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10/22/2018 HYU News > General


Undergraduate Honors Program in the College of Economics and Finance

The only preparation program in Hanyang University for joining public financial organizations


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In Korea, every third Saturday of October is usually referred to as the A-Match day, which is a day that most major public financial organizations have their service examinations. In order to prepare for the written exams, held by such major public financial organizations, the Undergraduate Honors Program in Finance Economics (UHPFE) is being operated at the College of Economics and Finance. Having first opened in 2008, the UHPFE has shown positive results, producing many figures in the public financial field since its inception.

Joining the UHPFE

Having two selection processes in March and December every year, there are several conditions that applicants should meet in order to join the program. To begin with, one must major or double major in the field of economics and should either be a major or senior. As for this year’s selection process in December, it is acceptable for those who become a junior in the year 2019 to apply. In addition, one should have an official English test score. However, according to Moon Hyun-jae (Department of Economics and Finance, 4th year), the current president of the program, such scores should only surpass the certain level of which most public financial organizations also require. Additionally, one’s accumulated credits should be over 3.9, which is an indicator of his or her sincerity towards school studies. Such conditions were implemented considering the fact that only a maximum of 22 students are allowed in the program each year.
Moon Hyun-jae (Department of Economics and Finance, 4th year), the current president of the Undergradute Honors Program in Finance Economics explains how the program has been operating and showing positive results since 2008.

After meeting the stated conditions above, applicants are required to pass a self-exam of the program, with the questions being set by Moon himself. “As most applicants are students who have not yet started to prepare for the A-match tests, the level of difficulty is set to a level in which most sophomores and juniors from an Economics major can solve. The applicants should prove that they have the possibility of passing the actual A-match tests, based upon the self-exam,” explained Moon when asked about the difficulty of the self-exams of the program.          

Studying at the UHPFE

Despite such requirements, the popularity of the UHPFE has been consistently high due to the benefits it offes. Moon pointed out three and began with the possibility for one to study following a fixed, stable schedule. The fact that the president checks the attendance of the members helps those who have trouble with self-management. Additionally, being in an atmosphere where everyone studies for a common goal would also greatly motivate members of the program. In addition, the UHPFE also provides the right studying environment. Receiving support from the College of Economics and Finance, the program's members are provided with a classroom with 22 seats, which allows the members to study in a pleasant and spacious environment. Lastly, Moon also mentioned the ability to access various studying materials. Members are welcomed to request additional materials on top of the existing ones related to the exams, which is then purchased and provided by the department.
Recieving support from the College of Economics and Finance, the UHPFE students are provided with an expansive and spacious environment, which enables them to fully concentrate on their studies.

Even apart from the benefits mentioned, the members of the UHPFE are able to study in an environment where they can fully concentrate on the A-Match examinations. Having shown positive results since its first start in 2008, Moon also showed concern towards future members of the program. He commented, “with having interest in joining a public financial organization being a start, I hope that future members can study persistently towards his or her goal and be able to fully motivate each other.”

Moon also added how the actual A-Match exams are relatively unfamiliar compared to other major exams, such as the Civil Service Examination. Therefore, he hopes that more people who have interest in the field of economics apply. He ended the interview by mentioning that the announcements for the selection process will be posted during mid-December, and the actual process will be held after the final exams. For those who have interest in joining the program should keep track of the online website of UHPFE (A Direct Link to the UHPFE Website). 

Choi Seo-yong
Photos by Park Guen-hyung 
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