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09/04/2018 HYU News > General


Hanyang University signed an MOU with Silicon Valley Korean American Federation

To activate the global start-up cooperation 


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▲Ahn Sang-seok (left), Silicon Valley Korean American Federation President,  and Ryu Chang-wan, Professor at Hanyang University Division of Industrial Convergence, is taking a commemorative photo. 

Hanyang University signed an MOU with Silicon Valley Korean Federation (President Ahn Sang-seok) in Silicon Valley, California, USA on Auguet 21st (local time) about the global startup cooperation. 

This MOU was arranged to activate the global start-up cooperation for Korean youth in Silicon Valley, Hanyang University (graduate) students, and startups by establishing an organic cooperation system in the field of startup support.

The two organizations decided to actively cooperate on matters deemed appropriate for the purpose of cooperation such as △Business and technical cooperation between Silicon Valley Korean entrepreneur and Hanyang University student · startup △Mutual exchange and startup support between Silicon Valley and Korean technology founders △Program co-hosting such as start-up camp, startup competition,and so on, etc.

Meanwhile, Hanyang University has been selected as the best University of startup education, and ranked 1st of national universities in nurturing student founders for three consecutive years. Recently, Hanyang has been actively supporting the global expansion of startup through cooperation with Draper University in U.S.A , and Amazon, etc.

Lee Wang-rok, the Silicon Valley Korean Federation youth leadership manager, said, "Through cooperation between the two organizations, we expect to help establish a foundation for Korean graduates' stable entry into the U.S. market and further positively influence the integration of Korean society in America"
Division of Industrial Convergence Professor Ryu Chang-wan said, "This MOU will help Korean youth startups who have successfully entered the Silicon Valley to help younger students grow and play a major role in building a  virtuous cycle of startup ecosystems.", and "We will work hard to find potential talent that can grow into a global innovation company.".
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