Hanyang Integrated ID

In order to access university’s main IT service including e-mail, IP or domain request, one must request Hanyang Integrated ID. Integrated ID can be given to all Hanyang or non-Hanyang members, and it can be requested at HY-in(http://portal.hanyang.ac.kr) ‘회원가입(membership)’ menu.


HY-in has provided various service such as web-mail, administration support, electronic payment system, notice board, campus network(IP and Domain), on-line lectures, library, individual information.

  • a.Student : Check grades, View registered courses, Application of scholarship, Tuition installment request, Check with tuition payment, Application of additional job, Application of various certificates, Student ID, etc.
  • b.Faculty : Input grades, Courses management, Achievement management, Research assignment, Salary, etc.
  • c.Staff : Human Resource(promotion/advancement/career), Salary, Items management


  • Groupware : Management Support Team, Seoul 02-2220-1417
  • Portal (for students) : Seoul 02-2220-1415
  • Portal (for faculty/lecture affairs) : Seoul 02-2220-1415
  • Portal (for faculty/administrative affairs) : Seoul 02-2220-1417
  • Portal (for administrative staff) : Seoul 02-2220-1417