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09/27/2016 HYU News > General Important News


Public Transportation around ERICA Campus

Slowly improving for more accessibility and convenience


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Significant Changes

Since its establishment in 1979, there has been several milestones in the chronicle of HYU ERICA’s transportation services. Located in Sangrok-gu, city of Ansan, the campus posed considerable difficulty to students living outside the area. Those dwelling in Seoul or any other city had no other choice but to take the intercity buses to make it to Ansan, then transfer to yet another bus in order to get to the school. There were school buses that reached Incheon, Seoul, and Suwon, but commuting to school without multiple transfers was rare. Adding to such inconvenience, a typical commute included walking between transfers. Once students got off the bus at a stop, most likely at a major landmark, they had to walk quite a distance in order to transfer to a different bus.                                                                         

Fortunately, with the subway line 4 being put in operation from 1988, conditions started to get better. Additional bus stops on the route of shuttle buses was also of some help. Students were transported to landmarks near the school by school shuttle buses for free of charge, but there still were none that went into the campus to let students off. The Dean of Planning Crew, Ho-shik Won, was in charge of reinforcement of approachable public transportation for convenience. It required cooperation with the city government of Ansan to lay a subway line near the campus. “I think the school should be tranquil for better education. The perception that a quiet environment allows for a good studying atmosphere didn't buy in at the time, so the school was not that interested in bringing a subway route close to the school. Besides, students had few complaints due to the operation of free school shuttles,” commented Joon-soo Lee, the manager of ERICA's Planning Team.                                                                                                                

The Dean of Planning Crew, Won Ho-shik, took charge of improving the transportation service around the ERICA campus.

In response to students’ requests, buses run through the city more frequently. As of 2009, bus numbers 10 (from the school to Sangroksu Station) and 21 (from the school to Joongang Station to Oido) became the new addition, which was the first drastic attempt made by the Planning Crew to alleviate poor transportation conditions. Following this hopeful change is the inclusion of another bus route: from the intersection at 10 minutes distance from the school main entrance straight to Gangnam Station. Yet, there still were disadvantages to the brand new routines: it took too long and the students had to walk some distance to get to the bus stop. Following continuous attempts, the efficacy of commuting increased substantially due to the opening of a new subway line, the Suin Line (from Suwon to Incheon and vice versa) in June 2012. And still, the effort extends to this day, proved by another new bus, 3102 which leads to Gangnam Station and resolves the disadvantages of the previous buses. This began operating from September 1 this year.  

Bus 3102, operating from September 1, 2016, will travel to Gangnam Station at an interval of 20 minutes.

 Present Conditions and Upcoming Future

The conditions seem to be ever-improving, with the consistent effort of the school and the student council of the ERICA Campus. The most recent change, the opening of bus 3102, went through an arduous process. Members of the student council met the Ansan Congressmen and City Councillors to discuss the matters of upgrading the transportation system outside of the school. The Planning Team steadily requested and negotiated with the bus corporation until a desired agreement was reached. The very first trail ride of bus 3102 was witnessed by the President of the Student Council, Yong-ki Jeon, and the Dean of Planning Crew, Ho-shik Won. “The allotted interval can be reduced to less than 20 minutes depending on how many students use it. To wait less and increase convenience, please take the new bus as you please,” said Jeon.

Plans for future changes are noteworthy, too. A new intercity bus route connecting the ERICA Campus, Suwon and Yongin is becoming the subject of heated discussion as the next goal. Furthermore, Suin Line connecting Handae Station and Suwon Station is to be completed and opened in December 2017. Also on the list is the Sosa-Wonsi Line that will lay its rails from Bucheon to Siheung to Ansan, which is anticipated to be completed in Feburary 2018. The transportation system around HYU's Ansan campus seem to be improving consistently- stressful inconvenience is to decrease day by day.                                                                                                                                                                     

Jeon Chae-yun

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