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01/28/2019 HYU News > General


The 2019 Book Concert for Freshmen at ERICA Campus

Introduction to the world of reading and writing


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Book Concerts for freshmen admitted to Hanyang University have been held since 2016, and this year’s 4th event took place on the 23rd of January. The first 200 students who signed up for this event through the ERICA Academic Information Center and Library and who qualified as being admitted to the school through early admissions were invited. The purpose of holding book concerts is to motivate freshmen to read, and to inform them about the school library to help them become familiar to an institution that may take up the most important role throughout college life.
The 2019 Book Concert for the freshmen of Hanyang University was held at the theater in the Student Union Building, ERICA Campus.
Students received an eco-bag and a book by Seo Min titled, “Diary Rather Than Rice.”
A student is reading the book that he just received.
A brief introduction by the dean of students is taking place.
After performing several songs, students from the Department of Applied Music are sharing their college life experiences with freshmen students.
“I was impressed by the part when the seniors recommended the perfect restaurant to go on a date if you are a CC (campus couple)," said Lee Heon-ji from Gunpo High School, a freshman majoring in Software Technology.

“I heard that professor Seo Min, who is well known for his expertise in parasitology was coming, so my interest in biology led me to join this program," said Lee Seon-yong from Gimcheon High school, a freshman in the Department of Marine Science and Convergence Engineering.
Those who first signed up for the event, or arrived first, received prizes such as a laptop pouch, an external hard disk and a supplementary battery. Others were chosen by drawing.

A brief book talk session was held that consisted of Lee Go-eun, the announcer, asking some questions to the freshmen who may be curious about professor Seo. While writing is a major concern for many college students, Seo offered a tip that to write better is to write a little every single day.
Professor Seo advised students to read a variety of books instead of reading one book repeatedly in order to find “your own book.”
“You can be a great person if you write in your diary every day until you graduate university,” Seo said, filling the theater with laughter.

Then professor Seo gave a presentation about why it is important to write diaries. Seo emphasized that there will be times when writing is unavoidable, whether it is a resume or a test. Writing on a regular basis can help deliver one's opinion better. He also stressed that writings from the general public diversify materials of drama and movies. As an example, he talked about The Devil Wears Prada, which is a novel based on an ordinary woman’s experience as an assistant for a Vogue editor-in-chief. “Materials for books, dramas, or movies all come from our own experiences, which is why we need ordinary people to write--for the sake of variety in materials.”
Seo explained the importance of writing in diaries using many relatable and humorous reasons that students could easily understand and sympathize with.

According to professor Seo, writing has the power of self-objectification. When watching soccer games, the audience is able to look at the whole picture, and, therefore, find it easy to criticize soccer players, while the players only look at the ball in front of them. Writing, in this sense, gives you the strength to reflect on yourself.
Students are given time to ask professor Seo questions after the presentation.
An introduction of the ERICA Academic Information Center and Library was given as the last number of the program.  

The 2019 Book Concert for freshmen at Hanyang University was a huge success in welcoming students to the school, as well as to introducing them to the world of reading and writing. During the entire program, students were laughing and listening carefully at the same time. With the big encouragement from the ERICA Academic Information Center and Library and from the author and professor Seo Min, students learned the importance of writing in diaries on a daily basis, and how to use the school library, where all the reading starts. A note said by Seo that students could take home was, “write in your diary with the heart of a gazelle being chased by a cheetah.”
Kim Hyun-soo
Photos by Lee Jin-myung
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