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10/22/2018 HYU News > General


College of Engineering Olympics

HYU sports week


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In Korea, sports day is a major event especially in elementary and sometimes in middle schools as well. It is a time when you get to gather with your friends and families and compete in various events, away from the overloaded and stressful studies. Surprisingly, there are even sports days in universities as well, as if to bring back the good old memories but on a larger scale.
The staff are in white and taking scores for an e-sports competition. 
One of the most popular departments at Hanyang University is the College of Engineering. Not only is it large in size, but it also consists of 19 majors, adding to the school’s reputation as it is renowned for its science, technology, and engineering majors. From October 8th to the 13th, all majors from the College of Engineering gathered to compete in various sports competitions including billiards, table tennis, foot volleyball, bowling, badminton, rummikub, halli galli, and e-sports.
E-sports is one of the most popular sports categories. 

Han Jang-hun, the department’s student president, was happy to say how this year’s sports week was a relative success. “As the student council, we always hope more students will participate and get to fully enjoy this annual event. This year, about twice as many students participated than last year. We have a separate league for main sports such as soccer and basketball, so for sports week, we were able to include other types of sports that people normally don’t do. For categories that aren’t as popular, there was a lower registration fee, whereas for more popular sports, we had to set the bar higher so that it won’t get too crowded.”
Of course, there were definitely some hardships as well as that involved hundreds of participants. “Although it’s a good thing that more students participated this year, it was consequently harder to set a comprehensive game schedule. Also, because less student fees were collected this year, there was a limitation in how much we could give for prizes."
Student council members from the College of Engineering
The staff members were not the only participants who had helped out throughout sports week. There were many more who wanted to take part in the planning and facilitating process, and everybody seemed to have a good time. “The point is, everybody should have the chance to do whatever they’ve imagined doing in college and fully enjoy it,” said Han.

Park Joo-hyun
Photos by Lee Jin-myung 
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