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01/02/2017 HYU News > General Important News


[Op–ed] Where in Korea should we visit?

Volume 1. Busan


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Although South Korea is part of a peninsula, it is quite hard to approach the sea for many. People love visiting the sea yet they get so little chance to see such a sight that would fill their eyes with joy. That is why I have set out on a journey to Busan to introduce some of the most beloved places in Busan.
This is probably one of the most famous places that people love to visit during the summer. Although there are some other famous beaches, Haeundae is continuously acknowledged as one of the hottest vacation spots in Korea where people become filled with excitement.
Other than the beach itself, people love to visit the Busan Aquarium which is the largest in Korea. In addition, the Haeundae Cine road is one of the best places to take a photo overlooking the Gwangan bridge lit up at night time. Since the road is located around the shoreline introducing diverse movies that have been filmed in Busan, it would be a pleasable experience to visit the place for a walk after having dinner.
Gwangan Bridge can be seen from the Haeundae Cine Road.

Dongbaek Island is located right beside Haeundae and a lot of people visit the place since it is well known for its trail course. Also, the APEC house is located on Dongbaek Island where the APEC conference has been held in 2005 is open for free of charge from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Since there are great photo spots where Gwangan Bridge can be seen.
[Centum City]
This is the part of Busan where people visit for shopping and entertainment. The Guinness World Record holding department store for being the largest in the world, Shinsegae store is located in Centum City and inside the department store, there are diverse entertainment facilities such as the ice link, movie theaters, golf range, aqua land and so on. Apart from that, there is the Busan Cinema Center where Busan International Film Festival is held every autumn. Diverse types of films are on screen and at night, the place itself becomes a landmark as it lights up the whole roof with color.
Busan Cinema Center and the Guinness World Record department store

[Subyun Park]
It is the first established park by the water in Korea located in the middle of Haeundae and Gwanganri. Although in the past, it used to be the sea, it has been created as a park in 1997 and it can accommodate 40,000 people. Filled with flower gardens, benches and shades, a lot of young people visit the place for drinking in summer and this is one of the hottest pick up spots in Busan. In addition, since it is so close to Gwanganri, it would be suggested that you take a walk at the beach as well.
Subyun Park is one of the most beloved places by the younger generation.

[Gamcheon Village]
Some of the magazines that describe about this village refer to this place as the “Santorini in Korea”. Although it can’t be said that this village is as glamorous as Santorini, it has its own history. Gamcheon Village used to be the part of town where it has fallen behind and categorized as the low income settlement area. Starting with the 2009 village art project, a lot of houses and roads have been fixed and walls were painted. Since it is still a village where people’s houses are gathered together tightly, you should be careful not to violate their privacy especially in the summer when windows and doors are wide open.
Gamcheon Village is still going through a lot of renovation.

Apart from the places suggested, a lot of other special places exist in Busan such as the Busan tower, Songjeong beach where surfing lessons are taught, Dalmaji Hill, Songdo Skywalk, Taejongdae, Dadaepo and the list goes on. Having no special plans for the holiday season, I would strongly suggest that you visit Busan.
Kim Seung-jun
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