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09/03/2018 HYU News > General


New Changes for Paiknam Library & Academic Information Center

Professor Han Hyun-soo (Department of Business) as the 22nd Dean


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Professor Han Hyun-soo (Department of Business) began his new post as the 22nd Dean of the Paiknam Library & Academic Information Center (Paiknam) on the first of this past July. Having a long affection towards Paiknam, Han is planning to make the library into a place more contributable towards its users, while combining both digital and analogical features. A Developing Committee has already been formed with the Associate Dean, Hong Yong-pyo, and other librarians of Paiknam being the main members.
Professor Han Hyun-soo (Department of Business) began his new post as the 22nd Dean of the Paiknam Library & Academic Information Center on the 1st of July, 2018.

The Developing Committee has mainly set three directions for its future tasks of changing Paiknam into a speedy, highly-qualified, and healing information center for its users. According to Hong, Paiknam has formed the Developing Committee in order to predict and prepare for changes rather than to handle them. “Reacting to a ‘change’ means that the actual change has already happened. Rather than to react, the committee has the main goal of predicting any changes that might occur and make a move beforehand,” explained Hong.

The Three Directions: Speed, Quality, and Healing

Having mainly set three directions, Han and the Developing Committee has plans to make Paiknam provide information at a much higher speed for students. Although Paiknam already has a fast provide-time for information, Han plans to reduce the actual ‘need-time’ of users. He mentioned, "the information provision process is already fast administratively, yet it is the time that the users feel which is important. The Developing Committee is looking for ways to reduce the time the information is directly provided to the user.”

Not only speed, but having a higher quality of information is also a task for the new Developing Committee. Having around 1.6 million books and a vast spectrum of digital information, Han is now preparing a system which allows Paiknam to balance that amount of information. Based on the decision that the graduate students are the most aware and in need of quality information from various fields, a student volunteer-team for collection-development is being planned for this purpose. The students would be tasked with selecting and examining the new, high-quality information that Paiknam would provide.

Furthermore, Paiknam has become a more comfortable space for students. Breaking the traditional paradigm of an academic library, Han and the committee are planning to make Paiknam into a place where its users can not only study and search for information but can also rest and refresh themselves. The open space of the rooftop and the terraces on the third floor are being planned for cultural activities. A new lounge named the Lee Seung-gyu Lounge is also in the works with plans for it to be on the first floor, which provides spaces for various activities such as seminars, sleeping, and VR experiencing.
Han is explaining how he and the new development committee plan to change Paiknam into a more multifaceted area that will fulfill various purposes other than simply studying and searching for information.

“A university library is often considered the heart of a school. In order for Paiknam to fulfill its purpose, we are analyzing the utilization patterns of its users and changing the area into one that fully meets their needs,” maintained Hong. This goes along with Han mentioning how he wanted to further communicate with Paiknam’s users. He explained that the users are welcomed to share their opinions of Paiknam through various routes such as the Paiknam online website. (A Direct Link to Paiknam's official website)

Choi Seo-yong   
Photos by Park Kuen-hyung
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