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06/04/2018 HYU News > General


Hanyang College of Engineering International Students Ambassador (HISA)

Welcoming HYU's foreign engineering students


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From May 21st to May 31st, 2018-1 HISA’s Meet-up with Seniors was held for the first time at the Engineering Center. Hanyang College of Engineering International Students Ambassador (HISA) was formed in 2018 in order to support and connect the Hanyang international students within the engineering field. The group plans to host various programs such as the Welcoming Party, Buddy Program, Meet-up with Seniors, and Cultural Activity.

Meet-up with Seniors was a program carried out for the first time ever as well. According to Chung Ye-won (Department of Information Systems), vice president of HISA, the meet-up program itself is to be held once every semester for two weeks. “There are a variety of events and programs about job-seeking or the graduate school application process, but none of them are for foreign students. We thought hosting informative programs such as the meet-up with seniors, where the presenters are all fellow HYU foreign engineering students, would be helpful,” said Chung. The main topic of the 2018-1 meet-up was focused on learning the experiences of seniors who went to graduate schools in Korea.

“Within the two weeks, there will be 7 meet-up sessions, each of them lasting for about an hour where the senior would present his topic of the day followed by a 10-minute Q & A session," said Chung Ye-won at the Engineering Center.

 One of the presenters of the day was a Chinese student An, who graduated from HYU’s Department of Electronic Engineering. He also finished his Masters at HYU and is now on his way to receiving his Doctorate as well. An talked about his personal experiences studying in Korea, the importance of maintaining relationships with both students and professors, having the courage to try different things, and going on vacations to enrich your life. Both Korean and foreign students attended the session.

 Lee Su-min, an Electronic Engineering student said, “I’m a Korean student and I attended this session because I wanted to find out detailed information about studying as a foreign student. I learned a lot today as the presenter gave me an idea of how to overcome my slump period and coping with stress and difficulties while studying my major.”


An giving his presentation at the Engineering Center, May 31st.

Tao Rui, an Electrical and Biomedical Engineering major said, “Today’s presentation was quite interesting because it was focused more on how to deal with relationships, challenging myself, going on vacations, and other ideological concepts, unlike other similar programs. I would love to attend events like this again in the future.” Sakib, a Computer Science major, is one of the foreign students who is a member of HISA. When asked why he decided to join the group he replied, “When I first came to HYU as an engineering student, there were no student associations or programs such as this to help us out. I always felt the need for an organization that is informative and can actually help the foreign students connect with various opportunities in Korea.”

According to Chung, surveys are sent out through email to all students who attend their programs for feedback. Their second theme of the Meet-up with Seniors program, which is to be held next semester, will be on job-seeking as a foreign student in Korea. “We hope that as time passes, more students will become aware of our programs and participate. We are trying our best to provide them with a better study environment and to help them build the best experiences and memories they can here at HYU,” said Chung.

Park Joo-hyun
Photos by Lee Jin-myung

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