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04/23/2017 HYU News > General


Winner of IDTC Dwell & Share Competition

Ji Soo-yeon (Division of Architecture, ’17)


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On March 27th, the 2nd Dwell & Share Competition hosted by the Incheon Development & Transformation Corporation collected submissions and announced the winner on March 31st. Ji Soo-yeon (Division of Architecture, ’17) won the participation award, beating 771 teams that competed in the contest.  

Next Step for Urban Steps
Ji's work was "Next Step for Urban Steps". She remarked that she had always been interested in multiplex housing due to the intimate atmosphere it holds. “Since the topic was strongly related to my graduation work, I felt quite lucky to participate in this competition,” said Ji. “I had more time to prepare for the competition even though I worked alone.” Ji also won the grand prize at the graduation exhibition, adding to her streak of fortune. “I feel so honored to have won two prizes in a row. I did not expect such great results, but I guess my work was well received which makes me proud,” added Ji.
"Next Step for Urban Steps"
(Photo courtesy of Ji)

After having chosen Haebangchon in Yongsan as the site, Ji wanted to show the transition from studio to apartment in a multiplex housing. Haebangchon got its name from the Japanese colonial period as refugees gathered around to this place after the liberation from being a colony ('haebang' means liberation and 'chon' means town). The main theme of Ji’s project was to build the multiplex housing around 108 stairs, which represent Haebangchon. “I planned the first floor to be a social place like a library or a gallery, and the 24th floor to be individual housings sharing a kitchen. Each building would hold about eight households, and there would be shared workrooms including a front yard,” explained Ji.
Ji explains the concept of her work.

Some of the difficulties Ji faced was building up the multiplex building on such a small limited site. “In order for people to walk around and live, there’s so much to consider, and it was difficult to plan,” said Ji. “Since I was to build the area from scratch, I carefully tried to consider ventilation and lighting.”

Next Step for Ji
Architecture has been Ji's dream from an early age. “I always enjoyed looking around different houses. Eventually, I got the chance to build what I had planned in my mind,” explained Ji. It is not always easy to be an architect. “Listening to the critiques of professors just tears you down sometimes. Our projects get denied after days of contemplation, and we needed to start all over again.” What gets Ji going again is the joy of achieving the result that she was hoping for. “It’s like a puzzle sometimes. Once I get the last piece into the right place, and I can explain things logically, it gets to me. All that time I had spent would be for this great result in front of me,” added Ji.
Ji wants to be an architect who is of practical help to others.

Ji now awaits for the application results to graduate schools abroad. “I don’t expect good results since I had so little time to prepare my portfolio. I guess I will study English a little more and get my work ready,” said Ji. Hoping this opportunity will bring her positive results for her career, Ji ultimately wants to provide realistic help. “As we live in buildings all our lives, there must be some positive effects that buildings can give us. I’m not much of a architect that designs fancy buildings, but I could be of help providing what’s necessary in our daily lives,” concluded Ji.

Kim Seung-jun
Photos by Kim Youn-soo
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