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01/12/2017 HYU News > General


2017 New Year's address

New Year's address by President Lee Young-moo


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Hanyang Family Members!
The New Year has come. We wish all of you and your family a harmonious year full of hope and happiness.
Last year, Hanyang was breathless with the variety of activities that kept us busy.  It was an eventful time for our school both in Korea and abroad, where effort was made to find Hanyang’s identity through creative challenges. In the process,  much adversity was met but bigger achievements different from previous years were tasted. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who shared in those difficult times last year.
As we ring in the new year, we bring in new hope. Not all wishes and expectations we have at the beginning of the year can come true, but I believe that hope in our hearts will be the greatest force that will enable us to endure. I hope everyone be more healthy and achieve the wishes you made.

Hanyang Family Members!
When I became the president, I mentioned that two keywords: creativity and sharing. We pondered over how to best express “sharing” in expressing our founding philosophy: ‘Love In Deed.’ If it has been a period of preparation and planning till now, this year is when  the idea of "sharing" will be realized more concretely. Prestigious universities around the world do not simply produce intellects with superb brains, but warm-hearted human talent. Therefore, this year will focus on the fostering the ‘sharing’ program to the fullest degree.

Last year, we achieved outstanding evaluations both among national and foreign universities. Joonang Ilbo’s University Evaluation reported on Hanyang Seoul Campus stepping up from 3rd to 2nd, and ERICA Campus retaining 8th place. In QS World University Rankings, Hanyang University was ranked  the 171th university in the world, showing a huge increase from 193th last year. From the result of such evaluation, it is clear that Hanyang University is being recognized as a globally respected university. This year, all of us will continue to do our best to keep this upward trend going. 

In 2017, Hanyang will continue to improve the research capacity for each department and equip students with a system that can provide bona fide learning. We call this ‘True Education’ which means not only teaching well but also helping to develop each student’s capabilities. We will increase the number of multi-majors and fused majors programs that will open doors between departments and allow students to study their desired majors. As well as strengthening our basic and applied research, focus will be on fostering students’ entrepreneurship spirit through cultivating creativity, development and cooperation that will continually help them to pursue their goals of enterprise.

Hanyang Family Members!
All around the world we face turbulent times of uncertainty. In addition to the political turmoil domestically and overseas,  the decline of school-age population, difficulty of financial expansion, and the imminent  era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, change and unpredictability surround us all. This year will be a turning point for Korea as it will determine whether Korea will be thrown off or join the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In order to actively cope with these unpredictable environmental changes, we must lay the foundation for sustainable development based on the core values ​​of Hanyang by remaining faithful to the fundamentals with a longer outlook. I look forward to your dedication and cooperation again.

19th-century Swiss philospher and lawyer Carl Hilty said, "The most unbearable time in life is when the bad weather does not last, but the days when there are no clouds." We do not know what kind of waves will come before us in 2017. However, bad weather and strong waves can make us stronger and wiser than calm weather. This year, despite any waves that stand in our way, with the help of each other, we can weather any storm. In addition, I am grateful for the united strength of the Hanyang family.  That tenacity will give us the courage to leap forward in 2017 as we had last year. May all members of the  Hanyang family have health and happiness.

Thank you.
Happy new year. 
▲ New Year's card by President Lee Young-moo
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