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09/03/2018 HYU News > General


Hanyang University’s 2019 Early Admission Begins

Changes to the 2019 Student Selection Process


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The season of university applications has approached and both the Seoul and ERICA campuses of Hanyang University are preparing to receive student applications. It is worth noting that there have been visible changes to the 2019 admission's process. To further explain, the Seoul Campus Dean of Admissions, Jung Jae-chan, and the ERICA Campus Dean of Admissions, Hwang Seung-jun, talked about some of the alterations.

Seoul Campus

For the upcoming 2019 admissions, a Comprehensive Student Transcript (학생부종합) has been added to several of the student selection methods’ reflection rates. For instance, starting this year, the Global Talent Selection (글로벌인재전형) will select a total of 78 students from an English, Chinese, or German essay in the first stage, a foreign language interview with a comprehensive student transcript in the second stage, with each taking up 60 percent and 40 percent of the consideration proportion, respectively. Another change is that the essay topics will differ among the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of English Language Education, and the Division of International Studies.
Jung Jae-chan (the Seoul Campus Dean of Admissions) stated that the university will evaluate students’ aptitudes and growth potential from their high school records.
(Photo Courtesy of Jung)

Moreover, for the Software Talent Selection (소프트웨어인재전형), 13 students will be selected, and a comprehensive student transcript will be included for the second stage interview with a 60 percent consideration proportion. The performance evaluation will comprehensively evaluate the software-related achievements shown in their high school records. According to Jung, the main reason for this change was due to the lack of a high school life evaluation in the previous selection processes. In order to grade applicants more precisely, the Seoul Campus has decided to assess their high school records this year.

ERICA Campus

For the ERICA campus, there have been modifications in the High School Grades Selection (학생부교과) and Comprehensive High School Transcript Selection (학생부종합전형). 290 students will be selected for the High School Grades Selection, and the minimum average grade for social studies and science subjects in the College Scholastic Ability Test has been reduced from two subjects to one. This change illustrates the university’s continuing effort to gradually ease the minimum standard of the Korean University Entrance Exam in the early admissions.
Hwang Seung-jun (ERICA Campus Dean of Admissions) emphasized that it is important to utilize one’s experiences during high school and give an honest answer during the interview.
(Photo Courtesy of Hwang)

Starting this year, the Comprehensive High School Transcript Selection has been divided into I and II. In part II, 37 students are selected for the College of Computing through interviews, while for part I, 329 students are selected for the rest of the majors without interviews. Hwang asserted that although the minimum standards for the College Scholastic Ability Test are not applied to this selection process, applicants will see good results only if they have worked hard during their three years in high school.

The Seoul Campus's online application starts from September 10, 2018 and ends on the 12th, while the ERICA Campus begins on the 11th and ends on the 14th. The two deans of admissions have maintained that applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these assessment changes and apply to the selections process that is most suitable for them.

Link to Seoul Campus Admissions Website
Link to ERICA Campus Admissions Website

Seok Ga-ram
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