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08/05/2017 HYU News > Event


High School Students Experience Medical Services

Medical Top Seongdong program


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Early in the morning on 29th of July, 51 students from seven different high schools in Seongdong district gathered at Hanyang University (HYU) Hospital for a special reason. Medical Top Seongdong (MTS) program has been held since last year by Seongdong District Office along with HYU, HYU Hospital, Seoul Dental Hospital, and Jein Medical Hospital as they have held the MOU on March 31st, 2016 promising a better medical service and education towards Seongdong district inhabitants.

How the program went
Students were divided into three different teams, mostly consisted of students from same schools, and were taken to five different places in the hospital: Department of Gastrointestinal Internal Medicine, Radiology, Pathology, Pediatrics, and emergency medical center. Each department provided short lectures to students for around 20 minutes. News H joined team 2 to take a deeper look into the program.
Team 2 listening to the short lecture of professor Kim Jae-ha.

Starting off with the emergency medical center, Jo yong-il professor was there to provide an insight about the difficult tasks that he has to face each day. “Since we have to take care of the most vital moments of patients, it is sometimes heartbreaking but we try to do our best to give them a proper treatment,” commented Jo. Afterwards, students were taken to the Department of Pathology led by Hwang yoon-shin director where she has shown the students enucleated womb and lung. “I felt the necessity to show the students the body parts with cancer to teach them how it is important to maintain good health of their body,” explained Hwang. This was the department that students showed most interest as cancer cells could be seen through their very own eyes with microscope.
Then, the team moved onto the Radiology department to learn about the X-ray machines, CT scanners and MRI machines and how they works. Nam Dong-hyun (Duksoo High School) had a chance to experience what it was like to lie inside a CT scanner. “The machine made so much noise which almost made me freak out but I think it was a fun experience,” said Nam. Moving onto the Department of Gastrointestinal Internal Medicine, Kim Jae-ha professor explained about endoscope procedures and had a question and answer session. For the last part of the program, students moved to the Department of Pediatrics to learn about the school within HYU Hospital that provides education for young patients who need to stay inside the hospital for a long period of time.
Nam is experiencing what it is like to go inside a CT scanner.

Dreams to bear the fruit

The program itself was created last year since there has been no programs that allowed high school students to actually exercise practical knowledge on medical field. The curriculum itself has upgraded since HYU Hospital was able to provide a better environment compared to last year. Emergency medical center has been set up and in terms of safety for both the patients and the students, the courses have been set up to avoid contact on each sides. Since it was a program designed for those who were interested in working in the medical field, students were satisfied with the program. Lee jae-eun (Gyeongil High School) who wanted to become a doctor with the influence of her uncle was overwhelmed by the facility. “Since it is a hospital at the university, I was able to see and experience more things and I became more interested in this field,” commented Lee.
It was not only Lee who was quite satisfied with the program. Kim beom-jun (Duksoo High School) was also motivated to study harder to become a member of the hospital. “I have always wanted to become a rescuer and this trip gave me more confidence to achieve my dream. Saving lives seems to be the right path for me,” added Kim. On the other hand, some students commented how they wished to visit more departments as only five of the departments was included in the whole hospital due to the time limits and safety issues. “I wanted to take a look at the ophthalmic clinic but it was a little disappointed that it was not on the list. The program itself was of great help to me,” added Yoo seong-min (Seongsu High School).
Students and faculty members all pleased with the program.

Students being able to spread their wings and take a step closer towards their dreams is a great development for the society as a whole. Seongdong district and HYU, along with HYU Hospital being the leading teachers for high school students is a great sign. It would be great to expect students with dreams of working in the medical field to grow up as who they want to be and contribute the society.
Kim Seung-jun
Photos by Kim Youn-soo
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