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10/11/2016 HYU News > General


Frames that Capture the Beautiful World

Making Wedding Albums for the Disabled


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Because our eyes cannot absorb and capture all details of our lives, people invented cameras to treasure every precious moment. On October 5th, Hanyang Photo Organization (HYPO), HYU's photography club, participated in a joint wedding ceremony of disabled people to make photo albums to commemorate the event. The club president Lee Yoon-seob (Software Engineering, 2nd year) and club liaison manager Cho Min-su (Architecture, 2nd year) spoke about HYPO’s contributions to the event.

Once in a Lifetime

Every year, the borough of Seongdong-gu holds a joint marriage ceremony specifically for disabled people. Although the event itself is meaningful, couples could not receive wedding albums because the costs would exceed the budget. Since a photo album for a wedding is very significant, a crowdfunding company called Deobureo Platform decided to set up a project with university students who could take photos. The company contacted HYPO and Seoul University’s photography club Yeongsang (meaning image) to shoot photos for the event. The students’ main job was to take snapshots of the wedding and photoshop them. In addition, they took the responsibility of advertizing and raising funds. Deobureo Platform manufactured the wedding albums and distributed them to the couples.
“The people we took pictures of had never had a photoshoot, so their facial expressions were rigid at first. We asked them to smile and they did as they were asked. They became instantaneously more beautiful and looked happier. We felt great about that,” Cho said. “We didn't receive money for our work, but we thought it was worthwhile to take part and capture a once-in-a-lifetime event, even though we were amateur photographers,” Lee commented. However, there were also hardships involved in the process. “Raising funds was difficult even though we advertised a lot, so the club seniors helped us out in the end. In addition, because we were making photo albums, which is different from simply taking snapshots, we were very nervous. We wanted to do our best and make the albums perfect,” mentioned Cho.
HYPO participated in the joint wedding ceremony for disabled people, in order make wedding albums for them. 

Photography Lovers, Club HYPO

HYPO was established in the year 1965. Taking photos with DSLRs and film cameras are their primary activities, but they also enjoy themselves by going on membership training camps and going travelling. Especially from this year, the club is trying to actively participate in projects outside of school, such as social contribution work. “On May 28th, at the Seongdong-gu welfare center, we taught boy scouts how to use cameras. We gave presentations, partnered with the boys and took them outside. We allowed them to experience photography. On top of that, we shot photos at a forum held in the Seoul City Hall last Thursday.” Lee said. HYPO is also due to take snapshots of events held by the Seongsu welfare center in November, and aims to continuously partake in volunteer work or various activities related to photos, such as photography contests.
Lee (left) and Cho (right) are talking about the activities of HYPO and their love for photography.

Since nowadays DSLRs are widely used, the club is also trying to turn their interest towards film cameras. “With film cameras, we can shoot photos of different textures and colors depending on which film is used. As a result, each photo becomes special.” HYPO holds exhibitions of monochrome photographs, including DSLR photos. Not only does HYPO exhibit photos, but they constantly hold meetings to introduce, appreciate and critique pictures taken by its members.

The Charm of Photography

According to Lee and Cho, their passion towards photography started from their high school years. They said that by joining HYPO they could learn more about photography and cameras, but also made good friends and memories. Lee said that the reason why he likes photography is because he wants to capture the beauty of every scene of his life. When asked how Cho thought about photography, he said, “If I have to fill in an empty rectangular box to explain what photography is, I'll just leave it be, because the box is photography itself- the frame that is waiting to be filled in with precious moments.”
Members of HYPO and their photos.

Jang Soo-hyun
Photos by Moon Hana    
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