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11/26/2018 HYU News > General


The 2019 Essay Entrance Examinations for Hanyang University

Meeting the potential future Hanyanglians


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On the 24th and 25th of November, 2018, the 2019 essay entrance exams were held at Hanyang University, with the departments of humanities and business on the first day and the department of natural science on the second day. Amid the first snow of the year, a flood of students came from all across the country to take the entrance examination for Hanyang University. With a total of 30,533 students applying for the examination with only 378 being chosen, the competition rate this year showed a ratio of 80.78:1, and the final acceptance announcement will be made on Demember 14th, 2018.  

The examinees are visiting Hanyang Univeristy to take the 2019 Essay Application Examination despite the heavy, unexpected snow.
An examinee is taking a photo of the Lion Statute of Hanyang University.

On Saturday the 24th, the exam for the business department was held in the morning and the humanities were held in the afternoon. According to Choi Young-seo, an examinee of the business field examination, “all three questions of today’s business field exam were difficult, especially compared to last year.” Taking Hanyang's entrance essay examination for a second time, Choi showed his hopes of returning to the university as an enrolled student.    

Park So-hee, who also took the business field examination, expressed the difficulty of this year’s examination. She explained that “the exam was difficult in that the questions required more statistical calculations compared to last year’s examination, which had put more emphasis upon calculus.” Coming all the way from Deajeon, Park also wished to become a freshman of Hanyang University in 2019.
Crowds of examinees are finding the location for their examination halls.
As for the examinees of the humanities field examinations, most showed great anxiety towards the upcoming afternoon exam. Lee Ji-an, who applied for the Department of Political Science and International Studies, said that she was greatly nervous due to her strong hopes of receiving good results through the high competition rates of the exam. Lee came with her mother, all the way from Suncheon-Hyocheon High School in Jeollanam-do Province. “Of course I hope the results are positive, but even if they are not, I want to keep it as a good memory. Simply coming to this prestigious school with my daughter was a good experience,” added the mother of Lee while waiting for her daughter to finish her exam.  
Examinees are finding the location for their examination halls on the guidance board.
Student volunteers offered to help to the examinees while wishing the them the best of luck that they would become their future hubae (junior).
(From left, Kim Yoon-ju (Department of English Language and Literature, 3rd year), Choi Ji-hye (Department of Chemistry, 2nd year), and Seo Ji-won (Major of Intererior Design, 2nd year))

Information guidance was prepared throughout the campus in order to help the examinees find the right location for their examination. In addition, student volunteers from Hanyang University came on the day of the exams in order to provide help towards their future hubae (junior colleagues).

“Working as a volunteer today has reminded me of my memories of coming to the school for the application test. From such memories, I want to provide any help possible to the examinees,” mentioned Kim Yoon-ju (Department of English Language and Literature, 3rd year). Choi Ji-hye (Department of Chemistry, 2nd year) also mentioned recalling her past memories, and how she was able to help the examinees with a light heart on the thought that they might become her future hubae.

Choi Seo-yong
Photos by Kang Cho-hyun
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