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04/02/2018 HYU News > General


Mongolian Delegations Benchmarking ERICA’s Industry-University Cooperation

Visited the site of the industrial education cluster through PRIME∙LINC+ business


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Hanyang University's ERICA campus held a briefing session on educational innovation through PRIME and LINC+ business for the representatives of State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia, visiting to benchmark the Academy-Research-Industry cluster on March 27 in Ansan, Kyeonggi Province. 

The representatives of the Parliament of Mongolia were Baatarbileg Yondonperenlei, the head of Mongolia's social policy, education, culture, and science committees; Tumurbaatar Yadmaa, president of the National University of Mongolia; and six other delegates.

They visited the school's cluster education centers, such as the Knowledge Factory, Knowledge Studio, and Smart Manufacturing Learning Center on ERICA Campus. In addition, they toured the Korea Institute of Production Technology, which is housed within the ERICA campus.

“We are grateful to promote ERICA’s innovative educational model based on Academy-Research-Industry cluster to Mongolia, following China,” said Kim Woo-seung, vice president of ERICA campus. He also added, “We will actively carry out educational research and cultural exchanges with Mongolia's universities and national institutions.”

▲ Representatives of Mongolia's parliament who visited the ERICA campus on March 27th to benchmark the industry-academic cooperation and officials from Hanyang University are taking a commeorative photo.

▲ National Assemblyman Baatarbileg Yondonperenlei (second from left), Congressman Terbishdagva Dendev (third from left), and Mongolian National University  vice president (third from right) are examining the 3D Printing Training Field in the ERICA Knowledge Factory.

▲ Mongolian delegates are touring the ERICA Smart Manufacturing Learning Center.

▲ A group of Mongolian delegates is taking a commemorative photo before the ERICA Academy-Research-Industry cluster Support Center tour.
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