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11/05/2018 HYU News > General


Global Flea Market: Spreading Warmth Through Small Giving

HISA's Global Flea Market


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The small area in front of the Engineering Building Ⅰ was bustling with students. Each of their hands held small goods – lipstick for 500 won, a pair of pants for 1,000 won, and a new bag for 3,000 won. All these delightfully cheap prices were possible in one early afternoon of November 1st, the day of the Global Flea Market.
HISA, the public ambassador of the College of Engineering, held a Global Flea Market in front of the Engineering Building on November 1st.

Organized by HYCE International Student Ambassador (HISA), the Global Flea Market received donations prior to the event from October 11th to the 29th and was open on November 1st, 2018 from 11am to 3pm, during which the donated goods were on sale for students. 17 HISA members, including five international students, busied themselves by displaying dolls, handbags, wristwatches, books, DVDs, cosmetics, clothes, as well as snacks such as dumplings, cupcakes, and chickens – all at a surprisingly low price. “The most expensive one here is the completely new Starbucks tumbler, which is 10,000 won. Other than that, there are a few for 3,000 to 4,000 won, and the rest are all 1,000 won,” explained Sakib (Department of Computer Science & Engineering, 4th year), a member of HISA.

The event was for a good cause, and the entire profit will be donated to the Seongdong-gu Multicultural Family Support Center. “That is why the products are so cheap. The event is not for profit but for donation,” said Sakib. Although he had worked since 9am, Sakib said he was not tired at all, thinking how the goods he sold could benefit the buyers, as well as the beneficiaries.
(From left) Sakib (Department of Computer Science & Engineering, 4th year), Elvis (Department of Chemical Engineering, 3rd year), and Jung Hoon-jin (Division of Electronic Engineering, 2nd year) pose in front of their booth.
Elvis, who participated as the salesperson in the flea market, is showing the items to a visitor. There were about 250 donated goods for this year’s flea market.

Other students were thoroughly enjoying the event as well. Jang Su-kyung (Department of Mathematics, 4th year) had her hands full of purchased clothes and cosmetics. “I bought these makeup products for 100 to 200 won. They’re so cheap. Thank you so much!” said Jang. She was content with the overall event but also gave suggestions for better future ones. “I had actually donated myself, and I wished they had publicized more on what kinds of items should be donated or precisely what kind of event this would be. Then people would donate more confidently.”
(From left) Lee Moon-suk (Department of Organic and Nano Engineering, 3rd year), the president of HISA, and Kwon Min-jin (Division of Electronic Engineering, 2nd year), a member of the managing staff, said that they were able to raise more money for donations due to the many people who had visited the flea market.

The organizer of the event, HISA, the public ambassador of the College of Engineering, gathered to help the international students in the College of Engineering starting this year. The members of HISA, Lee Moon-suk (Department of Organic and Nano Engineering, 3rd year) and Kwon Min-jin (Division of Electronic Engineering, 2nd year), explained that the aim of the Global Flea Market was to give international students a sense of belonging, and they hope that the event was a good chance for foreign students to feel more involved in the Hanyang community. “After every event that we hold, we get thank-you messages from the international students. Each time, we’re so glad that our event was able to give them a real helping hand, instead of a superficial ceremony.”
Lee said over 40 students and staff members donated their belongings to the flea market, and there were a total of 250 donations. Thanks to everyone’s support, the market made a profit of over 600,000 won. The money will be delivered on November 6th, and the goods that were not sold will be donated to a charity shop, named the Beautiful Store. “We profited more than we expected, so I feel proud that the event could actually be of a practical help to many people,” Lee said happily.
Picture of the donation ceremony held on November 11th. Names of the donators are on the banner.
(Photo courtesy of HISA)

Lim Ji-woo
Photos by Lee Jin-myeong and Park Geun-hyung
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