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09/10/2018 HYU News > General


A Center for Enhancing Learning Abilities

Smart Center for Teaching and Learning’s Upcoming Changes and Programs


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With the start of the second semester, recruitments for programs targeted towards Hanyang University students have been visible all over the campus. Among these, programs held by the Smart Center for Teaching and Learning on the Seoul Campus should be taken note of. This center focuses on increasing the learning capabilities of both students and professors through additional educational programs. To explain the center’s goal of enhancing the learning abilities, the Center for Smart Teaching and Learning’s Principal Researcher, Lee Ji-yeon, talked about the new implementations and its upcoming programs in the second semester.

The first significant change is the application of research project based learning (R.PBL) methods to some of the current curriculums. R.PBL is a problem-based learning system that focuses on solving issues related to one’s life through conducting research-based problem-solving activities. There are a total of 35 R.PBL courses so far. Lee stated that this new methodology will enable students to effectively apply the knowledge they have acquired to the professional field. 

The Smart Center for Teaching and Learning’s Principal Researcher, Lee Ji-yeon, explains that the Blackboard system has already been implemented in the ERICA campus, and the Seoul Campus will follow suit starting next year. 

Furthermore, the Seoul Campus will implement a new type of learning management system (LMS) called Blackboard starting in the first semester of 2019. Blackboard has already been implemented in the ERICA Campus beginning this semester. “Through Blackboard, we hope active discussions will take place between the students and professors,” asserted Lee. The system enables communication through video chatting. In order to prepare students for Blackboard, the Smart Mate Program will provide assistance to those who want to experience the system beforehand. 

The Seoul Campus Center has planned various programs to enhance students’ learning abilities this semester. They are the Learning Pace Maker, Learning Light, Hanyang Academic Town, Global “Hamgyul”, and the Global Learning Community programs.

Learning Pace Maker and Learning Light are both learning enhancement programs. Lee explained that the program with the highest participation rate is Learning Pace Maker, which is a peer-to-peer collaborative learning program in which four team members all taking the same major course complement each other’s weak points as learning partners. The data gathered from this semester will be combined into a big data that can be shared with all Hanyang University students in the beginning of 2019.

Learning Light is a program that assists students who want to “light up” their grades by providing various motivations.
(Photo Courtesy of Lee)

Moreover, the Hanyang Academic Town Program supports research activities to produce creative outcomes, and students can carry out projects in a learning community composed of those with the same goals.

Other programs such as Global “Hamgyul” and Global Learning Community target international students. Students with diverse nationalities can organize projects to create a global campus and carry out learning projects with both Korean and international students.

The Smart Center for Teaching and Learning is promoting these programs through emails, text messages, and university notices. The notices are posted regularly on the Hanyang Portal. Lee concluded that students are more than welcome to contact the center if there are any inquiries, and they hope that more students become interested in the programs.


Seok Ga-ram
Photos by Kang Cho-hyun

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