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2018-06 15

[Performance]Hanyang University Ranks 151st in 2018 QS World University Rankings

Hanyang University was ranked 151st, up four notches from last year in the 2018 World University Evaluation, announced on June 7th by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a British agency that conducts university evaluations. Hanyang University has been on the rise for the past nine years, from 354th in 2010, to 219th in 2014, 193rd in 2015, 171st in 2016, and 155th in 2017. This year, QS World University ranked 4,848 universities in 85 countries by evaluating the four fields of research, education, graduates, and globalization. There were six indicators: ▲ Employer Reputation (score 40%), ▲ Citations per Faculty (20%), ▲ Faculty Student Ratio (20%), ▲Employer Reputation (10%), and ▲ International Faculty (5%,), ▲ International Students (5%). Among the six evaluation criteria, Hanyang University acheived the best results in the catogories of ▲Employer Reputation (103rd) and ▲Faculty Student Ratio (155th). The other rankings were as follows: ▲Academic Reputation (178th), ▲International Students (370th), ▲Citations per Faculty (421st), and ▲International Faculty (470th). The highest ranked among Korean universities was Seoul National University (36th). It was followed by ▲KAIST (40th), ▲POSTECH (83rd), ▲Korea University (86th), ▲Sungkyunkwan University (100th), ▲Yonsei University (107th), ▲Hanyang University (151st), ▲Kyunghee University (264th), ▲GIST (315th), ▲Ewha Womans University (319th), ▲Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (397th), and ▲ Chung Ang University (397th), along with 12 other domestic universities ranked among the top 400 in the world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranked first in the world after also achieving first place last year. Stanford University came in second, Harvard University third, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) fourth, and Oxford University and Cambridge University tied for fifth place. According to a June 7th article by the Chosun Ilbo, "Universities that are strong in science and technology, not only in Korea but around the world, also have a favorable trend in evaluation rankings." The Chosun Ilbo said that the QS World University Rankings evaluated universities that were strong in science and technology as a whole, and the engineering colleges that have abundant new technology-related research have an advantage in the sector of publications per faculty member since they support the quality of studies. ▶ Source: QS official website Direct Link to: Hanyang Univerisy QS Ranking

2018-06 11

[General]Paiknam to be the Best of University Libraries

Paiknam Library, commonly known as the central library, won the Chairman of the National Assembly Award on May 24th. The prize was awarded by the Korean Association for Research Information (KARI). This meaningful milestone is the biggest award given by KARI, and Paiknam Library is the only university library to have received the prize this year. Our beloved library is 70 years old as of 2018, and the Chairman of the National Assembly Award is not the only award Paiknam has received. It also received the Korean Library Association Award this February. News H interviewed the Dean and the Associate Dean of the library to find out more about these events. From the left, Hong Yong-pyo (Associate Dean) and Eom Ik-sang (Dean of the University Library) are enthusiastically explaining the history and the future of Paiknam Library on June 8th. According to the Associate Dean, the university library was able to win the award from KARI thanks to the usage of the National Assembly library’s electronic resources by Hanyang members. In fact, Paiknam Library is one of the top five libraries in the nation to possess the most books. However, the percentage of books on loan is not as high. “We looked into the issue and discovered that Hanyang members actively download and borrow online resources,” mentioned the Dean. Paiknam Library is also sharing our resources with the National Assembly Library, too. Looking back on the 70 years of the Paiknam Library, there have been a lot of changes going on the past couple of years. The library was remodeled so that more students can enjoy the place more comfortably, and exciting programs such as debate competitions and coffee sessions on how to write good articles were created. Eom smiled and said, “I want the library to be a place students all love, like a second home.” He plans to nurture the place so that students can not only study in the library but also exchange ideas, be entertained, and even take a nap. Hong also mentioned that "The library is heart of the university," and that he will do his best to keep it up. Fifth from the left, Chung Sye-kyun (former Chairman of the National Assembly) is standing next to Hong at the May 24th KARI assembly. The Paiknam Library was awarded the prize on the same day. (Photo courtesy of Paiknam Library) Kim So-yun Photos by Kang Cho-hyun

2018-06 07

[Campus]Hanyang University ranked third in number of CEOs in KOSDAQ listed company

Hanyang University ranked third place in number of CEOs of KOSDAQ listed company. On May 23, the KOSDAQ-Listed Companies Association surveyed and compiled statistics of 1,550 CEOs' major, age, and gender in 1,269 KOSDAQ-listed companies. Among the CEOs of KOSDAQ-listed companies, 300 (19.4%) of them are graduates of Seoul National University, 160 (10.3%) are from Yonsei University, 126 (8.1%) are from Hanyang University, and 109 (7.0%) from Korea University. By majors, 723 CEOs(46.6%) majored in Science and Technology, 578 of them (37.3%) in Business, 137 (8.8%) in Social Sciences. The CEO's average age was 55.7, and there are 43 female CEOs (2.8 %) while 1,507 of them are male (97.2 %).

2018-06 04

[General]Hanyang College of Engineering International Students Ambassador (HISA)

From May 21st to May 31st, 2018-1 HISA’s Meet-up with Seniors was held for the first time at the Engineering Center. Hanyang College of Engineering International Students Ambassador (HISA) was formed in 2018 in order to support and connect the Hanyang international students within the engineering field. The group plans to host various programs such as the Welcoming Party, Buddy Program, Meet-up with Seniors, and Cultural Activity. Meet-up with Seniors was a program carried out for the first time ever as well. According to Chung Ye-won (Department of Information Systems), vice president of HISA, the meet-up program itself is to be held once every semester for two weeks. “There are a variety of events and programs about job-seeking or the graduate school application process, but none of them are for foreign students. We thought hosting informative programs such as the meet-up with seniors, where the presenters are all fellow HYU foreign engineering students, would be helpful,” said Chung. The main topic of the 2018-1 meet-up was focused on learning the experiences of seniors who went to graduate schools in Korea. “Within the two weeks, there will be 7 meet-up sessions, each of them lasting for about an hour where the senior would present his topic of the day followed by a 10-minute Q & A session," said Chung Ye-won at the Engineering Center. One of the presenters of the day was a Chinese student An, who graduated from HYU’s Department of Electronic Engineering. He also finished his Masters at HYU and is now on his way to receiving his Doctorate as well. An talked about his personal experiences studying in Korea, the importance of maintaining relationships with both students and professors, having the courage to try different things, and going on vacations to enrich your life. Both Korean and foreign students attended the session. Lee Su-min, an Electronic Engineering student said, “I’m a Korean student and I attended this session because I wanted to find out detailed information about studying as a foreign student. I learned a lot today as the presenter gave me an idea of how to overcome my slump period and coping with stress and difficulties while studying my major.” An giving his presentation at the Engineering Center, May 31st. Tao Rui, an Electrical and Biomedical Engineering major said, “Today’s presentation was quite interesting because it was focused more on how to deal with relationships, challenging myself, going on vacations, and other ideological concepts, unlike other similar programs. I would love to attend events like this again in the future.” Sakib, a Computer Science major, is one of the foreign students who is a member of HISA. When asked why he decided to join the group he replied, “When I first came to HYU as an engineering student, there were no student associations or programs such as this to help us out. I always felt the need for an organization that is informative and can actually help the foreign students connect with various opportunities in Korea.” According to Chung, surveys are sent out through email to all students who attend their programs for feedback. Their second theme of the Meet-up with Seniors program, which is to be held next semester, will be on job-seeking as a foreign student in Korea. “We hope that as time passes, more students will become aware of our programs and participate. We are trying our best to provide them with a better study environment and to help them build the best experiences and memories they can here at HYU,” said Chung. Park Joo-hyun Photos by Lee Jin-myung

2018-06 03

[General][Op-ed] A Different University Culture

From the 23rd to the 25th of May, Hanyang University's (HYU's) spring festival Rachios: Bisang successfully took place with a few major changes compared to previous years. Every university received an official document from the Ministry of Education regarding the sale of alcohol during school festivals. With diverse opinions on this issue, unique scenes were seen during the festival period. On the 1st of May, the Ministry of Education sent an official document making reference to licensing laws. One that sells liquor without a seller's license could be imprisoned up to 3 years or be fined up to 30 million won, according to the Law of Punishment on Tax Criminals. Therefore, the ministry recommended all universities to cooperate with this law. The official document given by the Ministry of Education, on the 1st of May. This sudden announcement just before the festival blocked all students from selling alcohol and created a great confusion, especially for the executives of the student council. Most departments had begun planning out their own events for the upcoming spring festival at the beginning of the year, including the plans of raising profits they make through selling liquor in this festival period. They were suddenly faced with an abrupt change to their plans for the festival and were forced to come up with alternatives, along with other events programed for the rest of the year. On the other hand, some students criticized the existing culture for heavily and solely depending on alcohol to the extent that without it, the whole event falls apart. As a result, no one sold alcohol on campus but instead allowed students to bring their own drinks and arranged numerous food trucks. Other schools provided free drinks when students bought food from their outdoor pubs or gave out free drinks when students paid for the the table. HYU had a preorganization with the convenience store in the subway station so that students could easily purchase alcohol as they wished. Consequently, the drinking culture during school festivals did not disappear. The difference was that the benefit of the selling went to the merchants nearby, instead of the students who held the pubs. A picture of a booth run by the Division of International Studies. A lot of people still enjoyed HYU's festival by bringing their own drinks. The students’ desire to sell alcohol was not for the purpose of an individual’s profit, but to be used for all students in the major. However, in the name of a healthy university culture, the same amount of money was transferred to the owners of stores nearby. Instead of unilateral oppression, an explanation and a mutual agreement that everyone could understand should have been made. Festivals are held every semester, and therefore the Ministry of Education and all students should both strive for better procedures to reach for a healthy university culture. On Jung-yun Photos by On Jung-yun

2018-05 30

[Event]Hanyang University Held a Ceremony to Present the Outstanding Hanyang Engineers Award

On May 24, Hanyang University hosted the awards ceremony to present the Outstanding Hanyang Engineers Award at the Seoul Campus. This award is presented to alumni of Hanyang University's College of Engineering who have contributed greatly to society and have made excellent achievements. HDX President Jung Sang-Jin (Electronics Engineering, '71) and Chairman of Cleantopia Lee Bum-taek (Fiber Engineering, '72), won the award this year. ▲ President Lee Young-moo (from left), Chairman Jung Sang-Jin of HDX, Chairman Lee Bum-taek of Cleantopia, and President Chung Seong-hoon of the College of Engineering are taking a commemorative photo at the award ceremony of the Outstanding Hanyang Engineers Award. ▲ The officials are taking a commemorative photo at the unveiling ceremony followed by the awards ceremony. ▲ At the unveiling ceremony following the awards ceremony, Chairman Jung Sang-jin of HDX (left) and Chairman Lee Bum-taek of Cleantopia are taking a commemorative phoro.

2018-05 30

[Event]Hanyang University, Celebrates Its 79th anniversary

Hanyang University held a ceremony to celebrate Hanyang University's 79th Anniversary at Paiknam Music Hall, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, at 10:30 am on May 15th. President Lee Young-moo, in his speech, said "Let's make the best university for a better world." On this day, Professor Kim Ki-hyun, a professor of the department of civil and environmental engineering, was the recipient of the Paiknam Award for Great Scholars. Professor Kim was recognized for developing mechanisms that can detect and efficiently remove odors and volatile organic compounds using environmentally friendly materials. The prize money was 30 million won. An official of Hanyang University said, "We have selected scholars who have shown outstanding achievements in the field of education and research with the award named in honor of Dr. Paiknam Kim Lyun-joon (1914 ~ 2008) who founded Hanyang University and devoted himself to education." ▲ Professor Kang Yong-soo (right), who is the recipient of the Paiknam Award for Great Scholars, is taking a commemorative photo with Kim Chong-yang, the Chairman of Hanyang Foundation. ▲ President Lee Young-moo is addressing the participants. ▲ Tenor and professor Lee Won-joon (center) and a chorus from the college of music college are performing a concert for the audience.

2018-05 28

[Admission ]2019 Admission Requirements and Consultations Briefing Session

Hanyang University held the 2019 Admission Requirements Briefing Session at Paiknam Music Hall, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on Saturday, April 21st. The briefing session was held three times, and about 2,000 examinees and their parents attended the sessions. Individual admission consultations were held after the briefing session. ▲ Candidates and their parents are waiting for the order on the waiting line to attend the 2019 Admission Requirements Briefing Session which was held at the Paiknam Music Hall, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, on the 21st. ▲Chung Jae-chan, Vice President of the Office of Admissions, is explaining the admission requirements to 2,000 students and their parents. ▲ Chung Jae-chan, Vice President of Office of Admissions, is explaining the admission to 2,000 students and their parents. ▲ Candidates and their parents who attended the briefing session are looking at the admission booklet. ▲ Candidates and their parents who attended the briefing session are looking at the admission booklet. ▲ Parents who attended the session are taking important scenes while listening to the admission explanation. ▲ Kim Bo-hyeon, Hanyang University admission officer (In the middle of the picture) is counseling the admission after the consultation that follows the briefing session,

2018-05 28

[General]Rachios: Bisang

From the 23rd to the 25th of May, Hanyang University's spring festival "Rachios: Bisang" took place with a lot of people having a good time. Several changes were made to this year’s festivities, as they were planned by the Emergency Planning Committee who had to follow a prohibition order from the Ministry of Education not to sell alcohol on campus during the school festival. However, despite the worries, Hanyang had a successful festivala and was able to give HYU students good memories once again. Countless booths for everyone Unlike last year’s festival, the school received sponsorship from various private corporations, including food trucks and an online gaming competition. However, that did not mean that the students did not have enough space to run their own booths. Just like last year, various clubs and departments decorated their own booths and advertised them all over campus. Moreover, the Emergency Planning Committee prepared various utilities and goods for Hanyangians. The lawn in front of the HIT building was crowded with people enjoying a rest in the nice weather. Food trucks throughout the campus delightened Hanyangians' appetites. Clubs did not miss their chance to advertise themselves and recruit new members! News H also had their own booth beside the lion statue and gave out bountiful gifts and coupons. How many photo zones did you find on campus? Ban of alcohol? The Ministry of Education has announced a prohibition order starting in May to outlaw the sale of alcohol by students, since they do not have the approrpiate license to sell alcoholic beverages. Not only were the departments who used to earn profits from the sale of alcohol disappointed, but so were the students who used to enjoy drinking during the festival. Everyone was shocked by the order. However, each division found their own solutions to enjoy the festival with alcohol through unique methods. A number of majors proceeded with their bars by encouraging students to bring their own drinks. Despite the worries, HYU was full of students who visited to enjoy the festival as they have always done. Passion in the Outdoor Theater A total of nine singers were called to this year’s festival. Attracting floods of students to the Amphitheater, the excitement of this year’s Rachios reached its peak. Starting from HYU’s cheering squad, all Hanyangians came together as one during the festival. The crowds in the Amphitheater created a grand view along with passionate reactions to the performers. Yoon-ha, a beloved singer, visited HYU on the 23rd. An acoustic artist, 10cm, also visited on the night of the 23rd. A famous K-pop girl idol group Blankpink visited HYU on the 24th. 2018 spring festival "Rachios: Bisang" reached its end with great applause and compliments. On Jung-yun Photos by Kang Cho-hyun

2018-05 28

[Event]Hanyang University Hosts the Fourth Industrial Revolution Innovation Growth Forum on May 29th

Hanyang University Business School held the FIT Forum on May 29th at Lotte Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the theme of Innovative Growth for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, We Are the Leaders. FIT stands for Future, Innovation, and Transformation. The forum was attended by about 400 CEOs and business executives from around Korea. Its aim was to share practical cases of Korean leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to provide practical help to the executives attending the forum. In this forum, the "Direction of Innovations in Medical Care through the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Artificial Intelligence" was introduced by Lee Uhn, a vice chairman of Gachon University Gil Medical Center. Park Gi-eun, a CTO of Naver Business Platform presented "Naver Business Platform." "Fourth Industrial Revolution Vision and Management Innovation Case" was introduced by Kim Tae-ho, president of Seoul Metro. Additionally, "KT's Fourth Industrial Revolution Platform, Leading to Mutual Growth" was presented by Gu Hyeon-mo, President of KT Corporation. "We share[d] examples of innovations in private enterprises, public corporations, and public institutions that are leading the innovative growth of the 4th Industrial Revolution. I hope that it will help instill hope into Korea's prospects for economic growth,” said Jang Suk-jung, a professor and Dean of Business school. Registration for participation in the forum was available through the website ( for a registration fee of 300,000 won per person. Details can still be found by contacting Hanyang University Business School (02-2220-1065). ▲ Poster of Business Forum