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10/29/2018 HYU News > General


'Class of 88, Light of History'

The homecoming day school festival (Class of 1988)


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The homecoming day school festival, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Class of 88's admission into Hanyang University, was held on the 27th of October. Having the main theme, ‘Class of 88, Light of History,' the festival was dignified with the presence of many graduates. Divided into two sessions, the festival held various events which allowed the graduates to recall memories of their school years.  
A campus tour was planned in the first session where the graduates went around the eight main locales of the university while playing mini-activities such as bowling, darts, and golf. This allowed the graduates to travel around the school and to recollect and compare the campus of their school years, which has significantly changed since graduation. Stamps and medals were also awarded to those who completed all the mini-activities, which enhanced the fun atmosphere of the campus tour.
The second session of the homecoming day festival was held at the Olympic Gymnasium, a meaningful building to the Class of 88, and was also the site where the volleyball games were held during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. 
The President of Hanyang University, Lee Young-moo, openly welcomed the Class of 88 during his opening speech of the homecoming day festival.

During the second session, all of the graduates gathered together at the Olympic Gymnasium, where a banquet was prepared, alongside celebratory performances and recreational activities. The session started with an opening speech by the President of Hanyang University, Lee Young-moo, who greeted the Class of 88 by mentioning that the year of 1988 is very special to him, as it was the year when he had joined the school as a professor.
Hanyang's Celebration Team, the 'Roothers' prepared a special performance for the Class of 88.
The former school band, the Stepping-Stones (징검다리) also paid a special visit during the homecoming day festival. Consisting of only students from Hanyang University, the group won the third and second prize at the University Song Festival in 1984 and 1988, respectively.

Special performances in the forms of pop-pera, musicals, and magic shows were prepared by the current students of Hanyang to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their seniors. The former school band, the Stepping Stones (징검다리), having won the second prize in 1988 at the University Song Festival, also gave a special performance, creating a sense of nostalgia for the graduates. Recreational activities such as prize lotteries and quiz shows were also held, greatly intensifying the enjoyment of the festival.

"This festival reminded me of the past memories, especially while walking around the school campus. Although it has been 30 years since our admission, my friends still seem like the young students that they used to be,” reminisced Chang Ji-won (Department of Composition, '92) when asked of her impressions of the homecoming festival. Song Jae-min (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, '95) also mentioned his appreciation to Hanyang, adding that he hopes the university provides stronger support for its students even after graduating.
The graduates from the Department of Composition gathered together and shared their memories during the banquet.
With various programs having been prepared, the graduates enjoyed their return to the school campus, as the homecoming day festival for the Class of 88 had concluded successfully. Offering not only the remembrance of past memories but also the opportunity to rekindle longtime friendships with friends and colleagues, the graduates of the Class of 88 showed positive appreciation throughout the festival--leaving high expectations towards next year’s festival for the Class of 89.

Choi Seo-yong
Photos by Park Guen-hyung  
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