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07/02/2018 HYU News > General


Goodbye HYU

2018 Faculty Retirement Ceremony


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With June coming to an end, 33 faculty members of Hanyang University (HYU) said their last goodbyes after years of pouring passion and care into the school of over 22,000 students.

On June 19th at the Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT) building, 21 professors from both HYU Seoul and ERICA campuses attended their last official school ceremony. It started off with the dean's last remarks, wishing them the best of luck in the next chapter of their lives. 

Professors Yoo Eun-kwang (Department of Nursing), Kim Young-what (School of Law), Cho Se-hwan (Department of Urban Planning and Engineering), Kang Yong-soo (Department of Energy Engineering), Choi Dong-hoon (Department of Engineering), Yi Seung-jong (Department of Engineering), Sunwoo Myung-ho (Department of Automotive Engineering), Seo Jeong-gook (College of Medicine), Kim Kyo-sang (College of Medicine), Yoo Hee-jun (College of Medicine), Um Ki-bang (College of Medicine), Lee Yong-sung (College of Medicine), Pih Jong-ho (Department of German Language & Literature), Kim Wan-se (Department of Mathematics), Lee Young-pak (Department of Physics), Lee Tae-sik (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering), Kim Young-chul (Department of Japanese Language & Culture, ERICA), Lee Hee-su (Department of Cultural Anthropology, ERICA), Kim Myoung-soo (Department of Information Sociology, ERICA), Nam Sang-nam (College of Sports and Arts, ERICA) and Professor Kim Ki-chul (Department of Chinese Studies, ERICA) were present at the ceremony.
Retirement ceremony for professors in the HIT building on June 19th 2018
(Photo courtesy of Media Strategy Center)

For school staff members, the retirement ceremony was held on June 28th at the new administration building. The 12 staff members also included those from both the Seoul and ERICA campuses, who worked at departments including general affairs management and the administration office. The dean of HYU also joined the two ceremonies to deliver his gratitude.

Kook Bang-hyun has worked at the Seoul campus administration office for over 31 years. Having started in 1986, HYU has been a huge part of his life. “I have so many memories on this campus. Ever since I started working here, I’ve worked at a variety of departments and participated in numerous school projects. I've had amazing colleagues and amazing professors to work with. I also know that my successors are so talented that I have no doubt that they will now lead this beloved school to develop.”
Lee (left) and Kook (right) leave their last comments after the staff retirement ceremony at the new administration building on June 28th 2018

Lee Jong-tae has worked at the general affairs office at the ERICA campus for 25 years. “I started working in 1993. I actually started at the Seoul campus, but worked longer at ERICA. Luckily, I was able to take part when both campuses were in the process of major changes. Throughout the years they have both changed drastically and I believe more changes for the better are to come. I’m retiring now, but I can see myself visiting the two campuses quite often in the future. Also, I’m not sad to leave, but rather quite excited to see how much it will have changed the next time I come back.”

Park Joo-hyun
Photos by Lee Jin-myung 
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