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06/11/2018 HYU News > General


Paiknam to be the Best of University Libraries

The Chairman of the National Assembly Award from Korean Association for Research Information


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Paiknam Library, commonly known as the central library, won the Chairman of the National Assembly Award on May 24th. The prize was awarded by the Korean Association for Research Information (KARI). This meaningful milestone is the biggest award given by KARI, and Paiknam Library is the only university library to have received the prize this year. 
Our beloved library is 70 years old as of 2018, and the Chairman of the National Assembly Award is not the only award Paiknam has received. It also received the Korean Library Association Award this February. News H interviewed the Dean and the Associate Dean of the library to find out more about these events. 
From the left, Hong Yong-pyo (Associate Dean) and Eom Ik-sang (Dean of the University Library) are enthusiastically explaining the history and the future of Paiknam Library on June 8th.

According to the Associate Dean, the university library was able to win the award from KARI thanks to the usage of the National Assembly library’s electronic resources by Hanyang members. In fact, Paiknam Library is one of the top five libraries in the nation to possess the most books. However, the percentage of books on loan is not as high. “We looked into the issue and discovered that Hanyang members actively download and borrow online resources,” mentioned the Dean. Paiknam Library is also sharing our resources with the National Assembly Library, too. 
Looking back on the 70 years of the Paiknam Library, there have been a lot of changes going on the past couple of years. The library was remodeled so that more students can enjoy the place more comfortably, and exciting programs such as debate competitions and coffee sessions on how to write good articles were created. Eom smiled and said, “I want the library to be a place students all love, like a second home.” He plans to nurture the place so that students can not only study in the library but also exchange ideas, be entertained, and even take a nap. Hong also mentioned that "The library is heart of the university," and that he will do his best to keep it up. 
Fifth from the left, Chung Sye-kyun (former Chairman of the National Assembly) is standing next to Hong at the May 24th KARI assembly. The Paiknam Library was awarded the prize on the same day.
(Photo courtesy of Paiknam Library)

Kim So-yun
Photos by Kang Cho-hyun
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