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09/11/2018 HYU News > General


President Lee Young-moo and his delegation visit alumni in America from Aug 21st to 25th

On the 24th, meeting Kim Dong-gu, Chairman of the D.K.Kim Korea Foundation, discussing solutions for mutual development


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The President of Hanyang University, Lee Young-moo and the Executive Vice President, Lee Seung-chul along with their delegation traveled to the U.S. on a five-day business trip from August 21st to the 25th, visiting companies run by Hanyang alumni who have successfully settled in the United States.

They first visited the Lee Accountancy Group run by Lee Jong-hyuk (Architectural Engineering) on August 21st and TeleVideo by Hwang Gyu-bin (Nuclear Engineering, 58) on August 23rd, encouraging the alumni for successfully flourishing their businesses in the midst of difficult circumstances.

They also had time to seek ways for mutual development. On Saturday, August 25th,  they met with Nam Myung-ok (College of Nursing) and discussed a donation to the development fund for the Nursing Department as well as a future visit to the campus.
▲(Starting from the left side) President Lee Young-moo & CEO Lee Jong-hyuk of the Lee Accountancy Group (Architectural Engineering)
▲(From the left to right) Hwang Gyu-bin, the former Chairman of TeleVideo & President Lee Young-moo
▲(Starting from the left side), Oh Sung-geun, a professor in Chemical Engineering, the President of Hanyang University,   Lee Young-moo, alumnus Nam Myeong-ok (nursing), & Lee Seung-chul, the Executive Vice President of Hanyang University

In addition, the presidents met with Kim Dong-koo, the Chairman of the D.K.Kim Foundation, who had previously donated 1 billion won to Hanyang’s Development Fund, at the Line Hotel in Los Angeles on the 24th (Friday) to discuss ways of further cooperation with each other. They also had time to discuss joint research on the Vietnamese defoliant and illusory rain with Kang Ju-seop, a professor in Pharmacology.
▲(From the left side) President Lee Young-moo & President Kim Dong-koo, Chairman of the D.K.Kim Foundation 

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