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2018-06 17

[Campus]Among the top 100 companies, six CEOs are from Hanyang University

Hanyang University ranked fourth in number of CEO executives in the top 100 companies in Korea. In May, Hyundai Management analyzed the age and educational background of 123 CEOs, excluding foreign CEOs, among the top 100 companies (excluding financial, insurance, and public corporations). The results showed that Hanyang University has produced six CEOs, ranking 4th among major universities in Korea. Seoul National University had the largest number of CEOs (29, 23.6%), followed by Korea University (22, 17.9%), Yonsei University (17, 13.8%), Hanyang University (6, 4.9%), and Sungkyunkwan University (5, 4.1%). The Academic Backgrounds of CEOs among the Top 100 Corp. (Unit: people) Seoul National University 29 Korea University 22 Yonsei University 17 Hanyang University 6 Sungkyunkwan University 5 Yeungnam University · Inha University 4 each Kyungpook University · Kyunghee University · Pusan National University 3 each Konkuk University · Dankook University · Sogang University · Ulsan University · Chungang University · Chungnam University 2 each Kangwon National University, Dongguk University, Donga University, Myongji University, Ajou University, Jeju University, Jeju University · Korea Broadcasting Network · New York State University · Boston University · American University · Iowa State University, UCLA, Yale University 1 each Others 1 Total 123 The results of this study, in terms of their majors, are summarized as follows: Business Administration (38), Chemical Engineering (10), Economics (7), Shipbuilding Engineering (6), and Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering (5 each). The average age was 59.71 years. By age group, the number of people has been indicated as follows: over 70 years (7 people), 65~69 (10 people), 60~64 (45 people), 55 ~ 59 (47 people) , and 45~49 (4 people). ▶ 'Hyundai management' research (click)

2018-06 15

[Event]Hanyang University and Jilin University Open a Business Competition

Hanyang University's Startup Support Foundation, led by Yoo Hyun-oh, the director and a professor of the Division of Industrial Convergence, recently held the Hackerton Chinese competition in which Korean and Chinese university students collaborate to experience a series of start-up programs from team building to business planning. The Korea-China Entrepreneurship Competition was hosted by Hanyang University Startup Support Foundatio, Hanyang University Confucius Institute, and Jilin University in China as part of an autonomous program for the start-up leading university support project funded by the Small Venture Business Division. About 40 people participated in the contest, including Jilin Grand Founding Club, Hanyang University Start-up Club, and Chinese students studying at Hanyang University. The participating teams strenthen their ideas through basic literacy training and close mentoring, and each team was given 5 minutes to present their pitch. The Grand Prize winner of the competition was the team Eoleun-i, which presented a healthy food offering with customized cooking and delivery systems. In addition, ideas such as a customer-designed apparel shopping mall, a customized breakfast delivery and sharing platform for Korean and Chinese recipes, an individualized personal color diagnosis app service, and a smart calling service for the elderly were all submitted for awards. Choi Yoon-hyung (Master of Business Administration, '18) who won the Grand Prize said, "It was a great opportunity for us to realize that Chinese students are tremendously passionate about entrepreneurship,” and added “If another opportunity is given, we would like to develop the awarded items with the team members.” Professor Yoo Hyun-oh (head of the Startup Support Foundation) said, "I expect the contestants to have a sense of duty to bringing out innovative items that will change the world through collaboration, and this foundation will give them full support.”

2018-06 15

[Performance]Hanyang University Ranks 151st in 2018 QS World University Rankings

Hanyang University was ranked 151st, up four notches from last year in the 2018 World University Evaluation, announced on June 7th by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a British agency that conducts university evaluations. Hanyang University has been on the rise for the past nine years, from 354th in 2010, to 219th in 2014, 193rd in 2015, 171st in 2016, and 155th in 2017. This year, QS World University ranked 4,848 universities in 85 countries by evaluating the four fields of research, education, graduates, and globalization. There were six indicators: ▲ Employer Reputation (score 40%), ▲ Citations per Faculty (20%), ▲ Faculty Student Ratio (20%), ▲Employer Reputation (10%), and ▲ International Faculty (5%,), ▲ International Students (5%). Among the six evaluation criteria, Hanyang University acheived the best results in the catogories of ▲Employer Reputation (103rd) and ▲Faculty Student Ratio (155th). The other rankings were as follows: ▲Academic Reputation (178th), ▲International Students (370th), ▲Citations per Faculty (421st), and ▲International Faculty (470th). The highest ranked among Korean universities was Seoul National University (36th). It was followed by ▲KAIST (40th), ▲POSTECH (83rd), ▲Korea University (86th), ▲Sungkyunkwan University (100th), ▲Yonsei University (107th), ▲Hanyang University (151st), ▲Kyunghee University (264th), ▲GIST (315th), ▲Ewha Womans University (319th), ▲Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (397th), and ▲ Chung Ang University (397th), along with 12 other domestic universities ranked among the top 400 in the world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranked first in the world after also achieving first place last year. Stanford University came in second, Harvard University third, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) fourth, and Oxford University and Cambridge University tied for fifth place. According to a June 7th article by the Chosun Ilbo, "Universities that are strong in science and technology, not only in Korea but around the world, also have a favorable trend in evaluation rankings." The Chosun Ilbo said that the QS World University Rankings evaluated universities that were strong in science and technology as a whole, and the engineering colleges that have abundant new technology-related research have an advantage in the sector of publications per faculty member since they support the quality of studies. ▶ Source: QS official website Direct Link to: Hanyang Univerisy QS Ranking

2018-06 07

[Campus]Hanyang University ranked third in number of CEOs in KOSDAQ listed company

Hanyang University ranked third place in number of CEOs of KOSDAQ listed company. On May 23, the KOSDAQ-Listed Companies Association surveyed and compiled statistics of 1,550 CEOs' major, age, and gender in 1,269 KOSDAQ-listed companies. Among the CEOs of KOSDAQ-listed companies, 300 (19.4%) of them are graduates of Seoul National University, 160 (10.3%) are from Yonsei University, 126 (8.1%) are from Hanyang University, and 109 (7.0%) from Korea University. By majors, 723 CEOs(46.6%) majored in Science and Technology, 578 of them (37.3%) in Business, 137 (8.8%) in Social Sciences. The CEO's average age was 55.7, and there are 43 female CEOs (2.8 %) while 1,507 of them are male (97.2 %).

2018-05 30

[Event]Hanyang University Held a Ceremony to Present the Outstanding Hanyang Engineers Award

On May 24, Hanyang University hosted the awards ceremony to present the Outstanding Hanyang Engineers Award at the Seoul Campus. This award is presented to alumni of Hanyang University's College of Engineering who have contributed greatly to society and have made excellent achievements. HDX President Jung Sang-Jin (Electronics Engineering, '71) and Chairman of Cleantopia Lee Bum-taek (Fiber Engineering, '72), won the award this year. ▲ President Lee Young-moo (from left), Chairman Jung Sang-Jin of HDX, Chairman Lee Bum-taek of Cleantopia, and President Chung Seong-hoon of the College of Engineering are taking a commemorative photo at the award ceremony of the Outstanding Hanyang Engineers Award. ▲ The officials are taking a commemorative photo at the unveiling ceremony followed by the awards ceremony. ▲ At the unveiling ceremony following the awards ceremony, Chairman Jung Sang-jin of HDX (left) and Chairman Lee Bum-taek of Cleantopia are taking a commemorative phoro.

2018-05 30

[Event]Hanyang University, Celebrates Its 79th anniversary

Hanyang University held a ceremony to celebrate Hanyang University's 79th Anniversary at Paiknam Music Hall, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, at 10:30 am on May 15th. President Lee Young-moo, in his speech, said "Let's make the best university for a better world." On this day, Professor Kim Ki-hyun, a professor of the department of civil and environmental engineering, was the recipient of the Paiknam Award for Great Scholars. Professor Kim was recognized for developing mechanisms that can detect and efficiently remove odors and volatile organic compounds using environmentally friendly materials. The prize money was 30 million won. An official of Hanyang University said, "We have selected scholars who have shown outstanding achievements in the field of education and research with the award named in honor of Dr. Paiknam Kim Lyun-joon (1914 ~ 2008) who founded Hanyang University and devoted himself to education." ▲ Professor Kang Yong-soo (right), who is the recipient of the Paiknam Award for Great Scholars, is taking a commemorative photo with Kim Chong-yang, the Chairman of Hanyang Foundation. ▲ President Lee Young-moo is addressing the participants. ▲ Tenor and professor Lee Won-joon (center) and a chorus from the college of music college are performing a concert for the audience.

2018-05 28

[Admission ]2019 Admission Requirements and Consultations Briefing Session

Hanyang University held the 2019 Admission Requirements Briefing Session at Paiknam Music Hall, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on Saturday, April 21st. The briefing session was held three times, and about 2,000 examinees and their parents attended the sessions. Individual admission consultations were held after the briefing session. ▲ Candidates and their parents are waiting for the order on the waiting line to attend the 2019 Admission Requirements Briefing Session which was held at the Paiknam Music Hall, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, on the 21st. ▲Chung Jae-chan, Vice President of the Office of Admissions, is explaining the admission requirements to 2,000 students and their parents. ▲ Chung Jae-chan, Vice President of Office of Admissions, is explaining the admission to 2,000 students and their parents. ▲ Candidates and their parents who attended the briefing session are looking at the admission booklet. ▲ Candidates and their parents who attended the briefing session are looking at the admission booklet. ▲ Parents who attended the session are taking important scenes while listening to the admission explanation. ▲ Kim Bo-hyeon, Hanyang University admission officer (In the middle of the picture) is counseling the admission after the consultation that follows the briefing session,

2018-05 28

[Event]Hanyang University Hosts the Fourth Industrial Revolution Innovation Growth Forum on May 29th

Hanyang University Business School held the FIT Forum on May 29th at Lotte Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the theme of Innovative Growth for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, We Are the Leaders. FIT stands for Future, Innovation, and Transformation. The forum was attended by about 400 CEOs and business executives from around Korea. Its aim was to share practical cases of Korean leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to provide practical help to the executives attending the forum. In this forum, the "Direction of Innovations in Medical Care through the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Artificial Intelligence" was introduced by Lee Uhn, a vice chairman of Gachon University Gil Medical Center. Park Gi-eun, a CTO of Naver Business Platform presented "Naver Business Platform." "Fourth Industrial Revolution Vision and Management Innovation Case" was introduced by Kim Tae-ho, president of Seoul Metro. Additionally, "KT's Fourth Industrial Revolution Platform, Leading to Mutual Growth" was presented by Gu Hyeon-mo, President of KT Corporation. "We share[d] examples of innovations in private enterprises, public corporations, and public institutions that are leading the innovative growth of the 4th Industrial Revolution. I hope that it will help instill hope into Korea's prospects for economic growth,” said Jang Suk-jung, a professor and Dean of Business school. Registration for participation in the forum was available through the website ( for a registration fee of 300,000 won per person. Details can still be found by contacting Hanyang University Business School (02-2220-1065). ▲ Poster of Business Forum

2018-05 25

[Event]Hanyang University Holds 2018 Graduate School Fair

Hanyang University held the 2018 1st Semester Graduate School Fair on April 27th at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. The event was attended by 61 departments. In addition, 16 departments and 59 laboratories of the science and engineering departments conducted lab tours to provide more information to students. ▲ Hanyang University students who want to go to graduate school receive one-on-one counseling at the 2018 first semester Graduate School Fair held at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on 27th. ▲ Students who want to enter graduate school receive one-on-one counseling. ▲ Students who want to enter graduate school receive one-on-one counseling. ▲ Graduate school applications were accepted at the on-site application desk.

2018-05 25

[Donation]Kim Hyo-joon, chairman of BMW Korea, donated 500 million won to Hanyang University

Kim Hyo-joon, chairman of BMW Group Korea, donated 500 million won in scholarship funds to Hanyang University on March 23rd. The scholarship donated by Chairman Kim will be used mainly for Hanyang students from socially disadvantaged classes. Hanyang University also opened the BMW CAD / CAE Laboratory at the Chung Mong-koo Automotive Research Center on the Seoul Campus in honor of Chairman Kim, who is well-versed in the development of the automobile industry. In response to the fourth industrial revolution, Chairman Kim and Hanyang University joined forces to respond to the new era through the strengthening of computer application design and engineering education, which are both essential for developing future automotive technologies. “We hope to support young people who will lead the future of our country and help society. We also wish that the students who want to learn will be able to concentrate on their studies without any financial burden," Kim said at the ceremony. Chairman Kim Hyo-jun joined BMW Korea as a finance expert in 1995 and established the first local subsidiary of an imported car company. After serving as vice president in 1998, he became president of BMW Korea in 2000 and has been chairman of BMW Korea since January of this year. President of Hanyang University Lee Young-moo said, “We appreciate Chairman Kim's contribution to the development of the university and to Korean society, and we will do our best to help our students study without any difficulties.”