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05/28/2018 HYU News > General


Rachios: Bisang

2018 Hanyang Festival


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From the 23rd to the 25th of May, Hanyang University's spring festival "Rachios: Bisang" took place with a lot of people having a good time. Several changes were made to this year’s festivities, as they were planned by the Emergency Planning Committee who had to follow a prohibition order from the Ministry of Education not to sell alcohol on campus during the school festival. However, despite the worries, Hanyang had a successful festivala and was able to give HYU students good memories once again.


Countless booths for everyone

Unlike last year’s festival, the school received sponsorship from various private corporations, including food trucks and an online gaming competition. However, that did not mean that the students did not have enough space to run their own booths. Just like last year, various clubs and departments decorated their own booths and advertised them all over campus. Moreover, the Emergency Planning Committee prepared various utilities and goods for Hanyangians.

The lawn in front of the HIT building was crowded with people enjoying a rest in the nice weather.

Food trucks throughout the campus delightened Hanyangians' appetites.
Clubs did not miss their chance to advertise themselves and recruit new members!
News H also had their own booth beside the lion statue and gave out  bountiful gifts and coupons.
How many photo zones did you find on campus?

Ban of alcohol?

The Ministry of Education has announced a prohibition order starting in May to outlaw the sale of alcohol by students, since they do not have the approrpiate license to sell alcoholic beverages. Not only were the departments who used to earn profits from the sale of alcohol disappointed, but so were the students who used to enjoy drinking during the festival. Everyone was shocked by the order. However, each division found their own solutions to enjoy the festival with alcohol through unique methods.

A number of majors proceeded with their bars by encouraging students to bring their own drinks.

Despite the worries, HYU was full of students who visited to enjoy the festival as they have always done.

Passion in the Outdoor Theater


A total of nine singers were called to this year’s festival. Attracting floods of students to the Amphitheater, the excitement of this year’s Rachios reached its peak. Starting from HYU’s cheering squad, all Hanyangians came together as one during the festival.

The crowds in the Amphitheater created a grand view along with passionate reactions to the performers.
Yoon-ha, a beloved singer, visited HYU on the 23rd.
An acoustic artist, 10cm, also visited on the night of the 23rd.
A famous K-pop girl idol group Blankpink visited HYU on the 24th.
2018 spring festival "Rachios: Bisang" reached its end with great applause and compliments.

On Jung-yun
Photos by Kang Cho-hyun

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