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07/02/2018 HYU News > General


A Fair Competition For Overall Advancement

Department of Tourism ranks first in this year's assessment program


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Starting from 2012, Hanyang University has been running an assessment program which evaluates the 58 departments of the Seoul campus and the 38 departments of the ERICA campus. This year the department of tourism managed to rank first out of the 58 departments of Seoul campus, after placing second for the past two years.

The assessment program evaluates the departments based on 22 different criteria, which include educational, research, international, and financial indicators. According to Kim Youn-san, chief of the Hanyang Planning and Evaluation team, in order to receive a high rating in the evaluation program, it is crucial to show high performance in all the indicator fields rather than to show exceptional strength in one field. This enables the departments to give a balanced focus upon the various standards stated in the school’s assessment program. In addition, in order to maintain a fair evaluation process, direct comparison between departments is avoided upon necessary criteria.

"As for the criteria where information can be assessed, such as employment rates and dropout levels, rather than comparing two different departments directly, each department is compared with the same department within a rival school. For example, the department of Mechanical Engineering is compared with another school’s corresponding department, rather than having a direct comparison with the department of Chemistry,” explained Kim during the interview. This is due to the effort of using a standardized indicator towards the different departments which have various characteristics that should be taken into consideration.
Kim Yeon-san, the chief of the Planning and Evaluation Team, maintained that the HYU assessment program does not simply set competition between departments, but is a program that contributes to the overall growth of Hanyang University itself. 

The department of tourism showed overall high achievement this year according to the evaluation standards. Professor Kim Nam-jo (Department of Tourism) explained how tourism's becoming a more practical subject contributed to the department’s high ranking on this year’s evaluation. He pointed out the high number of internship programs provided, which goes alongside with the high employment rates of the department's graduates. He also maintained the power of the tourism professors' research. “The professors of tourism have managed to achieve a harmonious balance between themselves, which allows them to focus upon their well-divided roles of research,” explained Kim.
Professor Kim Nam-jo (Department of Toursim) also shed light upon how the field of toursim can be converged with other various fields, as a reason that the department has ranked high in the evaluation program.

As for the high ranking departments within the assessment program, incentives are provided. Such incentives can be used by the departments for the purposes of offering scholarships to students, holding academic conferences, and improving educational facilities. Being the top-ranked department for this year’s assessment program, the department of tourism is expected to receive their rewards, which will further contribute to its future performance.

Choi Seo-yong
Photos by Lee Jin-myung
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