up with one or more of the following questions:

Q: I am a double-major student, and what happens if I cannot fulfill the graduation requirement in time?
A: You will be disqualified if you fail to fulfill the requirements. Taking seasonal courses can be an option.

Q: If I am an ERICA campus student, and I applied for a double-major on the Seoul campus. Which campus do I belong to?
A: Those who have successfully fulfilled the requirements in the 4th year will belong to the Seoul campus under that situation. In other words, when finishing the courses of your second major, you are a Seoul campus student. However, after completing the course, when going back to your first major, you will receive your degree on the ERICA campus.

Q: What will my graduation certificate look if I double major?
A: Your first and second major will appear in parallel on your graduation certificate. In terms of the certificate paper, you will receive separate papers for your first and the second major.

Jeon Chae-yun
Photos by Kang Cho-hyun
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