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01/04/2018 HYU News > Event


Heavenly Winter at South Korea with Hanyangian Angels

Introduction to the second Hanyang International Winter School (HIWS)


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The second HIWS (Hanyang International Winter School) drew the curtains open on December 28 of 2017 with the orientation for 300 international students from all over the world. For two weeks, students will be attending classes from HYU along with various cultural programs that the OIA (Office of International Affairs) and its HIWS volunteers, ‘Wingels’ (Winter Angels) have prepared. To celebrate the new year with the international students that are not spending the last day of 2017 with their family, the OIA and the Wingels organized the year-end party on December 31 of 2017. News H paid a visit to celebrate the new year with the HIWS participants.
Wingels in Hanbok are posing with international students before the party.

Festivity and energy
One of the main events of the HIWS program was the year-end party which nearly all students, volunteers, and OIA staff participated. “This event was planned four months ahead in order to create an environment where all international students can become friends,” explained Park Ji-young of the OIA. As the party was on the fourth day of the HIWS program, there were various activities and games that required friendship and cooperation.
HYU's dance team and Park Min-ji (Applied Music) are performing K-Pop music at the party.
"Pop the balloons together and become friends altogether!"

Beginning with the welcoming words from the OIA’s chief manager Lee Eun-ji, cheerful dance performances by HYU’s dance team and beautiful songs sung by Park Min-ji (Applied Music, 1) followed. With the lively hosting from the two emcees, Emile (Division of International Studies, 4) and Park Ji-young of the OIA, the party began. Main activities consisted of a quiz on HYU and Korea, balloon games, a dance battle, limbo, and learning K-pop songs. Two students from ‘Wingels’ also performed magic shows and EDM yoga to entertain their international friends.
The final countdown to greet 2018 took place at the party at midnight where all students, ‘Wingels,’ and staffs gathered around with pounding hearts. “I was always interested in South Korean culture. I am extremely glad that HYU prepared such a great event for me,” laughed out Sheng Zien from Singapore. As 2018 began, all students returned to their residences to prepare for upcoming classes and cultural experiences for the remaining two weeks.
Sheng Zien (middle) from Singapore is looking forward to more cultural activities that HIWS provides.

Short, but fruitful program
HIWS was first initiated on December of 2016 with around 100 international applicants for the program. Within only two years, the HIWS gained its popularity and acknowledgement for its fruitful cultural activities, guaranteed education, and interacting environment that OIA fosters. “The reasons behind the sudden increase in the number of participants are the high-quality lectures from diverse fields and trending cultural experiences,” explained Park. The lectures that international HIWS students can take are varied from science, business management, and literature to Taekwondo, K-Beauty class, and ceramics. Also, there are more cultural experience programs waiting for the HIWS participants, such as skiing or Nanta performances.
Due to the grand size of the program, the main concern of the OIA was how to organize all events safely for students. However, due to the help of ‘Wingels,’ the start of the HIWS was successfully carried out. “There are a total of 25 Wingels, and each of them leads a group of international students. Their role is to introduce HYU and Korea while bringing the program to a conclusion safely,” said Park. “I am planning to participate in the exchange student program next year, and working as a Wingel helps me a lot to adjust in an international environment that I never belonged to before,” smiled Jang Hyun-ju (Economics and Finance, 3).
"Happy new year!"

Despite the brief period of the semester, HIWS is swiftly being acknowledged as one of the best winter school programs in South Korea. Global students still have two more weeks left to enjoy and learn more about Korea and various majors! International students interested in HIWS can view more information by clicking on the link found here.

Kim Ju-hyun
Photos by Choi Min-ju
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