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11/26/2018 HYU News > General


The Fifth Annual Sport DeMerS (Design, Merchandising, Sales) Conference

The Next Sport Agenda V


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For those interested in sports, architecture, business management, design, and other related fields, the annual Sport DeMerS (a mixture from the words: design, merchandising, and sales) Conference: ‘The Next Sport Agenda’ would be an excellent opportunity to gain new insights into these fields. For each year’s conference, chosen professionals from each field of sports design, merchandising, and sales shared their knowledge and experiences. On November 23, of 2018, 150 field professionals and enthusiastic students gathered at the Olympic Gymnasium to commemorate the fifth Sport DeMerS Conference.
Professionals are answering the visitors' questions during the panel discussion.

Futures shared by the DeMerS-ers

This year, under the subtitle: ‘The New Era of Sport DeMerS,’ three leaders shared their future vision of their fields. Kim Joo-young, the principal designer of an architectural design firm called Populous, first discussed the designing of a new model of sports stadiums that can reflect the constantly changing needs of the audience.
Tracy Shim (Department of Education, '03) has advised the examination of how the sports industry will evolve according to the trend through today's agenda. 

Next, NC Dinos marketing manager, Tracy Shim (Department of Education, '03) shared her firsthand experiences about the issues in merchandising trends. Shim explained, “many sports teams are failing to meet the rapid changes in the merchandising trend for practical reasons. I’m sure pondering on these realistic reasons brought up in today’s conference will help the future merchandisers.” Finally, Gye Eun-young, a sports committee staff member from the Goyang City Council, presented a case on the effects of Goyang City’s brand value rising through sports as well as future plans to utilize this effect.

The passionate DeMers-wannabes

The three leaders were greeted by an enthusiastic response from the listeners. Kim Min-ki (Department of Sports Industry, 2nd year) said it was a good opportunity to hear about the personal experiences in the field, something only the actual workers would know. While much of the audience in attendance were from other universities, some were from the high schools. A student from Korea University, Koh Ah-ra (School of Global Sport Studies, 2nd year) said, “DeMerS is a patent advantage that only Hanyang University has. Other schools provide no opportunity to learn about DeMerS, so today was a special chance to learn about things that the school could not teach us.”
During the panel discussion, visitors are questioning the three professionals.

More about DeMerS

The sports industry is already huge in America, Europe and Japan, and in Korea, it is also starting to be. “The Sports industry is in need of workers who not only have theoretical knowledge but also a practical understanding of the industry. Thus, it came as a surprise that there were no specialized programs to teach such insights,” said Roger Park (Department of Sports Industry), the organizer of the conference. That is why, starting from 2014, a fusional study program was started with the support of the Ministry of Education and has lasted for almost five years. During these years, numerous programs were carried out, including the conference, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 18 different sports organizations, the organizing of 10 global field-trips, and the opening of 10 classes with both professors and field professionals. Although the program is coming to an end next year, Park has stated that arrangements to continue some of the programs are under discussion.
Roger Park (Department of Sports Industry) explains that DeMerS is an integrated concept of Design, Merchandising, and Sales and is being broadly used in relation to the major and start-ups.

Lim Ji-woo
Photos by Lee Jin-myung
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